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Sardinia Tournament this Saturday

Sat. July 3 At the Sardinia Community Center(Town Hall),12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia NY 2 sections: Adults: 3SS, G45, EF $10, Rds.:11am,1pm,2:30pm. Prizes based on entries Scholastic: 1-4pm Round Robin-Play as many games as possible in 3 hrs! EF$5, Trophy for 1st place. All Scholastic players will receive a prize! For info call Tom Warner 716-560-4160 E-mail

Westfield Summer Team Match

Saturday, August 14th in Westfield, Charles Ferraro will be hosting a Summer Team Match against, Hornell, Westfield, Erie PA.

Are there any players who would like to represent Buffalo - Niagara area? No other details so far other than Game 90(85 with a 5 sec delay), I have given indication that I would bring a team from the Buffalo area. Please reply if you would like to participate, along with email and contact number to

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


Hosted and presented by Garnell W. Whitfield Jr., Buffalo Fire Commissioner, The Kellogg Leadership for Community Change and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy. July 18th and 19th, 2010, Gloria J. Parks Community Center, 3242 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. Main near Heath, Free Off street parking in the back.

This is the third annual Can/Am International FIDE Masters summer series held in Buffalo, NY on July 17th & 18th, August 21t & 22nd and September 18th & 19th, 2010. As listed in Chess Life TLA, the tournament is posted for 20 Enchanced Grand Prix points, Five rounds, Swiss, FIDE/USCF rated, Game 120. USCF membership is required. Entry Fee is $55.00, Guaranteed Cash Prizes $350, $250 and $200, Class Prizes: U2000 $175 and U1800 $150.

All players are required to check in by 9:30am. Games will start on Saturday, July 17th at 10am, 2:30pm and 7pm, Sunday, July 18th games start at 10am and 2pm.

All registrations should be POSTMARKED no later than July 10th, 2010 or 7 days prior to the tournament. Please mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, New York, 14221 with full name, FIDE/USCF Id number, Section and telephone number.

For U1500 Section players, same game schedule, Advance Entry fee is $30 v. $50, Cash Prizes are $150, $90 and $60.

VISITORS: Tour the Buffalo website for all there is to SEE and DO in the area, Also the CVB Of Buffalo has reduced hotel/motel room rates available.

I want to thank everyone in advance for their continued support in making this summer series a success. Advance online registrations with full name, USCF id number, section of play and telephone number to

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


Twenty five players came out on Father's Day eve, so we want to wish all our fathers, uncles, chess dads, granddads and father figures of the chess community a very happy Father's DAY!

The top five winners of the Buffalo Fire Commissioners, Garnell W. Whitfield, Jr. Star Scholastic Section were Christian F.E. Collier, senior at East High School, 2nd place - Raemell C. Johnson, City Honors, 3rd place - James W. Hampton, East High, 4th place - Joshua A. Hampton, East High and 5th place - Jonathan J. Boone, East High. All are members of the Urban Knights Chess Club. Our only female was Lorena M. James, Nichols, member of the Urban Queens Chess Club.

There was a three way tie in the Red Tail #332 Fighter Group U1500 Section, Co Champions were Mike Jocko, James P. Davis and new comer from was Demetrios Pyros.

Upset leaders were Michael Dunn with 378 points, Steve L. Baer with 146.5 points, James P. Davis, 137 points, and Vinay Sharma, Ontario Canada with 23.5 points.

Making a comeback off his second place finish at the 2010 Mayor's Cup Masters Championships was Lionel L. Davis, National Master and the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Red Tail #99 Fighter Group Champion, 2nd place tie was Erik W. Lubas and Barry Davis.

Upset leaders were Erik W. Lubas with 1149.5 points defeating Barry Davis, National Master and earning a Draw against Lionel L. Davis, National Master, and Barry Davis with 31 points.

Please join us for our Summer Friendship Chess Festival, Five rounds, Game 120, FIDE rated, two sections are Masters Open and U1500. To be held at the Gloria J Parks Community Center on Saturday & Sunday, July 17th and 18th. For more information, please email reply to

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Stop by and see the Urban Knights at the Juneteeth Festival, Sunday, June 20th, Martin Luther King Jr Park, playing chess from 2pm until 5pm. We will be hosting a Bed, Bath and Body Works, "Signature Collection Basket", Raffle tickets are 3 for $5.00 or an arms length for $20.00. Drawing will be held on wednesday, June 30th at the Frank E. Merriweather Jr Branch Library at 7pm.

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


Proudly presented by Buffalo Fire Commissioner, Garnell W. Whitfield Jr., in conjunction with Simpson & Simpson, PLLC and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo New York 14201.

