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A total of fifty people came out to honor David Evans, Jr.'s memory yesterday. Of those fifty, eighteen were very active chess players. All, however, were sent away full of pizza, pop, Buffalo chicken wings, and pleasant memories. The winners from this chess classic, will be invited to WHLD 1270AM to talk about their experience participating in this event with Melissa Brown. Brown is a Committee woman for the Masten District who has joined forces with The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, to promote chess in the Masten District and Western New York. The cross table is available at

  • The Ron Bassham UAW Scholastic Section, a 6 round Swiss USCF rated competition, had the most action of the day, as it was filled with 12 players. Most of them were from Global Concepts Charter Chess Club (GC4). Jacob Meloon, of GC4 and the highest rated player, won top honors as he was undefeated. Tieing for second place were Richard Herko, Preston Gifford, and Noah Saleh. In honor of Mother's Day, four girls were eager to participate, and The Top Female Award went to Chase Gifford. We wish to thank and recognize all the mothers who came out to support this event as well. New members who signed up at the site were Daniel Benjamin and Dylan D. Degenhart. Welcome gentlemen to the US Chess Federation and to the Buffalo Niagara Chess Community.
  • The Ron Bassham UAW Veterans Committee Section had 6 players including new USCF member and former Iranian Champion, Nouruli Rastoud who went undefeated and thus took top honors in this four round Swiss. Placing second was Erik Lubas, of the KenTon Chess Club. Erik had the most upset points as he bested both David Biddle, and William Rich. Tieing for 3rd place were Charles Lubas- yes Erik's brother, and William Rich. Nouruli is looking forward to competing in the Open section of the Buffalo City Chess Championships - "The Mayors Cup 2008" this weekend.

The 2nd Annual Buffalo Chess Championships, in which the "Mayor's Cup" will be presented to the top local chess player will take place this weekend at Buffalo State College, Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222 on June 7th and June 8th, 2008. This USCF rated, 5 round Swiss, Game/2 event features National Master Eddie Mark, Mayor's Cup Champion 2007, and International Master Dr. Kenneth W Regan. Sections include:

  1. The Mayor's Cup Open International Section
  2. Lynn M Marinelli U1800 Section
  3. Senator Antoine M Thompson U1600 Section
  4. Demone Smith U1400 Section
  5. David Evans Jr Memorial U1200 Section
  6. H. Mc Carthy Gipson U1000 Section and
  7. the Hal Payne Scholastic Section. (This section will be Game 30, 5 Round Swiss, one day only Saturday, June 7th, 2008. Advanced entry fee is $15 or $20 at the door.)

Advanced entries are greatly appreciated. Please mail your check and include your full name, section of participation, USCF ID and rating. Mail check payable to: Archangel 8 Chess Academy, Mayor's Cup 2008, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221. Email entries and inquires to:

Sardinia Results

  • Pat Patterson won the the adult section for the second month in a row at the Sardinia Quick Chess tournament last Saturday. Scoring a perfect 3/3 Patterson played some fine chess and bested Tom Warner, Todd Hennard and Mike Hoffman in the top section. See
  • In the Scholastic section, Ryan Madden went 6/6 in winning the double round robin over Cody Hennard and the Beach Boys (Morgan and Randall). Ryan finally figured out how to play against the fried liver!( He was 0-2 against it before this tournament). See
  • Many thanks to Todd and Cody Hennard for driving all the way from Bradford, Pa.. Hope to see them again soon!
  • See you all at the Mayor's Cup!


