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Results from Buffalo E.O.C. Swiss

16 Players participated in the Buffalo E.O.C. Swiss held at The Educational Opportunity Center Saturday, May 30,2009. NM Lionel Davis and Vance Williams tied for first in the open section with Williams taking the 1st place trophy on tiebreaks. Third place went to NM Eddie Mark. In the U1600 section there was a four way tie for first between Ben Havey, Bob Simpson, Ryan Madden and Partho Bhattacharya. Thanks to all who continue to support Buffalo chess. The cross table is available at

15 Days Until the Mayors Cup Championships

BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE STUDENT AFFAIRS IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ARCHANGEL 8 CHESS ACADEMY AND THE KELLOGG LEADERSHIP FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE PRESENT THE 2009 "Mayor's Cup." RSVP to confirm your participation in the Third Annual Mayor's Cup and WNY Class Championships, at Buffalo State College, Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222 on Saturday, June 6th and Sunday the 7th. Three USCF Rated Sections. USCF Membership is required.

FIDE SCHEDULE:Saturday at 9:30am, 2:30pm, 7:30pm, Sunday: 9:30am and 2:30pm. Mayor's Cup FIDE Section: EF$35 v $55 Cash only on site. FIDE RATED! GAME 120, FIVE ROUNDS, 15 USCF ENHANCED GRAND PRIX POINTS, WINNERS IS LISTED IN THE CHESSCAFE AND CHESS LIFE MAGAZINE. GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES: $300 - $225 - $150. Champion earns Mayor's Cup Trophy, Title :Buffalo Chess Champion 2009, Name in Chess Life Magazine. Senator Thompson U1500 Section: EF$30 v $45 Cash only on site. Game 90, Cash prizes based upon 15 entries; $200 - $100 - $75.

Game 90 Schedule: Saturday 9:30am, 1:30pm and 5:30pm, Sunday: 10am and 2pm. Jeff White Memorial U1200 Section: EF $25 v $35 Cash only on site. Game 90, Cash prizes based upon 15 entries; $125 - $90 - $50.


Elementary & Middle School Championships - EF $5.00 per player.(K-6) (7-12)

High School Championships - $15 per player, Teams of four.(9th - 12th)

Please make checks payable and mail to:Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221 postmarked no later than May 30, 2009. Please include full name, USCF ID number, School Name, Telephone, email and section of play. Online registrations:


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Borders Monthly Scholastic Chess League Quaker Crossing Plaza, Rt 219 & Milestrip Borders Bookstore Orchard Park, NY 14127

Students in grades K - 12th are welcomed!

Monthly membership is $5.00 per player.

Registration on site from 12:40pm until 1pm.

Games Strat at 1pm until 4:30pm.

Winners names are submitted to the Borders Management for their website. RSVP you participation with reply to or

New hours for Clevehill Chess club

The Clevehill Knights Chess club now has new hours. We will now be open from 10 am- 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Membership dues are $15.00 per year for adults, $10.00 per year for 18 and under, non-members pay $1.00 per visit. We will be running rated and non-rated events. The address is 157 Cleveland Drive at St. Aloysius school between Century and Highview. We will be closed holidays , All are welcome. For more information contact Douglas Dubose at, or Antonio Cirillo at or Bob Arana at


******** Crosstable*********

Look at the Buffalo News, page c3 for Miles A. James, 8 year old, member of the Urban Knights Chess Club, Buffalo NY, shows a large picture with his poker face vs. Steve L. Baer.


Willie J. Smith III, H. Mc Carthy Gipson Grand Prix 2009 Champion 2nd Place - Zachary M. Gerow, Hoover Elementary, Kenmore NY. 3rd Place - Dakaylah N. Winfield 4th Place - Miles A. James 5th Place - Jacob P. Frederiksen, Transit Middle, Williamsville NY.

The Urban Knights Chess Club member were represented by Willie J Smith - Champion, Dakaylah N. Winfield 3rd Place, and Miles A. James, Fourth Place. The Urban Knights Chess Club meets every wednesday at the Frank E. Merriweather Jr. Branch Library at 6pm.


Erik W. Lubas, H. Mc Carthy Gipson Grand Prix 2009 Champion, Robert P. Gerow, and Christopher Sherry. Fourth Place Winners: James J. Paul and David A. Braasch.

Best Unrated Player: Lloyd E. Jamieson, Medal Winner.

U1200 Champion - Michael R. Gerow, Medal Winner.


Michael R. Gerow - 141 points and Robert P. Gerow - 35.5 points.

