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Sardinia Quick Chess Tournament

Sat. Jan 3, 1-4pm At the Sardinia Community Center(Town Hall),12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia NY 2 sections: Adults: 3SS, G29,EF $20, Rds 1,2,3 pm. Prizes based on entries Scholastic: Round Robin-Play as many games as possible in 3 hrs! EF $10,Trophy for 1st place. All Scholastic players will receive a prize! For info call Tom Warner 716-496-5230 E-mail

Happy New Year

With this my last win online in 2008 I wish you Blessed New Year 2009 and many chess victories. Marijan

With Much Thanks!

Jeff White's wife-Mrs. Candy White being presented with a check for the Scholarship Fund for the children of Jeff White
by Dr. Mark Mieth at this evening's Niagara Falls Chess Club meeting at the Niagara Falls Wegmans.
Long time member of the NFCC-William Storr is in the foreground
Not only was the JWM3 chess event this past Saturday a great time for the players and spectators but also it was quite a success in raising donations for the Scholarship Fund for the Children of Jeff White. Jeff was survived by three children- Nicole who is studying at Buffalo State, Alex who is a senior at Niagara Falls High School, and Jordan who is in the 5th Grade. All tolled over $500 dollars were raised this year. Thank you one and all.
The following is the list (in alphabetical order) of those who contributed:
  • Grandmaster Level ($50 and higher)
  1. Douglas DuBose
  2. Ms. Deborah Miller
  3. Rev. Marijan Procyk
  4. IM Ken Regan
  5. "the chessdoctor"
  • International Master Level ($25 and higher)
  1. Mr. Vic Bahl
  2. The Dolan Family
  3. The Havey Family
  4. Dr. Johnston
  5. Mr. Bob Simpson
  6. Mr. William Storr
  • National Master Level ($20 level)
  1. Mr. Tom Warner
  • Candidate Master Level ($10)
  1. Mr. Mark Clark
  2. Dr. James Paul
  3. Mr. Harish Srivivasan

Chess on the night before the night before?

Because the normal night for chess this Wednesday is Christmas Eve, is there any interest in playing chess tomorrow Tuesday 12/23 at the Niagara Falls Wegmans instead? Anyone up for a game or two and some last minute shopping? Perhaps go over Marijan's games from this weekend? If so comment below.

E.O.C. Christmas Open cancelled

The EOC Christmas Open which was scheduled for Saturday, December 27, 2008 has been cancelled due to state budget cuts. All advanced entries will be refunded.
The next "Old School" event will be 1-31-09.



JWM3 Results

Scene of the Award Ceremony for the Scholastic Section from this year's Jeff White Memorial Event.
In the front row far left holding his trophy is Third Place winner Ravo Root, while the far right trophy holder is Shakyle Topps.
In the center holding his big trophy is First Place Winner Christopher Darling.
The adults in the back row (from left to right) are IM Ken Regan, The WNY Chess Ambassador- Michael Mc Dufffie,
and Tournament Director Dr. Mark Mieth
Many chess players , parents, and spectators braved this weekend's weather to attend The Third Annual Jeff White Memorial this past Saturday at Buffalo's Main Place Mall. Winning the coveted Jeff White Memorial Trophy with a performance rating of 2552 was International Master Brian Hartman (2441). He was undefeated and his only blemish was a round 3 draw with last year's winner International Master Ken Regan(2411). IM Regan was second while third place was captured by rising Canadian scholastic player Aquino Inigo (2045). The Open section was won by Aquino's father-Inigo Assaripallam (2032 Canadian) who after taking a mandatory 1/2 point bye in the first round, as he was late in registering, won all 3 of his games. Sharing 2nd-4th place were Tom Warner (1765), Harish Srinivasan (1743) and David Miller(1600). Erik Lubas (1314) was another player to win all of his games at this event and took home Top Honors in the U1450 Section. Sharing 2nd -4th place in this section were rising scholastic player Ryan Madden (1352), Brady Shannon (1081), and Steven Baer (1076). The most wins by any player this weekend was Pioneer Chess Club member Christopher Darling (516) who won all 6 of his games in the double round robin Scholastic Section. Second was Shakyle Topps (648) , Third- new player Ravo Root, and the fourth player in the Scholastic Section was Shaka Davis (292). Davis, however, did win the Fighting Spirit and also the Sportmanship Titles at this event.