The Second Annual Buffalo, NY Chess Championship, presented by Buffalo State College Student Affairs in conjunction with The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, is a United States Chess Federation rated Open tournament. It will be featuring the 2007 Buffalo Champion-Natianal Master Eddie Mark, and also scheduled to play is International Master Dr. Kenneth W. Regan.
Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8, 2008
Buffalo State College - Campbell Student Union 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222
Five Rounds, Swiss, Game/2
Registration: 8:30am until 9:15am. All players must be or must become a USCF member to participate. Memberships may be purchased onsite for an additional fee.
Rounds: Saturday, 10am, 2:30pm and 7pm. Sunday 10am and 2:30pm.
Byes available with advanced notice at checkin, no Byes in Round 5. (The scholastic section, however, will be one day-Saturday Game/30, 5 Round Swiss with an advanced entry fee of $15 or $20 at the door.)
International Open Mayor's Cup: EF$47 advance vs $57. Cash only at the door. Cash Prizes based upon 25 entries are 1st Place $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place $180. Class prizes 1900 & under $150, Under 1750 $150. The title "Buffalo Champion 2008" and the Mayor's Cup will be awarded to the top resident of the WNY, Buffalo/Niagara Falls region in this section.
Lynn Marinelli U1800: EF$35 advance vs $40, based upon 20 entries. 1st Place $200, 2nd Place $150, 3rd Place $130.
Senator Antoine M. Thompson U1600:EF$35 advance vs $40, based upon 20 entries. 1st Place $200, 2nd Place $150, 3rd Place $130.
Demone Smith U1400:EF$30 advance vs $35, based upon 20 entries.1st Place $190, 2nd Place $160, 3rd Place $130.
David Evans Jr. Memorial U1200:EF$25 advance vs $30, based upon 20 entries.1st Place $160, 2nd Place $140, 3rd Place $100.
H. Mc Carthy Gipson U1000:EF $25 advance vs $30, based upon 20 entries.1st Place $160, 2nd Place $140, 3rd Place $100.
Hal Payne Scholastic:EF $15 advance vs. $20.00, Grades K-8, Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers. This section will be Game/30, 5 Round Swiss, on Saturday, June 7th, 2008 only.
Vendor: Chess Gear by Sophia will be onsite for purchase of chess equipment, chess supplies and Archangel 8 Chess Academy T Shirts. Sophia Lewis, Baltimore, Maryland.
Make checks payable to:ARCHANGEL 8 CHESS ACADEMY,BUFFALO 2008 CHAMPIONSHIPS, 60F GUILFORD LANE, BUFFALO, NY 14221. Please include full name, USCF ID number, USCF Rating, and contact phone number. Advance payment postmarked no later than Saturday, May 31, 2008.

Sardinia Quick Chess Tournament

QUICK CHESS TOURNAMENT Sat. May 24, New starting time - 1pm! at the Sardinia Community Center, 12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia,NY Must be a USCF member to play(can join at tournament) 2 Sections: Adults: 3SS G 29, EF $20 RDS: 1,2,3pm Prizes based on entries Scholastic- Round Robin- play as many games as possible in 3hrs! EF: $10 Games start at 1pm. Trophy for 1st place. All Scholastic players will receive a prize! For Info call Tom Warner 716-496-5230


The first annual H. Mc Carthy Gipson Grand Prix was a tremendous success and upsets were the feature of the day. Those of you who didn't attend missed out on a great field of players- especially in the Gipson International Open Section! Participation like this will surely attract others who want to compete with other highly competitive players. 34 players supported the tournament, which was a substantial increase in attendance. Unfortunately Commissioner Gipson was wisked away by urgent police business and could not stay as long as was hoped. However, after receiving his autographed chess board, he agreed to make arrangements for the attendees to come to his office in the future for pictures. The cross table is available at
  • In the Gipson Scholastic Section; 1st place went to 4th grader, Trevor D. Cohn, from the KenTon Chess Club. He was undefeated and was the only top rated player in any section to capture top honors. 2nd place went to Julius T. Spencer, 5th grader from The Chess Club of Buffalo and tied for 3rd place was Tyler L. James, 7th grader from Chess Club of Buffalo, and Shannon Smith, 3rd grader. Upsets were as follows, Round 1 has Julius Spencer defeating Tyler James, Round 3 Shannon Smith defeated Miles James, and Round 4 Julius Spencer defeats Miles James.
  • The David Evans Jr. Memorial U1200 Section winners were 1st place and new USCF member Charles A. Lubas, undefeated, 2nd place tie were NYS 1st grade Champion Felix Y. Ling and Adam E. Schunk. Upset were in Round 4, Mike Hoffman defeated Ryan Palmisano. Felix Y. Ling was highest rated in the section with USCF rating of 1085.
  • In the Antoine M. Thompson U1600, Section Sophia Lynn Lewis from Baltimore, MD our Chess Gear vendor and only woman competing in any adult section, was undefeated and garnered 1st place. Daivd S. Miller was second and tied for 3rd place were David Biddle, Tonawanda, and Charles E Kelly III from Rochester NY. Charles E Kelly III 1580 was highest rated in the section. Upsets in round 1 saw Matt Slomski tie Charles E Kelly III, Round 2 Sophia Lewis defeated David Miller and James P. Davis defeated Matt Slomski, Round 3 David S. Miller defeated Charles E. Kelly III and Sophia Lewis tied David Biddle, Round 4 Steven Baer tied Matt Slomski.
  • The Gipson International Grand Prix Section had its share of upsets as well. 1st Place and undefeated was National Master Lionel L. Davis. Expert Vance Williams was second while 3rd place was a tie between International Master Brian Hartman, from Canada and National Master Barry B. Davis. Class Prize was earned by Evan Ashton. The top six ratings were as follows 2450, 2419, 2211, 2141, 2137 and 2100. Upsets in Round 1 had Vance Williams tie IM Brian Hartman, Round 2 Michael Hillery defeated Thomas Warner, NM Lionel L. Davis defeated IM Dr. Kenneth W. Regan. In Round 3, NM Lionel L. Davis defeated his second IM Brian Hartman. While in Round 4, Evan Ashton defeated Thomas Warner and Vance Williams tied NM Lionel L. Davis.