New USCF member: Lloyd E. Jamieson


Lionel L. Davis, USCF National Master, H. Mc Gipson Grand Prix 2009 Champion 2nd Place - Vance Williams, Under 1900 Winners: David S. Miller and Vince C. Woodard.


Michael A. Mc Duffie (1110) - 377 points, Patrick T. Robinson(1757) -192.5 pts, Vance Williams(2101) - 165 pts., Harish Srinisvan(1745) - 93 pts., Nathan Braasch(1630) - 35.5 pts., and David S Miller(1701) - 15 pts.

Top 4 players USCF ratings were between 2257 and 2142.

A special Get Well wish goes out to George Barton, who is in Mercy Hospital, and is looking for some face to face casual chess games to keep him busy while recovering. So if you have time go over and play a game during Visiting Hours.

Thanks to all those who continue to support our efforts in growing the chess Community in WNY. Please pre register for the2009 Third Annual Mayor's Cup Class Championships, held at Buffalo State College, Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY, on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th, 2009. For more details visit or register at Advance entries no later than May 30, 2009.

Complex end game tactic from MTel 2009

This is a position from moments before completed game Ivanchuk vs Wang Yue from MTel 2009.
In this position, white can win a pawn with 44.Bxe6 Kxe6 45.Bxg5. But the opposite colored bishop end game would be drawish. Hence Ivanchuk tried a different route with 44.Bxg5 first with a tactical shot in mind. But can you find the refutation? Wang Yue did it and Ivanchuk resigned in about 6 moves.
I think this position will require a considerable amount of time to analyze before the correct path is found. It took me a while even though I was following the game to evaluate all remaining variations.

White to play and mate in three!

First, I thank you all for an opportunity to express some ideas about our favorite past time. For openers, I would like to start with a chess problem. White to play and mate in three! White: Kg1 Rf1 Rh7 Bd3 Bd2, h2 g2 f5 Black: Kg4 Re7 Re8 Qb8 Bb7, d4 c4, b6 a7 It is my hope that you will enjoy this problem solving activity!

Is there a combination here that works ??

I got this position in an online game on ICC. Black has just played ...R8d5. I am currently a pawn down and I was happy he played that move and executed a combination and earned a draw. Can you spot it as well.

After you spot it, can you also find a flaw in it?

Warner, Madden tie in Sardinia

Ryan Palmisano battles the Chess Ambassador (Mike Mcduffie) while Ryan (mad dog) Madden looks on.

Ryan Madden forced Tom Warner to settle for a draw in their game and ended up in a tie for 1st in the May 2nd Sardinia tournament. Connected passed pawns on the seventh rank by Madden convinced Warner to force a perpetual. This kid just keeps getting better and better! They both finished with 7.5/8 in the round robin event.

Ryan Palmisano had a fine tournament with 4.5/8 while Nathan Palmisano won the scholastic trophy with 3.5/7.

Also parcipating were Mike Mcduffie, Austin Will, Carl Raymore,Sam Tillinghast,and Trevor Hodge.

No tournament in June due to the Mayor's cup.

Buffalo E.O.C. Swiss

Buffalo E.O.C. Swiss May 30,2009 Educational Opportunity Center 6th floor auditorium 465 Washington St. Buffalo,NY 14203
  • 4round Swiss system
  • Game 30 with analog clock (25 min. with 5 second delay with digital clock)
  • Entry fee $15 in open and under 1600 sections. scholastic section $8, non-rated section $5
  • Prizes: Open $150 1st, 2nd $70 U 1600 $100 , Class B $40 based on 15 entries in each section
  • Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Scholastic section, Non -rated section certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd .Free U.S.C.F. membership to 1st in non-rated section
  • Rounds Open and U 1600 10:00, 11:15,12:30, 1:45, Scholastic rounds start immediately after games are complete and pairings are made.
  • Registration 9-9:45
  • 1/2 point bye available if requested before the start of round 1
  • All entries after the start of round 1 will be forced to take a 1/2 point bye.
  • Please email me with USCF ID #, rating and the section you wish to play in at or call (716) 836-4364
  • Send advanced entries to Old School Chess Enterprises c/o Douglas Dubose 3587 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga,NY 14215 , NO CHECKS ACCEPTED AT THE SITE, NO REFUNDS


Tonite Friday May 1, 2009 at 7pm until 9:30pm.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore Niagara Falls Blvd. Amherst NY

Look for us in the Cafe Section. Come out and play a game or just say hello. OH, Happy Birthday Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador!