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The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, The Buffalo Teachers Federation, Inc. and The Mc Duffie Family will host the 2014 David W. Mc Duffie PawnMaster Memorial U.S.C.F. Chess Tournament at the Main Place Mall, 390 Main Street, Upper Level, Buffalo NY on Saturday, September 20, 2014. FREE Parking under the Mall, access by the Pearl Street entrance.

David W. Mc Duffie, born and raised in Buffalo, graduate of Hutchinson Technical High School and Fredonia State College, an active USCF Fells Point Chess club player, Maryland State Chess Champion, Baltimore Scholastic Chess Coach and a board member of the Maryland Chess Association. David aka "PawnMaster" died in Baltimore Maryland on Friday, August 24, 2012.

This chess event is a USCF sanctioned, Four games, Game 50, with a 5 second delay, No elimination tournament, players in the Open Section and U1600 section must be a USCF member. Scholastic K-12 Memorial Section is a non rated but USCF rules are enforced and players can be asked to play with a digital chess clock and write algebraic chess notations to prepare them for State and National Championships. ALL CHESS PLAYERS MUST BRING THEIR CHESS SET, BOARD AND DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK!

SECTIONS - OPEN, U1600 AND SCHOLASTIC K-12. PIZZA and REFRESHMENTS provided for all paid tournament players!

ENTRY FEES - OPEN section $25 advance or $35 Cash at the door. U1600 $15 or $25 Cash at the door. SCHOLASTIC - $10 or $15 Cash at the door.

Tournament Schedules - OPEN and U1600 players must report no later than 9am. Games will start at 9:15am. Round 2 starts at 11:30am, Round 3 starts at 1:15pm and Round 3 starts at 3pm. All games must be completed by 5:30pm.

SCHOLASTIC SCHEDULE - All scholastic players must report no later than 9:30am, Games start at 10am, 11am, Noon and 1pm. PIZZA and refreshments will be served around Noon. Chess sets, boards and digital chess clocks are provided for the Scholastic section but it is recommended that the student bring their own chess equipment if they have these items. Trophies are donated by the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Inc. Trophies are awarded after all the games are completed. Parents can provide snacks and beverages for their child during tournament play. Trophies awarded are Champion, Top Female, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and 4th Place.

CASH PRIZES - OPEN SECTION based on 18 players - CHAMPION PLAQUE and $200 Cash, 2nd Place $100, 3rd Place $60, Top U1900 $75. U1600 Section based on 18 players - Champion Plaque and $130, 2nd Place $60 and 3rd Place $30. Trophies and Plaques are donated by the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Inc.

Group, Individual and casual photos are taken of all tournament players during this event.

SAVE THE DATE - FEBRUARY 2015, THE 3rd Annual David W. Mc Duffie Scholastic K-12 Tournament held in Baltimore Maryland with the Maryland Chess Association, each year this event has drawn over 250 students in his honor.

The Archangel 8 Chess Academy and The Mc Duffie Family would like to thank you in advance for all your continued help and support keeping PawnMaster alive and well!

Tell a Friend and Bring a Friend referral chess program. All advance entries must be received by midnight on Thursday, September 18th with full name, section, uscf number and telephone with reply to