Our next tournament is The David Evans Jr Memorial Chess Classic will be Saturday, May 31, 2008 at the UAW Region 9 Union Hall, 35 Karl Blvd. Williamsville NY off Wherle Drive near Transit Road. Four round Swiss, Game 60, Games start at 10am. The entry fee is $35. Soldier David Evans Jr was a Kensington Graduate who died fighting in the Iraqi War. We are proud to honor his name and his dedication to serve his country as well as others who have fought in service to their community and county. Advanced entries $30.00 should be mailed to: Archangel 8 Chess Academy, atten: Evans Memorial, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221 no later than Monday May 25, 2008. Scholastic entry fee is $10 advanced or $15 Cash only at the door. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishers. In honor of Mothers Day, female chess player have free entry if registered in advance by May 30, 2008.

H. Mc Carthy Gipson Advance Entries

So far we have eighteen preregistrations for tomorrow's May 17, 2008 Grand Prix. The International Open Section will feature two International Masters; Dr Kenneth Regan of Buffalo, NY and Brian Hartman from Canada, and has so far a total of 8 players. The U1200 David Evans, Jr. Memorial Section has six advanced entries to date. Please keep those entries coming! Also remember all female chess players have a free entry if pre registered no later than tonight. Thanks for your continued support.

Spring Scio Scholastic

I recently received some information from Mr. Garry Reynolds (aka the old wood pusher) regarding the Scio Spring Scholastic (Unrated) Tournament that took place this past Saturday and wished to pass it along to our readership.
  • 34 Players competed in five rounds in two sections K-6 and 7-12.
  • In the K-6 section Ryan Madden a sixth grader from Pioneer finished first with an undefeated 5-0. Second went to Justin Wedge a sixth grader from Bradford, PA with a 3.5 score. Tying with 3 points were sixth grader Mason Windus from Scio and fourth grader Ryan Palmisano from Pioneer. (Windus took the third place award on a better tie breaks.)
  • In the 7-12 section four players scored 4.0 points to finish 1-4. They included, in order of tie breaks: Jade Brown- 11th grader from Canisteo-Greenwood, Holden Berstein-11th grader from Olean, Tanner Kahm- 10th grader also from Olean, and Dillon Smith-7th grader from Scio.
  • The tournament was run very well by Ms. Karen Insley, of Scio Chess Club, and "the old woodpusher."
  • photos courtesy of Karen Insley

Felixed Finished 20th at the Nationals

At his first Nationals our very own 7 year old first grader from Amherst, NY Felix (Yuanfei) Ling finished a very respectable +5-2. This was, on tiebreaks, good for 20th place and quite a trophy. His cross table was as follows:
  • 20. Ling, Felix (yuanfei) NY 1026 5.0 W 89 W 38 W119 L 5 W 53 L 10 W60
  • His wins were against players rated 386, 731, 742, 877, and 966. His loses were to players rated 940 and 921 at the time.

1st Annual H. Mc Carthy Gipson Grand Prix Reminder!

