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2010 Chess Calendar

I wish every one a Happy and Healthy New Year! Hopefully a 100 or more extra ratings points will be had by all as well.
In order to so, please see the tournament chess calendar.
If anyone wishes to get other events posted on this site, please comment below and I will add it to the blog's calendar.
Especially note that the Marchand in Rochester is much earlier this year. It will be held on February 20th and 21st.

2009 Chess Educator of the Year

At the recent Main Place Mall Tournament on December 19, 2009, Michael McDuffie was presented with the chessdoctor's 2009 Chess Educator/Promoter Award. With that title Mr. McDuffie was given 10 complete chess sets and several books which I am sure he will put to good use with the various scholastic clubs and events he administrates. Mr. McDuffie, who goes by the moniker "The WNY Chess Ambassador" oversees and/or is directly involved in numerous chess activities including the Archangel 8 Chess Academy, Urban Knights Chess Club of Buffalo, Borders Elementary School League, Wegmans Monday Homeschooler's Program, East Aurora Chess Club, Enterprise Charter School Chess Club, WNY Maritime Chess Club, as well as directing the monthly Main Place Mall Tournaments.
Pictured (on the right) is Mr. Michael McDuffie aka "The WNY Chess Ambassador" being congratulated by Dr. Mark Mieth aka "the chessdoctor."

Jr Chess Olympic results

51 kids jam packed the Sardinia Town Hall last Saturday for the 25th USA Jr Chess Olympics. Pioneer Central won both 7-12 and k-6 team events, holding off a strong challenge in both sections from the Global Concepts Charter School of Lackawanna, coached by Tony Cirillo. The k-6 section was especially close with only 1 point separating Pioneer, second place Global Concepts, and third place Mackenzie team from Erie,Pa. Other teams participating were Genessee County Charter School of Rochester, City Club of Buffalo,and Genessee Valley Central School from the Southern Tier. The cross table is available at Ian Mackenzie(1660) from Erie,Pa. went 5-0 to win the individual trophy in the very strong 7-12 section. Ryan Madden(1635), Austin Kossow(1101), both of Pioneer,and John Osborn(930) of the City Club of Buffalo,tied for 2nd. Ian's brother Alden(unr) also went 5-0 to win the k-6 trophy. Pioneer's Chris Darling(813) and Nathan Palmisano(691), along with 2nd grader Sam Santora (1206) of Global Concepts and Quinn Mackenzie(5 yrs old!)tied for second with 4pts. A special shout out to the Mackenzie family of Erie,Pa. who traveled for 3 hrs (leaving their home at 6:30am!)to get here. Ian, Alden, Quinn and his 5 yr old twin Roy(who won 3 games) are all excellent chess players and very nice people. Also thanks to all the parents and coaches for their help. It wouldn't have happened without them. A special thanks to Mark Mieth ( the chess doctor) for donating the medals.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14201

Presented and hosted by the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

Garnell W. Whitfield Jr. is the first minority appointed Deputy Commissioner of the City of Buffalo by Mayor Byron W. Brown. Deputy Commissoner Whitfield has allowed us to use his name in support of promoting the game of chess in WNY region. Come meet and greet the Deputy Commissioner, Tell a Friend and Bring a Friend.

FOUR ROUNDS, SWISS, GAME 50, USCF Open rated Chess Tournament. USCF membership is required for rated games. $325.00 GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES!


SCHEDULE:Rd 1 at 9:45am, Rd 2 at 11:30am, Rd 3 at 1:15pm and Rd 4 at 3pm. Scholastics and Firefighters games start at 10am, Five Rounds, Game 30.

Entry fee:$20 v $35 cash only on site if postmarked no later than wednesday, December 16, 2009, Scholastics entry fee $10.00. International Masters and Grand Masters FREE entry if registered no later than monday, december 14, 2009, Entry will be deducted from cash prize.


CASH PRIZES: OPEN $120 and $80, U1900 $75, U1500 $50, Firefighters $50, $45 & $30, Scholastic Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place winners.

Please mail and make checks payable to: Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221 with full name, USCF id number, Section of play and telephone number, postmarked no later than wednesday, december 16, 2009. ONLINE registration to no later than midnight, december 18, 2009, with full name, section, uscf id number and telephone number, must check in no later than 9:30am on saturday, december 19, 2009.

