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Will you be at UB for the freebie?

This Saturday will be your last chance this school year to earn USCF rating points in the Buffalo-Niagara without paying an entry fee. Can anyone dethrone Rev. Procyk even with a possible 1.5 point head start? For more information see:

Interesting Endgame

Black to move
This position is much more complex than how it looks. If you set up this position with black to move in Fritz, after depth 20 or so, the computer gets the evaluation wrong!!! This is fritz 9 with the use of tablebases!!.
The question is Can Black Draw?
This position was reached in my game against Marijan in the Stella Niagara Quick Open and I was black. I blundered with ...g5 here and resigned the very next move after Marijan played g4 (Zugzwang).
After much analysis I now know the true evaluation of this position. But I leave it to the readers to try and find it with/without computer help. I will post the full analysis in a few days time.
The game can be replayed at view game

Kramnik - Leko (April 24-29, 2007) - 4.5:3.5

Vitali Klitschko, Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Leko and Vladimir Klitschko, (before World Championship match in Brisago, 2004) (chess and boxing see previous post: It will be interesting to watch a rapid match between World Champion and Rapid World Cup Champion. They played 2 matches before. One (rapid) was won by Kramnik 7:5 and another (for the World Champion) ended in a draw 7:7. To see their games and read more info about the newest match go to:
Results: 4.5 - 3.5
1. Kramnik - Leko .5 - .5
2. Leko-Kramnik .5 - .5
3. Kramnik - Leko 1 - 0
4. Leko-Kramnik .5 - .5
For other games in pgn format go to:
R3 & R5 win for Kramnik; R6 win for Leko

2007 Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open Report

The Third Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open took place on Saturday April 21, 2007 and the ratings report is available at All 40 players had fun! And the following ones won: Beginner: 1st-Jacob Bennett 2nd- Rex Herzberg 3rd- Ryan Palmisano Intermediate: 1st-Cody Hennard 2nd- Aaron Mc Duffie, Neil Kasalra, Tyler Smith, Ryan Madden, Ed Basinski Advanced: 1st-Bob Shao 2nd- Nolan Henrie, Benjamin Havey, Partho Bhattacharya, Alex Mieth Quick Open: 1st-Rev. Marijan Procyk and Tom Warner 3rd- Todd Hennard, David Biddle, Evan Ashton, Michael Mc Duffie Special Awards included: 2007 Sportsmanship award to Ayush Jajoo 2007 Tournament Director Award to Tyler Copeland 2007 Most Courageous to Phillip Laugeman

IM Ken Regan Profile

Just in case you did not read this: (scroll down: to the April 16, 2007 posting Player Profile: Kenneth Regan) I enjoyed looking at his 3 games and one of Nimzowitsch:

More Recognition for Our Web Site

Our blog spot received more international recognition recently.
In case, many of you, like me, may have missed our recent recognition on GM Susan Polgar's website, here is the link:

Scholastics Grades 3-5:
First Place, UNDEFEATED and perfect score with 4 points was Randall Beach, Pioneer School Chess Club. Second Place went to Austin Kossow, of Pioneer School Chess Club with 3 points, and tied for Third place were Dakaylah Winfield, Martin Luther King Jr School #39, and Ryan Madden, Pioneer School Chess Club. Scholastics Grades 6-8:
First Place went to Partho Bhattacharya, Sweet Home School. Second Place was garnered by Tyler Smith, Pioneer Chess Club, who defeated Morgan Beach (third place)in a Blitz tie breaker game. Canadian player and a former Scholastic section winner, Ricky Mc Arthur, finished fourth. In the Senator Antoine M Thompson Open Section:
We welcomed back some seasoned veteran players and former members of the Inner City Chess Club including Vance Williams (2092), the top rated player and Champion of the tournament. Tied for Third Place was Douglas Dubose (2021). Vince Woodard (1890) also competed.
Chess players from Bemus Point and the Chautauqua area were also well represented. Tied for First but lost on the tie breaker was Mark Clark (2085). Richard Kalfas (1926) tied for third place and Robert C Johnson (1912) also competed.
Scholastic players of note in the open section include fast improving Evan Ashton (1217), a Clarence School student, who also tied for third place and increased his post tournament rating to 1354. Traveling from Rochester, New York and his first time in the Open section was John L Johnson (1271).
We invite you all to come out and join in with your competitive spirits on Saturday, May 12th, 2007 for the Assemblyman Sam Hoyt Chess Challenge on the second floor of the Main Place Mall in downtown Buffalo, NY. Advance entry fee $20 no later than May 8th. Cash at the door $25.00

Third Annual Stella NIagara Scholastic and Quick Open

Reminder that this Saturday April 21st the Third Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open will be taking place. There will be three scholastic sections and a forth section for adults and very advanced junior players. Cost is only $10 and includes lunch. More info on the event is available at:
So come on out to support local chess either as a competitor, spectator, or to assist me in running the event.
If you are able to do any of those activities, please comment below.