Commisioner H. McCarthy Gipson vs. The WNY Chess Ambassador The Comish contemplates his move. The game is adjourned as pressing police matters are calling.
  • Check out these photos and watch for the Sunday Buffalo News for the announcement of the first installment of what is to become an annual chess tournament. It will be posted also on the WGRZ TV 2 website.
  • Date: Saturday May 17, 2008
  • Venue: Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14202. Free Parking under Mall. Food Court open during tournament play.
  • Format: Four Rounds, Swiss System, Game 45 for rounds 1 - 3 and Game 60 for Round 4. Scholastics will have 5 Rounds, Game 30. Rounds start promptly at 9:30am.
  • Sections: International Open, U1600 Antoine M. Thompson Section, U1200 David Evans Jr. Memorial Section, and Commisioner Mc Carthy Gipson Unrated Section (for all Unrated players and Police Officers who will be supporting our cause.) Also Two sections of Scholastics: K-4 and 5-8 Grade Sections.
  • Featuring: Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, International Master and Professor at the University of Buffalo will be playing on Board One in the International Open Section. He is currently USCF rated 2419/2391.
  • Prizes: Guaranteed Cash prizes in the Open Section 1st Place $250, 2nd Place $150, U1900 $120. U1600 Section, Cash Awards (based upon 20 entries): 1st Place $150, 2nd Place $90 and 3rd Place $60. U1200 Section, Cash Awards based upon 20 entries: 1st Place $150, 2nd Place $90 and 3rd Place $60.
  • Registration will be from 8:30am till 9am. All unpaid late registrations must accept a one half point bye. USCF players should report early, we are expecting a larger crowd with the publicity and support for the Commissioner of Police.
  • Entry Fee: Open: $50, $10 less if advanced registration no later than Thursday, May 15, 2008. U1600 and U1200:$35, $5 less for advanced entry. Unrated: $10. CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR! Female chess players have free entry if they pre register. Advance registration is greatly appreciated by email to with your full name, USCF # and expiration date , current USCF rating, section of participation, and your contact number.


  • Now that summer is fast approaching, better get your plans together to prepare for some real competition coming to the Buffalo and Niagara Falls Region. The Buffalo Kellogg Leadership for Community Change (KLCC) will be hosting a new format for June 28 & 29, July 26 & 27 and August 23 & 24, 2008. The tournament will be the CAN-AM KLCC INTERNATIONAL CHESS FESTIVAL 2008.
  • The tournament is to attract some of our Canadian Grandmasters and International Masters to cross the border for some good old fashion American competition. This also will help those of you who desire a more competitive field of play without putting out resources for travel, hotel and meals. My hope is that this will attract more players around the the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio areas.
  • Venue: The Kenmore Community Center, 135 Wilber Avenue, Kenmore NY 14217 near the corner of Elmwood and Mang.
  • Format: Two Day, Four Rounds, Swiss System, Game 40/2, SD 1. Rounds will be on both days 10am and 5pm.
  • Entry fee: $50 advanced or $65 at the door. Advanced registration is always greatly appreciated is no later than 7 days prior to the tournament date.
  • Prizes: Cash awards (based upon 20 entries) 1st Place $350, 2nd Place $240, and 3rd Place $130, also U2000 $230 and U1800 $200.
  • We will also continue to promote our future scholastic grandmasters in training with Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place with Game 30 and entry fee of $10.
  • If you have any comments, suggestions or potential sponsors, please email me at

Follow Felix at the Nationals!

The following is the website link where you can go to see how Western New York's own Felix Ling is doing in the K-1 section of the 2008 Bert Lerner National Elementary School Championships.
The page will first come up as Individual Standings K-6 Championship , so you then will need to select the K-1 Championship which is three headings away to see Felix's section.


The following is a recent email I received from the "OLD WOOD PUSHER" Chess Coaches, Please have your student rosters for Saturday's scholastic [unrated] chess tournament into me by early tomorrow afternoon if possible. We have to get our "pawns-in-a-row" with the paperwork and computer data entry for this event. We require students name, school, and grade for pre-registration. [No need to be a USCF member.] I have been nursing a siactic nerve problem over the past few days but today I am much more mobile and should be on board to direct this event. Place: Scio Central School Location: Cafetria Host: Mrs. Karen Insley Registration: 9:00 - 9:30am Format: Swiss System with 5-rounds of play 1-hour long Round-1 to start at 10:00am Lunch fee: $4.00 per person Thanks to one and all! Scholastic Chess Director Garry L. Reynolds 5054 State Route 244 Lot #11Belmont, New York 14813 USA (585)268-7359 Home (585)596-3730 Work (7:00 - 4:00)

Passion for (of) Chess

Here is an article I stumbled upon. I found it interesting, you might too! Taken from There are many things to be found on this site. Do not forget to click on the literature of chess within the article.