FREE PARKING under Mall and Food Court open during tournament play.

Please join me in honoring America's first military black airmen! The Red Tail fighters were awarded Presidential Unit citations for Outstanding Tactial Air Support and Aerial Combat.

GURANTEED CASH PRIZES $445.00! SWISS, 4 ROUNDS, GAME 50, USCF Open rated, Games start promptly at 9:45am, 11:30pm, 1:15pm and 3pm. All particpants should check in no later than 9:30am, which will allow us to start promptly!

Advanced entries are $20 or $35.00 Cash only onsite. Online registrations to for $20 entry must be received by midnight, wednesday June 16, 2010, please include full name, section and USCF Id number. All players must bring chess clock, chess board and chess set. None provided!

Three Sections:Open Red Tail Fighters - 1st Place $120 - $80 & U1900 $75, Red Tail Fighters U1500 - 1st Place $80 - $50 - $40, & Buffalo Fire Commissioner's Stars and Sparks Scholastics, 5 Rounds, Swiss, Game 30, Entry fee $10, RED TAIL Trophies awarded to the TOP 4 winners!, Scholastics games start at 10am, 11am, Noon, 1pm and 2pm, Awards to follow immediately.

Please mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221, must be received no later than wednesday, June 16, 2010. No checks or credit cards accepted!

PIZZA & REFRESHMENTS provided for all registered tournament players!

SAVE THE DATES! Our Summer Friendship 2010 Chess Festival will be held at the Gloria J Parks Community Center, 3242 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14215, starts our CAN/AM International FIDE Masters Series, 20 U.S.C.F. Enhanced Grand Prix Points, listed in the upcoming Chess Life TLA, World Chess Federation FIDE Rated! Entry fee $55, CASH prizes - 1st place $350, $250 & $200, Class Prizes - U2000 $175, U1800 $150, WCF U1500 section, Entry fee $30 v $50 Cash only onsite! Guaranteed Cash Prizes $150, $90 and $60. First series starts on Sat. July 17th and 18th, August 21st & 22nd and September 18th & 19th, 2010. Saturday Rounds at 10am, 2:30pm & 7pm, Sunday at 10am and 2pm. We need FIDE rated players to make this a success, please reach out to others outside the Buffalo Niagara community and invite them to Buffalo, "The Gateway" to World Chess Federation competition.

I want to extend my personal thanks to the Buffalo - Niagara Chess community in advance for your continued dedication and support to help us grow.

Respectfully submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador and Chief Arbiter!

Kenneth W. Regan, International Master is 2010 Mayor's Cup Masters Champion

Kenneth W. Regan, International Master wins the 2010 Mayor's Cup Masters Championships. The Buffalo Championships in their fourth year attracted thirty nine total players, with ninety one games played over the two days held at Buffalo State College Campbell Student Union. Ken Regan was unable to defend his 2008 Championship title in 2009 has come back from Montreal, Quebec to take back the Buffalo title. 2009 Mayor's Cup Masters Champion Vance Williams was unable to defend his title this year. Kenneth Regan, International Master, 2010 Mayor's Cup Masters Champion becomes a first former champion to successfully recapture the championship title.

2nd Place winner was Lionel L. Davis, National Master, 3rd Place - Barry Davis National Master, 4th Place - Ryan Madden, Pioneer Chess Club, Arcade NY, 5th place - Eric Grabowski.

Ryan Madden wins the Top Scholastic Master trophy which is awarded to the best scholastic player annually by Fran and Horace Mc Duffie, parents of Cheryl T. Mc Duffie, Pawn Master David W. Mc Duffie and Michael A. Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador.

Upset Leaders(Name,USCF rating, points)were: Michael A. Mc Duffie(1126) had earned 1127 points, Eric W. Lubas(1665) 287 points, David S. Miller(1633) 242 points, Barry Davis(2070) 175.5 points, Ryan Madden(1738) 28 points.

In the Senator Antoine Thompson U1500 Section, James J. Paul is the 2010 Mayor's Cup Champion, 2nd place - Francis Grabowski, 3rd place Ryan Palmisano, Pioneer Chess Club Arcade NY, 4th place - Mike Jocko and 5th place - Robert Simpson.

Upset Leaders(Name, USCF rating, Points) were:Ryan Palmisano(940) 616.5 points, James P. Davis(1351) 140 points, James J. Paul(1354) 44.5 points, Glenn Conlin(1281) 35 points. All place winners are invited to Mayor Byron W. Brown office for special recognition and photographs.

Special thanks to Chess MOMs Cathy Cummings, Lucy Pencille and Jennifer Santora for their volunteering contributions. Annually we want to thank Buffalo State College Hal Payne, Vice President of Student Affairs Department, Simpson and Simpson PLLC - Robert Simpson for their continued support in the promotion of chess in the Buffalo Niagara area.

Our June monthly Grand Prix will honor the outstanding efforts made by the Tuskeegee Airmen, America's first Black military airmen on Saturday, June 19th, Main Place Mall, Upper Level, USCF Open rated, Four rounds, Swiss, Game 50, USCF membership required, for discounted advance entry $20 v. $35 onsite, please register online to by Wednesday, June 16th, 2010, please include full name, uscf id number, section of play and telephone number.

SUMMER CHESS FESTIVAL SCHEDULE, SAVE THE DATES:World Chess Federation - FIDE Open rated tournaments, July 17th & 18th, August 21st & 22nd, and September 18th & 19th, Five Rounds, Swiss, Game 120, FIDE and USCF rated. To register online, please send full name, FIDE & USCF Id number, and telephone number to

My personal thanks to all of you for your continued support our efforts to develp and grow chess in the Buffalo Niagara area. We look forward to your return next year June 4th and 5th, 2011 for the 5th Annual Mayor's Cup Masters Championships, featuring Kenneth W. Regan, International Master and 2010 Mayor's Cup Masters Champion.

Samuel Santora Mayor's Cup 2010 Scholastic Champion

Samuel E. Santora, 2nd grader from the Chess Club of Buffalo, is the undefeated 2010 Mayor's Cup Scholastic K - 12 Champion. Seated(L-R) are 2010 Mayor's Cup TOP 5 winners, 5th Place, Miles A. James, Urban Knights, 4th Place, James W. Hampton, Urban Knights, Champion Samuel E. Santora, Chess Club of Buffalo, 2nd Place, Kevin S. Lyle, Chess Club of Buffalo and 3rd Place, Nathan Palmisano, Pioneer Chess Club in Arcade NY. Standing in back are Joshua A. Hampton, Jonathan J. Boone, Michael A. Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador and USCF & Mayor's Cup Chief Tournament Director, Andrew J. Pencille, Regan A. Lyle and Raemell C. Johnson. As part of our annual tradition the top five scholastic winners have been invited to the Office of Mayor Byron W. Brown for special recognition and photographs.

Ryan Palmisano wins White Memorial

Pioneer chess club scholastic member, Ryan Palmisano captured this year's Jeff White Memorial Trophy. This is the second year that the award went to the top U1200 player competing in the Mayor's Cup and Class Championship. In prior years it was awarded as the top award in the Open section of a stand alone tournament. As such, Ryan's name joins that of last year's Class E Champion-Jacob Meloon. Both these junior scholastic player's names now are inscribed just below International Masters Dr. Ken Regan and Brian Hartman and Grand Master Jaan Ehlvest. Pretty cool for the kids-I think.
Jeff White was the former president of the Niagara Falls Chess Club until he passed away from cancer at a young age.
Check back soon for more results from the 2010 Buffalo Mayor's Cup and Class Championship shortly.
Ryan Palmisano is seen in the center of the photo as he receives the Jeff White Memorial Trophy from The WNY Chess Ambassador Michael McDuffie (on left) who also is the Tournament Director of the Mayor's Cup and director of Archangel Chess Academy and Dr. Mark Mieth (on right) current president of The Nigara Falls Chess Club.


Eleven scholastic chess players came out in support of the Scholastic K - 12 Championships.

The results of the day has 2nd grader, Samuel E Santora in the lead with three points, Kevin Lyle, Nathan Palmisano, Andrew Pencille(Lockport NY), James Hampton, and Jonathan Boone all have two points and Miles James with 1.5 pts, Raemell Johnson, Reagan Lyle and Joshua Hampton all with 1 point each.

The Scholastics Day Two will start tomorrow at 10am, 12:30pm and the Finals at 3pm.

In the U1500 Section, 12 players have finished the day. There is a 3 way tie for first with 2.5 points are the following, Francis Grabowski, James Paul, and James Davis, close behind with 2 points is Robert Simpson, then four players with 1.5 points are Mike Jocko, Glenn Conlin, Ryan Palmisano, and new comer Partha Kesavan. The U1500 section will start tomorrow at 10am and Finals are at 2pm.

In the Mayor's Cup Masters Section has 16 players, 4 players USCF rated 2070 to 2421. Leading the way for the new Mayor's Cup 2010 Crown is undefeated National Master, Lionel Davis with 3 points, close behind with 2.5 points are International Master, Kenneth Regan, 2008 Mayor's Cup Champion and National Master, Barry Davis. Players with 2 points are Eric Grabowski, Glenn Westcott, Patrick Robinson and Eric Lubas.