25 th USA Jr Chess Olympics

Sat. Dec 5 , 2009 At Sardinia Town Hall 12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia,NY 5SS, G/30, EF $5 includes free pizza for lunch Rds. 10,11,12:30,1:30,2:30 2 Sections: K-6 and 7-12 Prizes: Olympic style medals to 1st,2nd,and 3rd place winners to individuals and teams in each section USCF membership required, can join at tournament No limit to number of players on team, but only top 4 scores will count for team total. Can have more than 1 team per school. Entries & info: Tom Warner 496-5230 There will also be an adult tournament- 3SS, G/45, EF $20, Rds 10:30, 12:30, 2:00, Prizes per entries

Practical choice in a game

This is an experiment that I want to try by asking various chess players as to what strategy they will use in a position as this in a critical tournament requiring you not to lose the game. Black to move, has only two choices (I think so)
  1. Play the variation ...Bxe3 Nxc7 ...Bxh6 Nxe8 ...Bd2 and play down the exchange but may be with some compensation of having two connected passed pawns on d and c file (since ...Bxc3 cannot be avoided by White I think)
  2. Or, play ...Qb6 in the position and play with either pawn down or even material as in the variation bxc5 ...Qxb5 black will eventually also win back the pawn on c5. But the dark squares are very weak around the black king.
It will be good to know your responses independent of others and the reasons for the same. Your answers can give the readers an idea of the choices different players of different strengths and playing style make.


This month's Main Place Mall "Grand Prix" was very special indeed. It began with the Honor Guard from WNY Maritime Charter School. This all girl color guard team, under the direction of FC1 Michael Allen, has done over 150 events last year. These ladies who were our color guard for this event had won an inhouse competition to represent the MCS, as all 200 team members wanted to participate in this special Veterans Day honor.

What also made it special was that Marissa L. Herko of MCS has now officially established The WNY Maritime Chess Club which will meet every Friday after school. It will be supervised by Michael A. Mc Duffie, USCF Certified Chess Coach, and director of The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

The family of Roland K. Beard, which included Mrs. Carol Thompson, his grandson and grand daugher-in-law, and his great-grandchildren, were very delighted and impressed to see 33 chess players of all ages would come out to honor their WWII veteran patriarch. The cross table is found at

The Beard Airforce Stars 'n Stripes Scholastic section had a total of 10 players, who played a 6 round Swiss, Game/45, tournament. The 2009 Co-Champions were Ryan and Nathan Palmisano from Pioneer Middle School. 3rdd Place went to Miles A. James, a Urban Knights Chess Club member and The 2009 Scholastic Fall K - 4 Champion. Trevor D. Cohn of Kenmore Middle School and a Archangel 8 Chess Club member took 4th Place. Jamar C. Young, a new USCF member and 12th grader from Bishop Timon took 5th Place. Another new USCF member and Bishop Timon 9th grader Nathaniel J. Rosenthal was 6th. Lorena M. James, a 5th grader from Nichols was honorable mention . She lost her first three games but came back to win her last three games, including one where she defeated a 7th grader.

In the John F Kennedy Memorial U1500 section, the Top College Player was David C. Gluchowski from Erie Community College-he too is a new USCF member. Representing Bishop Timon Joe Covley(1110) was the 2009 Champion. Joe was undefeated at 4 - 0. 2nd Place went to Mike R. Jocko(1381) and James J. Paul, MD (1296) was 3rd Place. Upset leaders were Joe Covley with 544 points and James J. Paul, MD with 42.5 pts.

The Beard OSS Airforce Grand Prix Section, had a total of 12 players. and was quite exciting. It included "The Challenge of the Day" which was a claim in the Final round by NM Barry Davis(2091) v Vance Williams(2132), of insufficient losing chances. The advisement committee of TD Thomas A Warner and International Master Mladen Vucic upheld the claim thus resulting in a draw.

IM Mladen Vucic(2389) was our 2009 Champion. IM Vucic was born in Yugoslavia but now lives in WNY. He came out because his rating dropped below 2400 and it "bothered" him. 2nd Place was shared by NM Barry Davis and Eric Grabowski(2091). The U1900 winner was Ryan Madden (1598). Upset Leaderboard: Barry Davis 169.5 points, David Miller 153 pts, David Biddle 97 pts, Matthew Peck 88 pts and Eric Grabowski 41 pts. Excused notables were Evan Ashton, Mark Clark, Robert Cousins, Pierce Cummings, Lionel Davis, Chester Fell, Neil Goldberg, Josua Guo, Brian Hartman, Michael Hillery, Tony Kimbrough, Eddie Mark, Albert Patterson, Marijan Procyk, Nourali Rastbood, Kenneth Regan, Patrick Robinson, Josh Rofrano, Harish Srinivasan, Ferdinand Supsup, Glenn Westcott, Vince Woodard and David W. Mc Duffie (Pawn Master).

Excused notables were Evan Ashton, Mark Clark, Robert Cousins, Pierce Cummings, Lionel Davis, Chester Fell, Neil Goldberg, Josua Guo, Brian Hartman, Michael Hillery, Tony Kimbrough, Eddie Mark, Albert Patterson, Marijan Procyk, Nourali Rastbood, Kenneth Regan, Patrick Robinson, Josh Rofrano, Harish Srinivasan, Ferdinand Supsup, Glenn Westcott, Vince Woodard and David W. Mc Duffie (Pawn Master).

Thank you for everyone who supported this event-with a special thanks to Mrs. Cummings and Lorena James who helped organized lunch for us.