Saturday, May 31, 2008 WHY NOT WARM UP FOR THE MAYOR'S CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS WHICH WILL BE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY JUNE 7TH AND 8TH, BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE BY PLAYING IN THIS GREAT EVENT?! UAW Region 9 Union Hall (Free Parking) 35 Karl Blvd. (On Wherle near Transit) Amherst, NY 14221 PIZZA AND BEVERAGE will be served to those who donate $5.00 at the door and if we have enough interest. All others should bring a lunch/snack. Female chess players, Free Entry if register in advance only. In honor of Womens Month. Four Rounds, Swiss, Game 60. Registration closes at 9:30am. USCF Rated, USCF membership required for rated games. Please bring Chess Board, Chess Set, Chess Clock and pencil. None available. Unpaid late registrations must take one half point bye. No Refunds, Cash Only! Rounds:10am, 12:30pm, 3pm and 5:30pm. USCF RATED ONLY $35.00 for Guaranteed Cash prizes; 1st $175, 2nd $150, 3rd $120, U1700 $120 and U1400 $120. Scholastics and Unrated Section Entry Fee $10.00, Five Rounds, Game 30. Rounds start at 10am and every hour after each round. USCF Rated Scholastics, Five Rounds, Game 30. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Places. Advanced registration $35.00 postmarked no later than May 25, 2008. Make checks payable to:Archangel 8 Chess Academy. Mail checks to: David Evans Jr Memorial, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221, with full name, USCF ID number, USCF Rating, Phone number, and Section of participation. Or email me at

Rating's Report 4th Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open

Click on the following link for the crosstable for this year's Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open:

Summary of Winners is below:

Quick Open

  1. Tom Warner 3.5/4
  2. Harish Srinivasan 3/4
  3. Marijan Procyk, Pat Patterson, and Jaymes Thompson 2.5/4

Beginner Section

  1. Nathan Palmisano 4/4
  2. Molly Dolan, Tyler James, and Jacob Meloon 3/4 (On Tie Breaks, as determined by performance score, Dolan got 2nd, James 3rd, and Meloon 4th.)

Intermediate Section

  1. Robert Becker 3.5/4
  2. Ryan Palmisano 3/4
  3. Jacob Bennett 2.5/4

Advanced Section

  1. Felix Ling 3.5/4
  2. Nikhil Kasalra 3/4
  3. Michael Song, Ryan Madden, and Ben Havey 2.5/4 (on tie break Song finished 3rd)


The 41 players, their parents, and other spectators who took part in the Fourth Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open were graced by the presence of this year's guests IM Dr. Ken Regan, IM Sofi Polgar, and her husband GM Yona Kosashvili.
The day started with IM Polgar giving a short lecture whlie the pairings were being made.
Alon (Polgar) Kosashvili shown here against Vikram Singh (on the left) taking part in his first "practice" game under tournament conditions.
Competitors, both young and old took part, and both the boys and girls were dueling it out.
IM Dr. Ken Regan, a gracious chess educator and "house player extraordinaire" for the day, shown here with his daughter Rebecca who played in her second tournament.

In the skittles room, IM Polgar with son Yova on her lap instructs and encourages Mr. Cirillo, a new chess coach in Lackawanna, and his daughter Enya, who both played in their first tournament. In the center, young Felix Ling listens in as well.

GM Kosashvili also helped analyze games and gave encouragement as well. Tom Warner, in baseball cap, must have got some good instruction as he then went out and beat Rev. Marijan Procyk to go on to win the Quick section which is seen below:

First grader, Felix Ling, 7, makes his move in the final round game of the Advanced section against our Canadian guest Michael Song. The game ended in a draw and Felix finished first and raised his rating to 1220! This places him 21st in the USA for his age, according to the April 2008 rating list. (Felix was 41st on that list.)

The proud parents Yona and Sofi with their excited boy, who received his first chess playing medal at the beginning of the Award's ceremony.