2007 Niagara Falls, Ontario Open Results

The results from 2007 Niagara Falls Open (Canada) are in. Here is the link: I see that Martchenko became a master. He needed only 1 point before the tournament. Congratulations from this side of the border!

Marchand again

Winners at Marchand 2007 from this area: Roy Hamann (4/5) was 2nd in the Under 1800 section and John Dolan and Mark Mieth finished in the three way tie(4/5) for 2nd in the Under 1400. Well I could add one more 2nd, because I received info from Ron with check enclosed that there was 3-way tie for 2nd place in the open section U2200. At least it paid my entree fee this time. When will we start to be 1st?
Dr. Erich W. Marchand, a mathematician. Dr. Marchand had a column in Chess Life, had been President of CCLA, a tournament organizer, officer in USCF, President of the Rochester Chess Club, many times city and state champion and the most active player in America.
* * *
For your enjoyment go to the following link: or press here:

No chess club 4/11/07

Just a reminder to all that NCCC is closed this Wed. 4/11 for spring recess, therefore there is no chess club meeting this Wednesday. We resume next Wed. 4/18, and our last meeting will be May 23rd. That means there are only 6 nights left! So all you chessplayers that haven't been attending, time is running out. Stop in and play a few games while it's still chess weather.

Free April Results

USCF Results link for Free April:
There were a total of 18 players in the Free April Event at UB this Saturday.
Highlights included:
1. an appearance by IM KENNETH W REGAN. He has a lot of interesting ideas and work regarding the use of computer models to determine if a player is cheating by playing computer moves. See March's Chess Life on page 20 and also on his website at
2. REV. MARIJAN PROCYK winning the Rated section despite missing the first 2 of 5 games!
3. Harsh Chandolia's perfect performance in the unrated section and thereby winning the one year membership into the USCF.
4. A new chess doctor? DR. JOHN A FABIAN returned to tournament chess after a long abscence and performed well despite the relatively quick time control of Game/30. Look out if he is sitting across from you in a longer game!
5. The introduction of Mr. Jason Oliphant who drove through the lake effect snows all the way from Northern Pennslyvania to Buffalo to participate in his first over the board event!
6. The top two upsets of 570 and 579 rating points went to the UB students FRANCIS M BUENNAGEL and JONATHAN D KESSLER respectively.

Freebie @ UB, No Wegman's Saturday

The second installment of the Free Rated " Tournaments" at the University of Buffalo Amherst Campus will be this Saturday from 4 to 10 PM. As such there will be no chess club meeting at Wegman's that evening.
The format may be tweaked a bit, so that no rated player would play anyone 400 points lower without the higher rated players consent.

Attention! Attention! Very interresting...

White to move and win!
Check the last comment under a prior post on our blog. You will be glad you did. Just click on the link below: "Puzzle for 3/20/07 ..."

One more about the Marchand

Ah, it looks like I'm the last one to comment on the Marchand. Always a fun tourney, especially when you have positive results. Looks like we all fared pretty well, all had plus scores. I haven't placed in several years-it was good to get that monkey off my back. A last round win (instead of draw) would've given me clear 1st. But it was even game, and I have alot of respect for my opponent's end game. I've known him for 20 years, and seen him many times go into even end games and turn them into wins. So I accept his draw offer, and take the sure thing (2nd place). Here is a link to my 4th round game. It was very interesting how quickly the tide turned in my favor after my inspired 17th move. p.s. love your entry, jd