Our next event will be Saturday, December 19, 2009 for the Garnell Whitfield Jr Grand Prix, Garnell is the first minority appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Buffalo Fire Department, USCF Rated, Four Rounds, Swiss, Game 50, there will be a Fireman Section for the Champion of the Buffalo Firehouses, get your firehouse represented now. PIZZA and BEVERAGES FOR ALL CHESS PLAYERS! Advance registrations $20 v $35 at the door, postmarked no later than wednesday, December 16, 2009, please mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221 with full name, USCF Id number, section of play and telephone number.

Respectfully submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador and USCF Tournament Director

Want to become better at chess?

Here are some suggestions. Read them and decide what you should study. They are designed for players under 1800 or so, but I am sure we all can learn something from them.


The Second Annual Fall Scholastic Championships drew a total of thirty seven students, our most successful draw but not as many from chess teams. Team awards were withdrawn and the sections were revised to reflect a more balanced Swiss format.

Winners pictured above in the STAR SCHOLASTIC Section K - 4th grades sponsored by the Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Clinics were Champion - Miles A. James, 3rd Grader at Olmstead #64 and Urban Knights Chess Club, 2nd Place - Kevin Farris, 4th grader from the Chess Club of Buffalo, 3rd Place - Adam Velaquez, Kindergarden at Ellicott Road Elementary in Orchard Park, 4th Place - James Velaquez, 1st Grader at Ellicott Road Elementary, 5th Place - Andrew Pencille, Upman School, Lockport NY.

Winners from the Main Liberty Group Section 5th - 8th grades were as follows, Pioneer Middle School dominated this section and remain the Middle School Champions for 2009. Leading the way was Champion Nathan Palmisano, Pioneer Middle, grandson of Thomas Warner, 2nd Place - Samuel Tillinghast, Pioneer, 3rd Place - Chris Darling, 4th Place - Nick Brennan, Pioneer and 5th Place - Spencer Rhyans, Westminister Charter and Urban Knights member, other 5th place honorable mentions were Carl Raymore, Pioneer, Nathan Schiener, Pioneer and Yamil Cruz, Enterprise Charter.

Winners from the Archangel 8 Chess Academy Section 9 - 12th grades, most of the players in this section were underclassmen, USCF rated members and were the most advanced from the total pool of tournament players. This section will be our first USCF Rated section. Champion - Benjamin Havey(1757), Kenmore Middle and the highest USCF rated player in the section, 2nd Place - Partho Bhattacharya(1242), City Honors, 3rd Place - Austin Kossow(895)Pioneer Middle, 4th Place - Richard Herko(941) Global Concept Charter and 5th Place - Ryan Madden(1598), Pioneer Middle. Other 5th Place honorable mentions were John Osborn, Chess Club of Buffalo, Colden NY and Trevor Cohn(761)Kenmore Middle and a Archangel 8 Chess Academy member.

Pizza and beverages were donated by contributions from George K. Arthur and Robert Simpson, Simpson and Simpson, LLC. Trophies donated by the Archangel 8 Chess Academy and The Wright Plaque Company, Kenmore NY.

A special thanks to the Enterprise Charter Chess Team for the Set Up, Marissa Herko, Maritime Charter and Richard Herko, Global Concept Charter for Clean Up, Chess Moms for Lunch, Mrs Herko, Dr Debbie Miller and moms from Pioneer Middle School. Outstanding Coach - Thomas A Warner for delivering a bus load of 14 players and parents. New female chess players were Lorena James, 5th - Nichols and member of the Urban Knights Chess Club, Julia Penchaszadeh Robert, 3rd - Olmstead #64, Jovanna Chambers, 2nd - Charter School for Applied Technology and member of the Urban Knights Chess Club.

Thanks to everyone for making the 2009 WNY Fall Scholastic Championship the most successful. Tell a Friend, Bring a Friend to Chess, start a club in your area. If you would like help or in need of group lessons, requests to We look forward to all returning in 2010.

Respectfully submitted, Michael A. Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

ChessJam online gaming

I received the following email, I do not know much more about this than what is offered below. Perhaps our computer experts Harish, Vic, Dr. Regan can clue us in to what Flex and AIR application and ColdFusion and LifeDataServices are. For more info also see:
Hello Dr. Mieth, We are the makers of ChessJam, an online chess game unlike any you have played! We would like to offer you and your members an opportunity to try ChessJam for FREE until 2010 and check out how our rich graphics and easy to use interface make online chess more fun and interactive than it has ever been.
ChessJam allows players to: Choose timed games in 60, 30, or 10 minute lengths, or play speed chess Practice their skills with robots Increase their player ratings by competing directly with other chess players from around the world
With ChessJam you can also: Meet a friend and play in our pre-arranged room Observe games as others play them Meet in the Challenge Court to chat with buddies or challenge them to a game Enjoy every new feature that is added! Some of the features we're currently working on are: the ability to play multiple games at once, improved ratings and game choice, and more towers and rooms
To download ChessJam, please click here: For more information on the best thing to happen to online chess since, well, the internet, please visit our blog at:
Thank you! Sincerely, The ChessJam Crew



Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main St, Buffalo, New York

Presented by Main Liberty Group, Willie Hutch Jones Educational & Sports Clinics and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

Five Rounds, Swiss, Game 30, Unrated, USCF rules enforced.

