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Michael Jackson Memorial

Michael Jackson Memorial Open 4 Rd Swiss System , G/45 Open to all. 157 Cleveland Drive near Highview at the Clevehill Chess club at St. Aloysius in the rear enter through door F. Saturday , July 25, 2009 , rounds:9:30-11:30-1:30-3:30, entry fee: $15 if received by 7-18-09 $5 more at the site , $5 for scholastic players. Prizes: 1st, 2nd and class A, B,C, D and Unrated and Scholastic. Send advanced entries to Old School Chess Enterprises c/o Douglas Dubose 124 Military Road Buffalo , NY 14207 email . No checks accepted at the site , request 1st Rd. bye before Rd.1. All prizes based on 15 entries.

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On the right bar you will now notice a poll where your vote is valuable in introducing some change in the tournaments held in and around Buffalo/Niagara area. The poll ends on July 5th. Please vote for the change that you would most want to see that will encourage you to participate more often in rated tournaments.
Apart from the choices listed, if there are other suggestions, please add your comments to this post.

Buffalo Summer Swiss Results

Eleven players participated in The June Summer Swiss held June 27th at the Clevehill Chess Club. In the Open section Eddie Mark scored a perfect 3-0 score in the 3 round quad format. Second place was taken by Lionel Davis. In the Under 1700 section Ben Havey continued his meteoric rise scoring 3.5 to take 1st place. Second was taken by Matthew Peck. Special thanks to Antonio Cirillo, Bob Arana and Mike Deitzer for their help making this tournament a success. And to all who played thank you for supporting Buffalo Chess. The cross table is at:


Master Of His World Painting by Marion Rose
Saturday, June 20, 2009- Buffalo, NY- 13 players participated and NM Lionel Davis prevailed. Recent 2009 Mayor's Cup Champion Vance Williams took a tumble while scholastic Ben Havey continues to soar (now to 1741)! The full cross table is at


Our new business sponsor Simpson & Simpson PLLC, Patent & Trademark Attorneys and the Archangel 8 Chess Academy will host a monthly college chess league for the remainder of 2009 in the Main Place Mall, Buffalo New York.

The league is designed to discover and provide a venue for chess talent in the local colleges and or those aready in the Buffalo Niagara region. The US Chess Federation has an annual College Championship every August.

The summer Chess league will be from June 20th, July 18th and August 15th, and a Fall session from September, October, November and December. Each month players will play five games, swiss system, game 30 and games will start at 10am. The winner with the most points after 15 games will be declared the winner, Top 10 players will receive awards.

Summer entry fee is $40. Five rounds, Swiss, Game 30. Please register with reply to with full name, current college attending, address, telephone, must show college ID, FOR COLLEGE PLAYERS ONLY!


Michael A. Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador with the Archangel 8 Chess Academy will receive the Daniel Acker Communty Service Award on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at the Buffalo Convention Center, at the Buffalo Branch NAACP Medgar Evers Dinner, which starts at 6:30pm.

Advance tickets only available, no ticket sales at the door. Donation tickets is $50.00, please call 716-834-4982.

Also please pick up your copy of the June 2009 Issue of the WNY Family Magazine, page 10, has a chess article featuring Mc Duffie and the Chess Club of Buffalo, a homeschool chess club which meets at Wegmans - Alberta Drive on every monday morning from 10:15am until Noon.

I wish to say "Thank You" to all of you who have dedicated yourselfs, given of your time, your efforts in helping me teach your children, provide several stable venues where the chess community can enjoy the "Royal Game".

As I receive this award, I will have all of you in my thoughts, all of you in the chess community who continue to support our efforts to provide chess programming to the western new york region.

Several results are showing the fruits of our labor, Samuel E. Santora, 1st Grader with Chess Club of Buffalo and Jacob Meloon, 8yr old, Global Concept Charter Chess Club, are listed in the June Top 100 Chess players in their age group with the US Chess Federation which is published every two months by the USCF. Erik Lubas, the new U1500 Mayor's Cup Undefeated Champion was discovered and participated at the former Kenmore Knights Chess Club, Community Center, Kenmore NY.

Pictured above is Mya, Mya watches her younger brother in Pre K, as we teach him his numbers, letters, chess squares and setting up the chess board, she is our newest member of the Urban Knights Chess Club, which host at least 18 chess players, girls and females, grandmothers, Dr Paul and Attorney James Davis both dedicated chess mentors.