Marchand Memorials etc. – looking back

It seems that I played in all Marchand Memorials. (Not sure though when the good doctor went for his eternal reward.) My best result was in 2004 when I lost 1 game and won the rest. ALEKS WOJTKIEWICZ was a real gentleman who gave me his autograph on the score sheet of our game, which I will always remember. May his memory be eternal. = Marchand 2004. 42 players 3 wins against: HALCOM RIDDLE (1826->1848), LIONEL L DAVIS (2295->2287), ERIC J LUCE (1980->1987) 1 loss to: ALEKS WOJTKIEWICZ (2666->2663) = Rating: 2115 ->2134 6-9 place with 3.5 points. Gained 19 points. = 27th Annual Marchand Open 2005. 35 players 1 win against: JAMES CLAGUE (1800->1800) 2 draws against: MATTHEW O GREGORY (1874->1875), BRIAN BAMBROUGH 1907->1903) 2 losses to: RONALD W BURNETT (2464->2473),EVEREST TUCKER JR (2023->2030) This time I played all games and it was really bad result. = Rating: 2126 ->2107 20-27 place with 2.0 points. Lost 19 points. = 28th Annual Marchand Open 2006. 40 players 1 win against: JAMES HILTUNEN (1860->1878) 2 draws against: JOSHUA OCHSE (1398P16->1414P20), BRIAN BAMBROUGH (1900->1910) 1 loss to: BEN DEAN-KAWAMURA (2191-2177) = Rating: 2106 ->2091 14-22 place with 2.5 points. Lost 15 points = 29th Annual Marchand Open 2007. 36 players 2 wins against: PATRICK R O'KEEFE (1932->1947), WALTER M BUEHL (1991->1998) 1draw against: DONALD STUBBLEBINE (1855->1873) 1 loss to: ALEXANDER IVANOV (2644-2627) = Rating: 2061 ->2069 10-13 place with 3.0 points. Gained 8 points. = What will the 30th Annual Marchand Open 2008 bring? * * * My worst tournament play was last year. I started the year with 2106 and went down to 2032 losing 74 points. Probably the worst tournament I ever played was 128TH ANNUAL NY STATE CHAMPIONCHIP 2006: 2 draws and 4 losses. I lost 36 points then. After that tournament I started to go up gaining 33 points out of 5 tournaments. It is very slow process to come back where I was after Marchand 2004, 2134 points. Now I understand why players quit the tournament if they play badly – not to lose unnecessary additional points. I wish I could just erase at least one bad result…


Friendly's Restaurant and Archangel 8 Chess Academy 2 Locks Plaza, Lockport, NY 14094 Monday, April 9th, 2007 Register from 5pm till 6pm. Tournament runs from 6pm till 9pm. LIMITED SEATING! Deadline Sunday, April 8th, 2007. Quad Format, Non Rated, Three Rounds, Game 30 Youth in grades 2nd through 8th eligible. Awards to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. Entry Fee $5.00 CASH ONLY at Door. Pre Register at OR

Quiz for 4/2 No April's Fool!

By the standard point system for piece value, White is up the value of one pawn. White to move. Would it be foolish to give back material?

My Marchand Open 2007 by Marijan Procyk

Marchand Open 2007 I was glad I could take part in this tournament. Rochester is a vibrant chess center and I hope we will create something similar in Buffalo one day. At the end, I earned 2 ½ of 4 possible points. I also received a ½ point bye, so my total was 3. Not the result I was looking for, but under the circumstances, it was good tournament for me. = 1 round. Marijan Procyk (2061) - Donald Stubblebine (1845) ½-½ My first game ended in a draw after a hard struggle in which I gave up a pawn and the exchange. My opponent had offered the draw and I accepted, although I would have liked to continue and find out what the verdict in the end might be? = ½ points It was September 14, 1996 when I met over the board ERICH WATKINSON MARCHAND. I won this game, but I liked the variation of the Slav (Noteboom) he played, so I adapted it for myself. Here is the game from that event: = 2 round. Patrick O'Keefe (1859) – Marijan Procyk 0:1 I was able to play one such game using that Noteboom variation, the second one of the tournament, in honor of Dr. Marchand. = 1 ½ points 3 round. GM Alexander Ivanov (2635) – Marijan Procyk 1:0 The highest rated player in this tournament was GM A. Ivanov. Although I was paired against him as black, I felt I was doing ok initially. I thought I was safe going on queenside and playing fast, particularly because he was in time trouble having just 8 more minutes for 12 moves to get to the first time control, but then disaster strikes! Given the rating difference I thought I might lose anyway, but did not think it would be in this way. Normally I would see 19.N:d5. I guess we always learn – not to rush… = 1 ½ points 4 round. I could not play, so - ½ point buy. =2 points 5 round. Marijan Procyk Walter Buehl (1991)
At the end, I decided to go all or nothing in a King's Indian Defense (KID) 4 pawns attack, by sacrificing 2 pawns for an attack. One slip and it would be over for me, but fortunately it turned out in my favor. =3 points I eagerly am waiting for your comments, as these would definitely help me. Thank you.
====================================================== At the end here is an article from GM KENNETH S. ROGOFF, where the name of Dr. Erich Marchand is mentioned. I found it interesting. (Actually I was trying to find a photo of Dr. Marchand, but without a success. Does anybody have his photo?)

Marchand Memories

I again would like to publicly thank Ron and Michael of the RoCHESSter Chess Center for putting on one of the finest Marchand Tournaments in recent years. It was very well done!
My unofficial count had over 10 regulars from Buffalo-Niagara participating. At least three of them came home with money as well as memories by finishing in the top three of the four different sections. Roy Hamann (4/5) was 2nd in the Under 1800 section and John Dolan and Mark Mieth finished in the three way tie(4/5) for 2nd in the Under 1400.
The ratings report is available on online at