    Shaka Davis being awarded a new digital clock as the winner of the "Fighting Spirit" and Sportsmanship Awards.

  • JWM3 Invitational
  1. IM Brian Hartman (2441) 3.5/4
  2. IM Ken Regan (2411) 3/4
  3. Aquino Inigo (2045) 2.5/4
  4. NM Matt Parry (2262) 2/4
  5. Steven Dygert (2105) 2/4
  6. NM Lionel Davis (2232) 1.5/4
  7. Mark Clark (2026) 1/4
  8. Rev. Marijan Procyk (2073)0.5/4
  • Open
  1. Inigo Assaripallum (2032) 3.5
  2. David Miller (1600) 3/4
  3. Tom Warner (1765) 3/4
  4. Harish Srinivasan (1743) 3/4
  5. Evan Ashton (1743) 2.5/4
  6. Josh Rofrano (1679) 2.5/4
  7. Albert "Pat" Patterson (1731) 2/4
  8. John Dolan (1365) 2/4
  9. Daniel Johnston (1610) 1.5/4
  10. James Paul (1279) 1.5/4
  11. Tom Callea (1320) 1.5/4
  12. David Biddle (1504) 1.5/4
  13. Michael Mc Duffie (1123) 1
  14. Ben Havey (1504 ) 0.5/4
  • U1450
  1. Erik Lubas (1314) 4/4
  2. Ryan Madden (1352) 3/4
  3. Brady Shannon (1081) 3/4
  4. Steven Baer (1076) 3/4
  5. Don Gregory (1352) 2/4
  6. James Davis (1389) 2/4
  7. Vic Bahl (655) 2/4
  8. Trevor Cohn (733) 1.5/4
  9. Ryan Palmisano (895) 1/4
  10. Nathan Palmisano (681) 1/4
  11. Austin Kossow (770) 1/4
  • Scholastic
  1. Chris Darling (516) 6/6
  2. Shaklee Topps (648) 4/6
  3. Ravo Root -NEW 1.5/6
  4. Shaka Davis 0.5/6

Will there be a White out?

Please note that if there is a driving ban in place for Buffalo or Erie County this Saturday morning then there will be no chess event at the Main Place Mall. How ironic would that be that the White Memorial would be "whited out"! Arrangements to reschedule the event would then be forthcoming. Stay tuned and pray that the snow (as forecasted) is done by Friday evening so the road crews can then clear the highways and byways in time for chess.
This is the latest forecast for Buffalo from the Weather Channel.
Dec 19 Today Snow will be heavy at times along with gusty winds. Snowfall rates of an inch or more per hour. High 24F. Winds ENE at 25 to 35 mph. Additional snow accumulating 6 to 10 inches. Dec 19 Tonight Mainly cloudy with snow showers around before midnight. Low 16F. Winds NE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 50%. Snowfall around one inch. Dec 20 Tomorrow Cloudy. NO SNOW. High 22F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Dec 20 Tomorrow night Cloudy with snow developing after midnight. Low around 20F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 90%. Some snow accumulation possible.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Entry fee: 3 CANNED goods to be donated to the Food Bank of WNY.

Clarence Public Library

3 Town Place

Clarence, NY

Check in between 5:30pm till 6pm.

Games start at 6pm. USCF memberships must be current.

Play 4 to 5 games depending upon time allowed. Must be out of library at 9pm.

Please bring chess board, chess set, (optional-chess clock)

Advance registration to, sign in and register for this event, with full name, USCF ID Number, USCF rating, expiration date and contact number. Thanks for your continued support. Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador WK Kellogg Foundation, Kellogg Fellow

Buffalo Bob Best in the Nation!