Three Sections: K - 3, 4 - 8th and 9 - 12th grades.

AWARDS, Trophies and Medals to top winners.

Entry fee: $10 per player, includes Pizza and Beverage.

Check in no later than 10am, Games start at 10:30am.

Schedule:Rd 1 at 10:30am, Rd 2 at 11:30am, Lunch at Noon, Rd 3 at 1:15pm, Rd 4 at 2:15pm, Rd 5 at 3:15pm. Awards and Pictures to follow.

Online registration: Please include full name, School name/Team, Grade and telephone number, USCF id number if member for pairings, no later than Friday, midnight on November 13, 2009.

Email registrations and questions to

Thanks so much for your continued support. Tell and Friend, Bring a Friend.

Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

Scholastic Unrated #11 Report

A total of 35 players competed in this weekend's Scholastic #11 at Genesee Valley Central School directed by "the old woodpusher"-Garry Reynolds. Coach Tom Warner's Pioneer Team was particularly impressive. Trophyies and chess clocks were awarded to those who finished in 1st through 3rd place in each section.
In the K-6 section, Sam Tillinghast (493) from Pioneer went a perfect 5 of 5 to take first place. Chris Darling (813), also from Pioneer was second going 4/5. Rayelle Nelling (315p) from Bradford was third but also was 4 of 5.
In the 7-12 section, Luke Duttweiler (unrated) of the host school Genesee Valley Central School, was clear first going a perfect 5 of 5. Luke has been a first place champion in these tournaments now a total of 4 times. Finishing second was Austin Kossow (899) from Pioneer at 4/5. Third place was shared by the Palmisaro brothers Ryan (884) and Nathan (691) both from Pioneer at 3.5/5.
Special Note: There have had over 230 different students play in these events since it's humble beginnings and a total of 412 players overall!

It's A Boy!!!

Breaking News, this just in: Hi, Saradha and I wish to share the good news of the arrival of a baby boy. He is named Neeraj. Wife and baby are doing well. I hope he picks up a liking for chess !!! Regards, Harish


To honor Roland K. Beard, Jr., a living Airforce OS veteran from Clarence, NY, the Main Liberty Group, Willie Hutch Jones Educational Sports Clinics, and the Archangel 8 Chess Academy, present a chess tournament on Saturday Novemeber 21, 2009. Mr. Beard enlisted at age 18 into the China Burma India Theatre of World War II. He was responsible for breaking a Japanese code that helped saved thousands of lives on a British Naval Ship. Come out and meet, greet, and learn of his story with his sister Mrs Thompson.

The event will be held in the Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. FREE PARKING UNDER THE MALL! FOOD COURT OPEN DURING TOURNAMENT PLAY!


USCF Open rated chess tournament, 4 Rounds, Swiss, Game/50, USCF membership required but can join on site for yearly membership fee.

Registration closes at 9:30am.

SCHEDULE: Round One at 9:45am, RD 2 at 11:30am, RD 3 at 1:15pm, RD 4 at 3pm.

GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES: OPEN $120, 2ND PLACE $80, U1900 $75 AND U1500 $50.




SORRY NO REFUNDS! Please mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221, POSTMARKED no later than Wednesday, November 18, 2009 with full name, USCF ID number and section of play. Online registration to no later than Friday, November 20, 2009. Include full name, USCF ID number, and telephone number. All must check in on Saturday by 9:30am even if advanced entry accepted. ADVANCE ENTRIES $20 VS $35 CASH ONLY on site after Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Free scholastic unrated event!

The following is from "the old wood pusher" Garry Reynolds:
Chess Coaches/Proctors/Advisers/School Staff: Just a reminder to start herding in all your chess cats and prodigies for the upcoming 11th semi-annual scholastic chess tournament being hosted by Genesee Valley Central School on Nov. 7th. in the school cafeteria. It's just a few days away! Please submit your student list via e-mail to Garry Reynolds no later than Nov. 4th. For those attending this event for the first time please provide: Student Name (spelled correctly) Student Grade Level (Critical to be correct) School: For first time entries please list your students based upon playing strength, at least to the best of your knowledge. If any have a USCF chess rating, please provide. Those that do not have a rating I will provide one based upon my "scholastic rating" system. Generally for grades K-6th I will assign a 600 rating and for grades 7th - 12th a 1000 rating as a entry rating for the tournament. The top rated players from previous tournaments have been given a "scholastic rating" ranging between 1500 - 2000. For those players with an official USCF rating, I will convert into my corresponding "scholastic rating" range. Remember to bring $4.00 for the lunch and bring chess sets and clocks if you have them. The best entrance to the cafeteria area of Genesee Valley is located in the rear of the school near the parking garage for the buses. You will be able to enter the main entrance as well and there should be signs directing you to the cafeteria area. Please have all your troops on deck by 9:30am to sign in and pay lunch fee. Sincerely,
Garry L. Reynolds
The Scholastic Chess Coordinator WNY Tournament Director Scio Central School Chess Coach
4153 CR 1
Friendship, New York 14739
(585)973-7613 Home
(585)596-3730 Work (7:00 - 4:00)