Cross Table

Round Five results were as follows, Harish Srinivasan defeated Charles Lubas, Joshua Rofrano defeated David Miller, Lionel L Davis defeated Benjamin W Havey,, Eddie E Mark III draw Mark Clark, and in the Championship match Vance Williams draws Barry Davis. Vance Williams on tie breaks earns the title as our NEW 2009 Mayor's Cup Champion presented by our first 2007 Mayor's Cup Champion Eddie E. Mark III. Third Place tie was with Eddie E. Mark III, Lionel L Davis and Mark Clark. A total of ten players competed, USCF ratings ranged from 1487 to 2252. Fifty percent of the bracket had USCF ratings of 2019 to 2252.

Our next Grand Prix tournament will be saturday, June 20, 2009, Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo NY, all games will start at 9:30am. Please RSVP your participation with full name, uscf id number, and telephone number to


A heated exchange occured between Barry Davis and Lionel L. Davis again. The claim was presented, USCF office assistance confirmed the claim and the victory was award in favor of Barry Davis. Vance Williams draw with Eddie Mark, Mark Clark defeated Joshua Rofrano, Benjamin Havey continued his draw with Harish Srinivasan, Charles Lubas defeated David Miller.


Board One Vance Williams v. Barry Davis

Board Two Eddie Mark v. Mark Clark

Board Three Lionel Davis v. Benjamin Havey

Board Four Joshua Rofrano v. David Miller

Board Five Harish Srinivasan v. Charles Lubas


The new 2009 U1500 NYS Senator Antoine M. Thompson Section Undefeated Champion is Erik W. Lubas, former Kenmore Knights Chess Club, Kenmore West High School, Kenmore New York.

Erik was also selected by a scholarship committte to receive the TOP SCHOLASTIC AWARD 2009, awarded by Fran & Horace Mc Duffie, Jr., and presented by Aaron J. Mc Duffie, 2007 Mayors Cup U1000 Undefeated Champion. 2nd Place winner was Matthew G. Peck, Third place tie - Partho Bhattacharya, Mike Jocko and James J. Paul.


Today we head into the final day of the Western New York Masters and Class Championships 2009 aka "The Mayor's Cup". The construction didnt seem to hamper spectators from finding us.

Round 4 starts today at 9:30am for the Mayor's Cup FIDE Section. The top four Leaderboard reads as follows, Vance Williams(2098) has 2.5 points, Lionel L. Davis(2252)with 2.0 pts, Eddie E. Mark III(2201)has 2.0 pts, and Barry Davis(2167)also with 2.0pts. I guess, I should hand out more water to keep things cool today.

UPSET LEADERBOARD: Benjamin W. Havey - 277 pts, Charles A Lubas - 266, Vance Williams - 77, Joshua M. Rofrano - 40, Eddie E. Mark III - 25.5 and Barry Davis - 17.

ROUND 4 PAIRINGS start at 9:30am, Buffalo State College - Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo New York.

Board One: Vance Williams vs. Eddie E Mark III

Board Two: Barry Davis vs. Lionel L. Davis

Board Three: Joshua M Rofrano vs. Mark Clark

Board Four: Harish Srinivasan vs. Benjamin W. Havey

Board Five: David S. Miller vs. Charles A. Lubas

FINALS -Round Five will start at 2:30pm.

In the U1500 Antoine M Thompson Section there are two withdrawls, Robert Simpson and Christopher Smith. U1500 Section competition will start today at 10am with the FINALS Round Five at 2pm.

I hope to post the results of Round 4 this afternoon, so stay close or stop in and watch, play some Skittle games. Pictured above is Phartho Bhattacharya skittles with Winfield sisters. Dakayah A. Winfield earned a fifth place medal in the Hal Payne Section. This was her first championship medal, another Urban Knight member.


Global Concept Charter is the 2009 Mayor's Cup K - 6 Champions!

Global Concept Charter also takes the TOP Four of Five winners, Jacob Meloon, Global Concept Charter member is the 2009 Undefeated Mayor's Cup Champion, 2nd Place, Alexander Campbell, 3rd Place, Joseph Matte, 4th Place, Samuel E. Santora from Chess Club of Buffalo, and David E. Primosch, Jr, also from Global Concept Charter.

Upset Leaders were; Alexander Campbell - 420 points, Hunter Weber - 376 points, and David E. Primosch Jr - 148.