I just received this email from Bob Shao's father. Bob is the former two time Buffalo Scholastic Player of the Year. He just won the 9th Grade section at the USA Nationals in Florida. Way to go Bob!
Dear Dr. Mieth, Long time no see, hope all are going well with you. Over this summer, Bob Shao and the rest of my family have moved from Buffalo to Houston. Bob has done well in his high school as a freshman, and continued to play chess. To share with you the latest chess news about him: Last month, he has won the Texas State 9th grade championship; Over this past weekend in Orlando, Florida, he just became the 2008 9th grade National Champion as a clear first place winner. Above is a bit blurred photo taken yesterday during the award ceremony. The following is the link for the final standing of 2008 Natinoal K-12 Grade Championships: He has always appreciated his chess root stated from Buffalo area, and the fact of his first tournament in 2007 Free April organized by you. He still constantly checks the Buffalo/Niagara chess corner and pays attention to the news over there, and especially feels closely connected with many players he has competed and be friended with. Best wishes for the succes of coming 2008 JWM tournament, and happy Christmas! Sincerely, Sam Shao

Pillsbury's Brain

I found this article interesting, I hope you do too.
H. N. Pillsbury was actually the first player that I studied. I went over 100 of his games. ... Pillsbury's Brain

N versus B

This is an interesting batle between N & B. How accurate was it?

2008 Jeff White Memorial Tournament

Get ready to watch or play some great chess for a good cause! Next Saturday 12/20 at the Main Place Mall The Third Annual Jeff White Memorial event will take place.
This year the coveted Jeff White Memorial Trophy will be contested by 8 top players in a closed invitational section. They are:
  1. IM Ken Regan (2411)-2008 Buffalo Mayor's Cup and 2007 Jeff White reigning champion
  2. IM Brian Hartman (2441) - invited guest from Canada
  3. NM Matt Perry (2297) -2008 NYS High School Champion
  4. NM Lionel Davis (2232) -10 time Buffalo Grand Prix champion or co-champion within the past 12 months
  5. Marijan Procyk (2094) 2 time Buffalo Grand Prix champion or co-champion within the past 12 months
  6. Stephen Dygert-(2085) promising scholastic player from Rochester.
  7. Aquino Inigo (2045p) -Canadian rising junior and November 2008 Buffalo Grand Prix co-champion.
  8. Mark Clark- (2026) many times Jamestown Champion
All others can compete in the following sections:
U1450 and
Jeff White Memorial Scholastic
OPEN and U1450 Sections are Game/45 with ROUNDS AT 9:30AM, 11:15AM, 1:30 PM, and 3 PM. ENTRY FEE $10.00 with CASH PRIZES for 1st- 2nd and 3rd BASED UPON ENTRIES Registration 830-915AM.
JEFF WHITE MEMORIAL SCHOLASTIC SECTION is Game/30 with Rounds at 930AM, 1045AM, 1215 PM, and 130 PM ENTRY FEE $5.00 with TROPHIES FOR 1ST, 2ND AND 3RD PLACE WINNERS. Trophy Presentation at 245PM. ( Tiebreaks will be determined by performance score.)
  • On site registration is from 830-915. One ½ point bye available if requested prior to Round 3. All entries after 915 AM will be forced to take a 1/2 point first round bye. You could also either post a comment below indicating your intent to play below or email me at with your name USCF ID # and section you wish to play. Remember Round One for all sections begins at 930 AM.
  • $5 of each entry fee will go to the scholarship contributions of the children of Jeff White. He was the recently deceased president of the Niagara Falls Chess Club and a great friend of chess.

Jamestown Rated Tournament this Saturday

I just received the following from Mr. Mark Clark of the Jamestown Chess Club:
The Jamestown Chess Club will by holding a Rating Tournament Saturday at the Jamestown Boys & Girls Club on Allen Street in Jamestown, NY. There will be an Entry Fee of $2 for the rating fee. Play will be Game/30. Registration starts at 10:30 but play goes till 3PM. Mark Clark

Newly established East Aurora Monthly Chess Club

Tonight, The East Aurora Monthly Chess Club was established at the East Aurora Public Library, 550 Main Street, East Aurora, NY 14052. It will meet every second Tuesday of the month. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 6pm.

Along with me, Paul Kielich, a US Chess Federation member, will be Co-Directors of the club. Today we want to welcome: Paul Kielich, his son- Noah Cosimano, Isabella Koch, Tristan Koch and Nick Corie. All of these new members came out eager and ready to learn and play.

Mom and Dad Koch also watched their children pick up the game after their first chess lessons.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the promotion of the game of chess in East Aurora, NY.

Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador WK Kellogg Foundation, Kellogg Fellow

Paul Kielich, Co-Director, USCF Member

Riverside Chess Club

The Riverside Chess Club will be meeting every Tuesday of the month at the Riverside Public Library 820 Tonawanda Street, Buffalo, NY from 5-7 pm. Contact Glenn Luba at 875-0562 or Douglas Dubose at 836-4364 for more information.

Warner Wins in Sardinia

Tom Warner won the Quick (G29) chess tournament held in Sardinia Dec 6th. He won all 3 games, defeating Ryan Palmisano, Ryan (mad dog) Madden, and then Pat Patterson in a close game when Patterson's time ran out. Patterson took second, while Madden won the u1500 prize and Palmisano the u1000. Other players were Robert Becker, Carl Raymore, Austin Kossow, and Dillon Smith.

In the scholastic section Nathan Palmisano was perfect,winning all 6 games. Brothers Wes and Chris Darling finished tied for second/third with 3. Other players were newcomers Carl Raymore, John Beyer, and Jakob Thomas.

Next tournament Jan. 3. See you there!


A new chess club in the Buffalo-Niagara Region will open its doors on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at the East Aurora Public Library on Main Street in East Aurora, NY.

Beginners are welcome to join and have chess lessons scheduled.

Time: 6pm until 8pm

Meets every second tuesday of the month. Please pre-register by or

Please bring chess sets, chess clocks and chess boards.

Thanks, Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador WK Kellogg Foundation, Kellogg Fellow


Saturday, December 27, 2008
Borders Bookstore - Orchard Park NY Rt 219 and Milestrip Road (Quaker Crossing Plaza)

Register: 12:30pm until 1pm

Games and Group lessons start at 1pm until 4:30pm.

Group lesson fee is $5.00 per player per session.

Please bring Chess Set, Chess board and scoresheets. Optional Chess Clock.

Advance registration to with full name, age, grade and school. Thanks for your continued support and participation.

Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador <[>W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Kellogg Fellow


Thirteen donors came out to support this tournament series.

Clarence Public Library, 3 Town Place, Clarence NY.

Round One results had First Place - Gary A. Boye, renewed USCF 1674, OPEN SECTION.

Scholastic Turkey Section; First Place Tie - Chase Gifford and David E. Primosch Jr., both from Global Concepts Charter Chess Club, Third Place Tie - Preston Gifford, Olmstead School and Newcomer Jacob P. Frederiksen, Transit Middle School.

Beginners Club welcomed Clare, Liam Sharkey and parents for chess lessons. We want to thank them for their donations to the "Cause".

Round 2 will be Thursday, December 11, 2008, games start at 6pm until 8:45pm. Advance registration by email to no later than Wednesday, December 10, 2008 with full name, uscf id number, uscf rating and expiration date. Entry fee: Three CANNED GOODS to be donated to FOOD BANK OF WNY.

Please bring Chess Set, Chess Board, Optional Chess Clock and Scoresheets. Thanks to all who came out to support this effort to help those in need. Keep the "Faith" and join us next Thursday, December 11, 2008.





Registration:5:30pm until 6pm

Games will start at 6pm, will try to get in at least 4games during the 6 - 8:45pm Must be out of the library by 9pm.


For more info about this wonderful charity organization see

Please pre-register by email to Every thursday during the month of December. Just one way to help those families in need during the holiday season. If you can't play just drop off your donation. Register with full name, USCF ID number, USCF Rating and contact number.

Next tournament dates are Thursday, December 11th, and December 18th, 2008. Please bring chess boards, chess sets, and chess clocks, notations are optional.


Thanks for all your continued support.

Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

WK Kellogg Foundation and Kellogg Fellow

Sardinia Quick Chess Tournament

Saturday Dec. 6, 1-4pm. At the Sardinia Community Center,12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia NY

Two sections: Adults: 3SS, G/29,EF $20,Prizes per entries,Rds 1,2,3pm

Scholastic: Round Robin, Play as many games as possible in 3 hrs! EF $10.Trophy for 1st. All scholastic players will receive a prize!

For info call Tom Warner 716-496-5230 e-mail