Halloween Quad Results

David Biddle (1489) of Kenmore went 2.5/3 to win the Upper Quad over Gary Boye (1606), David Miller (1577), and Mark Mieth (1377). Meanwhile Texan Tim "Niagara" Rivers (1322) was a perfect 3/3 to win the Lower Quad over William Rich (1344), Vic Bahl (766) and newcomer Dr. Paul Wojtaszek(unrated). The cross table is at


While celebrating "CHESS MONTH", I hope WNY will WELCOME the students from Enterprise Charter School. The school's new chess club meets every Thursday and would like to play other chess teams in the area. The club is still growing and a few of the members are preparing for the Genesee Valley Scholastic Tournament in Belmont, NY on Saturday November 7, 2009.

This chess team is in need of chess clocks, USCF youth memberships, and Tactical workbooks. If you could help out with any of these, or if you would like to play against the Enterprise Charter Chess Team, please contact Coach Mc Duffie at

NY defeats Cleveland!

Ok so it's not the Knicks over the Cavs, or the Yankees beating the Indians, But WNY's own Tom Warner avenged the Bills loss to the Browns by going undefeated in the U1800 section of this past weekend's Cleveland Open. He was 4.5/5 and the only missing 1/2 point was due to his taking a bye in the 5th round-presumably because he had to drive back home. One of the ironies of this event was after driving all that way to play, Tom was paired in the second round against his protégée' Ryan "Mad dog" Madden. Even more comical was this was the second pairing for Ryan against a local WNYer, as he played Evan Ashton in the first round! Perhaps next year they can just play in Sardinia and call it the Cleveland Open Satellite Tournament. I am sure though that the $1000 prize for first place made it a sweet ride home for Tom and friends.
Other notable WNYers playing this weekend in Cleveland were: RCC's FM Igor Nikolayev in the Open section, and Ryan and Nathan Palmisano in the U1000 section.
Thanks to Josh Rofrano who alerted me to the story by commenting in the prior post. Josh Rofrano said, "recently after looking through the cross-tables i saw that tom warner as well as a few other western ny locals played in the cleveland open. Tom did real well by winning the U1800 section outright! Good work tom."

Halloween Quads

If you intend to play in the Halloween Quads this Halloween Saturday, please post here with USCF ID # and rating. Thank you.


On thursday, October 22, 2009 at the Lackawanna Senior Center, the Lackawanna Youth Board hosted the 10th Annual Father Baker Chess Tournament. All players received medals, an algebraic chess board, pizza and refreshments.

Most of the Champions pictured here are members of the US Chess Federation. Samuel Santora and Jacob Meloon were Co Champions, Marissa and Richard Herko finished 3rd and 1st Place. The other members are from the Global Concepts Chess Club directed by Coach Cirillo.

The 2nd Annual WNY Scholastic Championships will be held on saturday, November 14, 2009, Main Place Mall, 390 Main Street, Buffalo NY. Three sections, K-3, 4-8 and 9th - 12th grades, Team trophies and Individual awards for the TOP 3 winners. Register with reply to Schools can have four players per team. Please include full name, grade, section of play and telephone number. Entry fee is $10 which includes Pizza and Beverage. This event is not Rated!

Euro Team Champ Tactic

Is ...Bf4 playable?

Position from a game played today in the Euro Team Championship between Croatio vs Russia --- GM Saric and GM Jakovenko. Black is down an exchange, but far from lost since he holds two very active bishops. Black (Jakovenko) is in check and he found this ...Bf4 idea and played it. Black claims that white can do no harm with Rxe5 since he feels the rook on f2 cannot both pin the bishop as well as defend g2. Although this observation is correct, unfortunately for Jakovenko he did not see far enough. How far can you see?

Free Scholastic Event this Saturday

This Saturday October 24th Bishop Timon/St. Jude High School will host a scholastic open for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. It is free and pop and pizza will also be provided. It will be held at the school at 601 McKinley Parkway in Buffalo, NY. Trophies and particiaption medals will be awarded. If you know anyone interested, let them know. Registration is at 12:30PM and the number of rounds will depend on the number of players but there will be a minimum of 4 games per player. For more information about this event contact Doug B.
For more information about the school visit


David A. Rosenkoetter who is from Kansas City, MO has really impressed the chess community during his current visit to the Buffalo/WNY area. As you see in the picture above, David is blind, and plays on his own Braille-style board while his opponent moves the pieces on a “sighted” chessboard.

Despite this disadvantage, David won three out of four matches in the U1500 Section of The October "Grand Prix" Tournament held at the Main Place Mall in Buffalo, NY this past Saturday. His performance earned him a tie for 2nd place and increased his rating to his highest point so far. David is the first blind chess player to play at this event but has competed in a number of tournaments in the past. In 2008 he finished in a tie for third place at the United States Chess Federation Blind Championships.