In the HAL PAYNE SCHOLASTIC SECTION,The Urban Knights Chess Club members take top four of five winners, William Hawkesworth, Gloria J Parks Community Center and Urban Knight, is the 2009 Mayors Cup Scholastic Champion, 2nd Place, Raemell C. Johnson, Urban Knights and Westminister Charter, 3rd Place, Spencer R. Rhyms, Urban Knights and Westminister Charter, 4th Place, Fadel Abuhamra, Global Concept Charter, and 5th Place, Dakaya D. Winfield, Urban Knights and Martin Luther King Jr #39.

In the Mayor's Cup FIDE section still on going, results so far in round three, Benjamin W Havey(1658) draws Barry Davis(2167)and now Joshua M. Rofrano(1703), Charles Lubas(1487) draws Mark Clark (2019), Joshua Rofrano defeats Harish Srinivasan(1743), Eddie E Mark III(2201) draws Lionel L Davis (2252). Still battling it out are Barry Davis and Eddie E Mark III.

Mayor's Cup FIDE section starts tomorrow at 9:30am and the FINALS at 2:30pm.

U1500 section starts play tomorrow at 10am and the FINALS at 2pm.


WELCOME! SIMPSON & SIMPSON PLLC, Patent & Trademark Attorneys, as a co-sponsor of the Mayor's Cup Class Championships. "You protect your King - We'll protect your invention!"

If you are still waiting for that golden invitation to announce your advance entry, we welcome you to confirm your participation with reply to , please include full name, USCF ID number, USCF rating, section of play, and telephone number.

Please come early as there is alot of construction around the campus. We will be on the second floor of the Campbell Student Union at Buffalo State College, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222 .

FIDE RATED OPEN SECTION, GAME 120, FIVE ROUNDS, SWISS, GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES $300 - $225 AND $150. EF$55 Cash only on site. Games start at 9:30am, 2:30pm, 7:30pm, Sunday at 9:30am and 2:30pm.

U1500 Rated Section. Game 90, Five Rounds, Swiss, Cash Prizes based upon 15 entries, $200 - $100 - $75, EF$45 Cash only on site. Games start at 9:30am, 1:30pm, $5:30pm, Sunday 10am and 2pm.

Jeff White Memorial U1200 Section, Game 90, Five Rounds, Swiss, Cash Prizes based upon 15 entries,EF$35 Cash only onsite, $125 - $90 - $50. Games start at 9:30am, 1:30pm, $5:30pm, Sunday 10am and 2pm.

Scholastic K-12 Section: Five Rounds, Swiss, Saturday only EF$15 Cash only onsite. Entry fee includes Pizza and beverage. Awards for the TOP FIVE Players.

An instructive technique to draw

The first position shown was reached in the game Leko-Anand in the ongoing rapid match between them. Although the material is equal, with the two bishops there could be some tricks. Anand took a very instructive and simple route to draw the game. The technique may be obvious to many, but it was new to me and hence I post it here and hope it will be useful. Anand took on b3. ...Nxb3 and after Bxb3 the second position is a critical one.
Here I think an instructive move Be4! occupying the longest diagnol of your bishop. After this, black sacrificies his other pawn as well and marches his king towards a corner of that long diagnol (in this case a8) and we reach the final drawn position.

Why its draw?
  • King stays on a8 for ever
  • Bishop remain on long diagnol for ever going back and forth
  • Hence, white has no checks !!
  • Any opportunity to exchange the one bishop is known drawn position
  • Among six squares remaining on long diagnol, the bishop can always find a safe square on it, away from opponent king and light squared bishop
** All images are black on bottom since this is blacks perspective.

June Summer Swiss

The June Summer Swiss, June 27,2009 will be held at the Clevehill Knights chess club 157 Cleveland Drive at St. Aloysius school near Century Drive and Highview enter through door F in the rear parking lot. 4-SS, G/60, 4 SECTIONS OPEN, UNDER 1700, SCHOLASTIC AND NON-RATED EF:(Open, U 1700 sections $30 if received by 6-20-09 , $5 more at the site.) (Scholastic section $5) ( non-rated section $15) Cash prizes based on 15 entries in all sections except Scholastic (Trophies for 1st and 2nd in Scholastic section) Rds.9:30-12-2:15-4:30 , registration 8:30-9:15am Please email me with USCF ID#, rating and the section you wish to play in at or call (716)836-4364 , send advanced entries to Old School Chess Enterprises c/o Douglas Dubose 3587 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga, NY 14215. No checks accepted at the site! No refunds! 1/2 point bye available if requested before the start of round 1, no entries after round 1.