The players of the Beginner Section. In the front row with each's trophy is Nathan Palmisano first, Molly Dolan second, and Tyler James third.

The players of the Intermediate Section. The trophy winners here are Robert Becker first, Ryan Palmisano second, and Jacob Bennett third.

The players of the Advanced section. Front row winners are from left to right: Neil Kasalra second, Felix Ling first, and Michael Song third.

The day concluded with a tandem simul by IM Polgar and GM Kosashvili against 27 opponents and they went 27-0! Expert Rev. Marijan Procyk won the last man standing award.

Thanks for the memories and best in chess and in life to all!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You Tomorrow!

Sorry about the headline, but my daughter has the lead in the school musical of Annie and for some reason I keep hearing that song! Anyways, tomorrow is the Fourth Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open. Below are the names of those who have preregistered with me. Since every TD, myself included, loves those who preregister, each of you who has preregistered will get a free entry into the simul against IM Polgar and GM Kosashvili. The simul will take place following the award ceremony (approximately 4PM). If I missed anyone please email me or comment below.
  1. Michael Hoffman 1168
  2. Felix Ling 1158
  3. Benjamin Havey 1002
  4. Ryan Madden 1143
  5. Randall Beach 999
  6. Thomas Hahn 981
  7. Morgan Beach 906


  1. Rael Dolan 684
  2. Jacob Bennett 618
  3. Ryan Palmisano 598
  4. Robert Becker 538
  5. Ayush Jajoo 309


  1. Molly Dolan 328
  2. Ashwin Jajoo 254
  3. Nathan Palmisano 250
  4. Cally Dolan (new)
  5. Jacob Meloon (new)
  6. Zackary Algawani (new)
  7. Adriana Melendez (new)
  8. Hunter Weber (new)
  9. Nazire Wood (new)
  10. Mikayla Brown (new)
  11. Tyler James (new)
  12. Anthony Rajla (new)
  13. Jesse Rajla (new)

Quick Open

  1. Rev. Marijan Procyk 2075Q
  2. A. Pat Patterson 1780Q
  3. Jaymes Thompson 1686Q
  4. Tom Warner 1679Q
  5. Harish Srinivasan 1646Q
  6. John Dolan 1306Q
  7. William Rich 1269Q
  8. Michael Mc Duffie 919Q
  9. P. Doug Troy 893Q
  10. Antonio Cirillo (new)


Alon, the eldest son of IM Sophia Polgar and GM Yona Kosashvili with a famous GM
  • In 2005 the Stella Niagara Scholastic was won by WILLIAM H ZIEMENDORF, VICTOR N. BURDUKOV, and JACOB ROHRING.
  • In 2006 the winner of the Advanced section was TOM POLGAR-SHUTZMAN , with SIDDHARTHA NUTULAPATI winning the reserve section, and REV. MARIJAN PROCYK winning the Quick Open.
  • In 2007 the winner of the Beginner section was JACOB BENNETT , the Intermediate section went to CODY HENNARD , the Advanced section to BOB SHAO, and Quick Open to TOM WARNER and REV. MARIJAN PROCYK.
  • Will your name be there for 2008?
  • It is only 2 days away to the 4th Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open featuring honored guests IM Sofia Polgar, GM Yona Kosashvili, as well as their son Alon and his younger brother Yoav. Come join in on the fun and excitement!
  • If you plan on participating please comment with your name, USCF ID#, and which section you wish to play in.
I will give a free entry to the first person who is not yet registered and can name the famous GM in the above picture.

How slow will it go?

I just received the following email from our friend Mark Clark in Jamestown: We have requests for even slower games of Chess and Evenings We will be running Quads with a time limit of Game/61 or Longer. arrange with opponents on a longer time! Entry Fee is $2 for each quad to pay the rating fee quad sheets are on board at club.
Mark Clark Sweeps the Spring Swiss 4-0
Jaymes Thompson Upsets Dan Miraglia
First Quad Section Standings 1 Mark Clark 2032 X 1 U U 1-0 2 Jaymes Thompson 1674 0 X U U 0-1 3 Dan Miraglia 1982 U U x U 4 U U U x Club Hours: Jamestown Boys & Girls club Thursdays 6-9 Saturday 10-3 I am working days this week and can be contacted at