Charles Ferraro, his opponent in the third round and who was one of Mr. Rosenkoetter's victims, had this to say about David: "He certainly showed a number of us how to play the game! He played the f4 attack against my Sicilian defense to great effect in our game and had me on the ropes very quickly."

The next Main Place Mall tournament will be Saturday, November 21, 2009. It will be named in honor of Roland K Beard, Jr. who is a living World War II Airforce hero and native of Clarence, NY. While in the Burma Road Campaign he broke the Japanese code and in so doing saved a British war ship. Although he was to receive a honorary war citation, he still has not garnered this recognition from the US government. Come out and join us in a big salute to a local living WWII Airforce Hero! For more information and registration please reply to


***** Update Crosstable **** Chess is very much alive and well in the Buffalo and Western New York area, as evidenced by the twenty-one chess players who participated in the October Grand Prix Event this past Saturday at the Main Place Mall. Both newcomers and old returning friends added the flavor of the day. Some of the newcomers included David A. Rosenkoetter, who is visiting from Kansas City, MO. Not only did he come from far away but he also is the first blind chess player to compete at a Main Place Mall tournament. We also welcomed Mathew GH Jenkins a student for the Buffalo College League, from West Seneca, NY. Meanwhile Charles Ferraro and Mykel Douglas(1751p) joined us from The Westfield Chess Club, Westfield NY. Lastly Ferdinand Supsup(1693), from Toronto, Ontario Canada came back for a return visit to take on the south of the border competition.

The STAR SCHOLASTIC WINNERS were Partho Bhattacharya(1246), a City Honors student who captured first place and Nathan Palmisano(720), from Pioneer Middle School who collected second place in front of proud grandfather-Tom Warner. Buffalo College Chess League October Champion was Mathew GH Jenkins a student at BYU.

In the U1500 Section, William M. Rich, from Amherst, NY was the champion with an undefeated mark of 3.5/4 and recharged his rating to 1344. Finishing in a tie for 2nd place with 3pts each were the previosly unrated Mathew Jenkins and the aforementioned blind player David A. Rosenkoetter. [Upset Leaderboard: David A. Rosenkoetter (967) with 286 upset points, Steve L. Baer(1085) for 168 points, and William M. Rich(1204) for 67 pts.]

Harish Srinivasan was a perfect 4 for 4 and was clear first in the OPEN SECTION and raised his rating to 1925! Tying for second were Vance Williams (2132), Thomas A. Warner(1739) and Michael A. Mc Duffie(1156) all with 3 points. [UPSET LEADERBOARD: Michael A. Mc Duffie(1156) for 601 points, Harish Srinivasan(1886) for 246 pts, and Erik W. Lubas(1556) for 112 pts.]

The next Grand Prix will be named in honor of a WWII veteran from Clarence, New York- Roland K. Beard, Jr. While in the Airforce, OSS, he and a colleague were responsible for breaking the code of the Japanese that helped save many British soldiers on a ship that was to be attacked. He has not been in good health recently and we are trying to have the US Government issue him and his fellow soldier their Honorary Citation. It was to be awarded to them earlier but some how fell through the cracks. He currently lives in Maryland but his sister will be delighted to share photos and stories of her brother with us. Previosly when he had lived in the Clarence area, he had taught chess to children. So we hope we have a nice turn out to meet and greet his sister. Saturday, November 21, 2009, Main Place Mall, 390 Main St, Buffalo NY, Four Rounds, Swiss, Game/50. For more information and registration please reply to

Very Instructive Endgame

This game was between myself and Ferdinand Supsup in round 2 of the October Grand Prix at Main place mall last Saturday. I have the full game with analysis of only the endgame as it was very interesting and instructive. Your comments welcome.

Euro Club Tactic

Here is a position that has caught the attention of quite a few chess blogs/reports over the last week. White to move :)


Several USCF Scholastic players turned out to the Wegman's - Alberta Drive Store, Amherst New York and earned some rated points. The Columbus Day results were Co-Champions Miles A. James, Urban Knights and Samuel Santora, Chess Club of Buffalo, 2nd Place new USCF member Benjamin Rummell,Chess Club of Buffalo, Homeschool Chess club and 3rd Place Kevin Farris, Chess Club of Buffalo. Kudos for Samuel Santora who earned a place in the USCF Top 100 - 7 year olds as of June 2009, Congratulations! A round robin, game 30 was the play of the day. I want to thank the dedicated and loyal players, the parents who took the time out to bring their children out for tournament play.

The next USCF Scholastic Tournment will be Saturday, Oct 17th, 2009, Five Rounds, Swiss, Game 30, Pizza and Refreshments will be held at the Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main St, Buffalo NY 14201, Entry fee is $10.00, Trophies for the Top three Winners!

