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Dear Chess Friends: 

This blog "Buffalo Niagara Chess Corner" was started by Harish Srinivasan in 2006. Since Harish went to Seatle, WA this blog was not used much. 

During some period of time, it was used by Michael McDuffie aka chess ambassador to promote his tournaments. Since Michael now has his own website Archangel 8 Chess Academie this blog stopped functioning again. 

White to play and win
Recently Harish graciously made me an admin, so I will try to revive our chess blog. Thank you, Harish.

There is also a club by the same name "Buffalo Niagara Chess Corner". Again Harish made me the administrator of the club. Thank you!

I invite all members of chess clubs in Western New York to join this blog by clicking here: 
"Buffalo Niagara Chess Corner" and ask to join.

Once we have a certain number of members, we will organize online tournaments on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays, as it was customary to meet on those days.

Hopefully, we will soon return to playing across the board from each other, but until things normalize, we can still play with our friends online. 


Thank you,

Marijan ("Mr. Pro")