EVERY FOURTH SATURDAY we host the Borders Scholastic Monthly Chess League, Quakercrossing Plaza, Cafe Section, Orchard Park NY, Games start at 1pm until 4:30pm. Please register in advance by online to no later than friday, October 23, 2009 with full name, age, grade, telephone number. Membership is $5.00 per person.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main St., Buffalo NY 14201

Hosted by Kellogg Leadership for Community Change and the Archangel 8 Chess Academy

2009 Schedule:November 21st, and December 19th, 2009. Every Third Saturday of each month.


Four Rounds, Swiss, Game/50, USCF Membership required!

Registration closes at 9:30am.

Schedule:Rd 1 at 9:45am, Rd 2 at 11:30am, Rd 3 at 1:15pm, Rd 4 at 3pm.

Advance entries $20 vs $35 by wednesday October 14, 2009. Checks mailed and made payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221 Please include full name, USCF ID #, section, and telephone number.

CASH PRIZES:Open $120 and $75, U1900 $60 and U1500 $50.00


STAR SCHOLASTICS: USCF RATED, Five Rounds, Swiss, Game/30, Entry Fee $10.00, Games start at 10am, 11am, Noon, 1pm and 2pm. Pizza and Refreshments provided! Trophies to the TOP THREE WINNERS!

Halloween Quads

Halloween Quads G/40,October 31, 2009 Educational Opportunity Center 465 Washington St. Buffalo ,NY 14203 4th floor auditorium ,play only players in your rating range in each Quad. 3-RR,EF:$20, $15 for non-rated and $10 for scholastic Quads. Also featuring non-rated Quads for players without U.S.C.F. ratings. Registration 8:30-9:00, Rds.9-10:25-11:45, Prizes:$50 1st in rated Quads , Trophies for Scholastic Quads and $30 1st for non-rated Quads. Info: Douglas Dubose or call (716) 874-5709 Send advanced entries to Old School Chess Enterprises, 124 Military Road, upper Buffalo, N.Y. 14207

Clevehill Chess Club

The Clevehill Chess Club will be meeting Saturday ,October 10 at 10 am ,all are invited. The address is 157 Cleveland Drive at St.Aloysius School in the rear,go thru the F door to the Knights of Colombus room. See you there!

Columbus Day Scholastic Event

  • Monday, October 12, 2009
  • Wegmans - Alberta Store, Upper Level, Amherst, NY
  • Five Rounds, Swiss, Game 15
  • Tournament Membership $5.00 per player
  • Schedule:Rd 1 at 10am, Rd 2 at 10:30am, Rd 3 at 11am, Rd 4 at 11:30am, Rd 5 at Noon, Awards to follow.
  • Online registration no later than midnight Sunday October 11, 2009 with full name, age, grade and telephone number. Reply to

Global Concepts Scholastic Schedule for 2009-2010

  • Halloween Tournament 2009-10-24-2009-9:30am-3pm,
  • Thanksgiving Day Tournament 2009 11-21-2009 9:30am-3pm,
  • Winter Holiday Tournament 2009 12-18-2009 4pm-7pm,
  • Valentine Day Chess 2010-2-13-2010-9:30am-3pm,
  • St. Patricks' Day Tournament 2010-3-6-2010-9:30am-3pm,
  • Spring Break Tournament 2010-4-15-2010-5pm-8pm,
  • Mothers' Day Tournament 2010-5-7-2010-4pm-7pm, 2010
  • Scholastic Year End challenge-6-12-2010-9:30am-3pm.

Global Concepts Charter School is located at 1001 Ridge Road Lackawanna, NY 14218.

Contact Antonio Cirillo at for details.

Arkport Report

The following was forwarded to me from Tom Warner and is originally from Ron Lohrman of the RCC.
The 14th Annual Arkport Open was held as advertised at the Arkport Community Room this past Saturday. Arkport is 5 miles north of Hornell, NY on NY Route 36. There were 27 players in the tournament with two house players available for the byes. Six of the players were rated 2000 or above. As in previous years larger prizes were paid than advertised. A great time was had by all who participated in this premier rated Open Tournament of the Southern Tier. The prize winners with pre-tournament ratings were: Igor Nikolayev (2382) and Andre Kozitsky (2272) sharing 1st/2nd places: $160 each. Top under 1800 were John Manning(1796) and William A. Potts (1777): $83.50 each. Top under 1600 were Mark Wattenberg (1596) and Siddartha Nutulapati (940): $83.50 each. The crosstable is not yet available.

Cousins Conquers Sardinia

**** Update Crosstable ***** Newcomer to the area Robert Cousins(2140) survived a scare from Ryan Madden(1601) and won the Sardinia tournament last Saturday. Madden was an exchange up and had a time advantage but could not hold the position against the expert from New Hampshire. A good effort from the 13 year old! Matt Peck(1581) and Madden tied for 2nd while Mike McDuffie(1119) held Tom Warner(1774) to a draw and won the u1200 prize. Chris Darling went 4-0 and won the Scholastic section. Sam Tillinghast and first timer Kevin Farris also competed. No tournament next month due to the Scholastic tournament in Belmont, NY, so the next Sardinia tournament is Dec.5

October Rated Tournament Jamestown

October Rating Tournament Saturday 10/10/2009
111 West 2nd street
Suite 210 Jamestown, NY
3 Round Swiss System Game/61 USCF Rated
Prizes: 1st- $15 and Top Under 1600- $15
(Based on 8 Players)
Entry Fee $7 Sign up 10:15-10:30 Rounds 10:30, 1, and 3:15 TD. Mark Clark 763-6825 cell 397-5996


Members representing Buffalo at the First Annual Robert C. Johnson Memorial Tournament held at St. Bonaventure University were, in the back row, Father Procyk, Barry Davis, Tom Callea, and Vic Bahl, Front row, Coach Mc Duffie, Miles A. James, and Tournament Director Robert Ferguson. The Buffalo team finished in fifth place. I have invited Tamara Ferguson and Victor Randolph to participate in the October Grand Prix. Tamara was the Open Section Champion and Victor was the U1600 Champion. To register for the October Grand Prix, mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221 with full name, uscf id number, section and telephone number. Advance entry fee $20 vs $30 CASH Only at the door. Online registration to

Sardinia Tournament

Sat. Oct. 3 at the Sardinia Community Center (Town Offices) 12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia 2 Sections: Adults: 3SS, G/60, Rds 10:30am. 1:00pm, 3:00p, EF $20 Prizes per entries Scholastic: G/30, EF: $10 Games start at 1:00pm. Play as many games as possible in 3 hrs! Trophy for 1st. For questions and info Tom Warner 716-496-5230 e-mail

Stiff Southernly Forces

The strong chess teams from the Southern Tier took first through fourth at the Robert C. Johnson Memorial Team Chess Tournament played at St. Bonaventure University this past Saturday.
Bradford, PA carried off the overall trophy for this year with an overwhelming score of 11, a full point-and-a-half ahead of the second place Southtowns, NY team that included Don Hoak, Tom Warner, and John Mauer in the Open section and Ryan Madden, George Tasevski, and Ryan Palmisno in the u1600 section. Two points behind them tied-for-third-place were the Jamestown, NY and Westfield, NY teams. The Buffalo Blizzards represented by NM Barry Davis, Rev. Marijan Procyk, Tom Callea, Michael McDuffie, Vic Bahl, and Miles James finished a respectable fifth.
TD Bob Ferguson ran a fine event on the beautiful St. Bonaventure University campus: A number of people commented on the ivy-clad buildings and the architectural details. Even the food drew applause. The rounds went off as planned, the room was conducive to playing and easily handled the large crowd of 38 players from seven teams that took part in the competition. Bob even took the time to give Charles Ferraro pointers on running future tournaments. Well done, Bob!! Thanks for your efforts and to Charles Ferraro who sent me the news.


*** Update Crosstable now available Twenty four players came out in support of the Daniel R. Acker Memorial Grand Prix.

The results for the STAR SCHOLASTIC SECTION, open to all students K - 12th grades had Partho Bhattacharya(City Honors) and Ryan Madden(Pioneer) tied for First Place with 2.5 points each, 2nd Place William J. Deuschle(Nardin Academy), 3rd Place Miles A. James(Olmstead #64) and 4th Place Dakaylah Winfield(MLK JR.#39).

In the Daniel R Acker Memorial U1500 Section, the winners were First Place - Timothy Pierce and 2nd Place - James P. Davis, Esq. U1500 UPSET LEADERS: Miles A. James 555 pts, Williams J. Deuschle 81 pts, Steve L. Baer 77.5 pts. (Upset points are awarded to the lower rated player who gets a result aginst a higher rated player. It is determined by the full point differential between the winning lower rated player and the higher rated player s/he beat or in the case of a draw half of the points between the lower and higher rated player. )

In the Daniel R Acker Memorial OPEN Section, First Place went to Robert P. Cousins, who recently moved into the WNY area from New Hampshire, 2nd Place was tied between Vance Williams and Harish Srinivasan. Harish earned the U1900 class prize. UPSET LEADERS: Harish Srinivasan 307.5 pts., Ryan Madden 109.5 pts., David M. Biddle 98 pts.

It was nice to see NM Lionel L. Davis again, as he came and gave game analysis to Dakaylah Winfield. Perhaps we might see some of the other top WNY players like IM Kenneth Regan, NM Eddie Mark, experts Mark Clark, Douglas Dubose, and Rev. Marijan Procyk at future events.

We want to thank all of those you attended. To those of you that had the desire to play but were unable to do so this time, our next Grand Prix will be SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2009, MAIN PLACE MALL, 390 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO, NY, SAME FORMAT, DEADLINE FOR ADVANCE ENTRIES IS OCTOBER 14, 2009. All questions and comments with reply to

No Clevehill Chess Knights meeting this Saturday

There will be no Clevehill Knights Chess Club meeting Saturday on 9/19/09 due to the chess tournament at the Mall. Hope to see you next week.