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Sardinia Tournament this Saturday

Sardinia Tournament Sat. April 2 At the Sardinia Community Center(Town Hall),12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia NY 2 sections: Adults: 3SS, G45, EF $10, Rds.:11am,1pm,2:30pm. $50 first prize guaranteed! Scholastic: 1-4pm Round Robin-Play as many games as possible in 3 hrs! EF$5, Trophy for 1st place. All Scholastic players will receive a prize! For info call Tom Warner 716-560-4160 E-mail


Update ..... Crosstable
The Shamrock Open, a USCF open rated chess tournament hosted a total of 46 players and we still continued to attract new players. Former Senator Antoine Thompson has launched a new website - and they have asked The Archangel 8 Chess Academy to contribute Chess information and Chess news of interest. The Archangel 8 Chess Academy wants to say a special thanks to the volunteer parents, who helped with serving lunch to the chess players.

The results of the Urban Queens Section, unrated for females and new tournament players hosted 10 chess players. We want to welcome new comers Corey Spencer from the Lockport Knights Chess Club, Nicole Thompson and Quentin T. Johnson from the Gloria J Parks Chess Club.

The results are Champion - DaRon Lipscomb, member of the Gloria J Parks Chess Club and cousin to Joshua and James Hampton, from the East High Dark Knights Chess Team, 2nd Place - Dylan Teague, December 2010 Champion, Lockport Knights Chess Club, 3rd Place - Laura E. Cohn and 4th Place Ruby Soudant both are members of the Urban Knights and Gloria J Parks Chess Club. There was a three way tie for 3rd Place with Laura E. Cohn, Ruby Soudant and Corey Spencer. Kudos to Laura Cohn, 2nd grader had a draw against DaRon Lipscomb in the final game where she traded off his Queen, Rook and captured his Bishop with her lone King. Also Alexis Schlaak, Kindergartener defeated her brother Matthew Schlaak, 2nd grader both are members of The Chess Club of Buffalo, checkmated him with a Rook, King and Queen in the middle of the chess board to claim the family title. If you remember from January, Ruby Soudant, Mattew Schlaak, Alexis Schlaak and Laura E. Cohn, traveled to Pittsford, New York and claimed the title of the 2011 K-2nd Champions at the Harley School Scholastic Championship.

In the SHAMROCK K-12 Section drew 11 players and had a new Champion - Kevin S. Lyle, Niagara Falls, NY Chess Club, wears his red cap proudly, had previous been playing in the U1500 section and defeated his brother Reagan Lyle for the family title, 2nd Place - Kevin Roulhac, member of the Urban Knights and Gloria J Parks Chess Club, earned his 3rd trophy in 4 tournaments, 3rd Place - Zachary Madden, Pioneer Chess Club brother of Ryan Madden, and 4th Place - Todd Thompson both are Coached by Thomas Warner. We want to welcome Maxwell Peters and Bradley Schrock to the Buffalo Chess scene.

In the SHAMROCK U1500 Section, we hosted our first trio of "Urban Queens" in a 13 player rated section. The trio Queens were newcomer Nicole Capodagli, Diane M. Ruminski and Rose Warner. To encourage other females to join the chess community, we now will feature The "Top Female" Award Trophy, which was won by Diane M. Ruminski, member of the Urban Queens and Knights Chess Club. Nicole defeated Diane but in the final round, Diane checkmated Rose along the H-file, with the Queen-Rook battery. Rose Warner was the Co Champion of the Urban Queens section in the Presidents Day Tournament and played in the 33rd Marchand Open in Rochester, NY.

The final results were Attorney James P. Davis, member of the Urban Queens and Knights Chess Club and Vinay Sharma, Canadian 8th grader and Presidents Day U1500 Champion in February 2011.

Kudos to Trevor D. Cohn and Samuel E. Santora, Scholastic players who represented the Buffalo area in the NY State Scholastic Chess Championship in Saratoga Springs, NY. In 2010 Trevor finished with 4 pts, placed 12th and finished 5th Place and earning an individual trophy this year, Samuel place 29th in 2010, finished 19th place in the 2011 NYS Scholastic Championships. Both are members of the Urban Knights, Chess Club of Buffalo and Samuel is a member of Niagara Falls Chess Club.

There was a three way tie for 3rd Place with Trevor D. Cohn, 7th grader at Kenmore Middle, Michael Skok and Steve L. Baer.

UPSET LEADERS were Trevor D. Cohn with 410 pts, Vic Bahl - 227 pts, Michael Skok - 139.5 pts, Diane M. Ruminski - 38 pts, Steve L. Baer - 20 pts and Vinay Sharma - 19 pts.

In the SHAMROCK OPEN Section 12 players join the tournament. The new undefeated Champion - National Master Barry Davis and 2nd Place - Mark Clark, National Master from Jamestown Chess Club. There was a 3 way tie for the U1900 prize was Eric Lubas, Kenmore West student, played in the Open section of the 33rd Marchand Open, Harish Srinivasan and USCF returnee Kelly Allen.

Top Upset Leaders were Attorney Randy H. Gugino with 359 pts, Kelly Allen - 258 pts, Eric W. Lubas - 120.5 pts, Harish Srinivasan - 119.5 pts, David S. Miller - 44 pts, and David M. Biddle 9.5 pts.

SAVE THE DATE - 2011 5TH ANNUAL MAYOR'S CUP INTERNATIONAL CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS, featuring International Master, Kenneth W. Regan, Ph.D, 2008 and 2010 Mayor's Cup Champion, will take place at Buffalo State College, Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY on Friday, June 3rd, June 4th and June 5, 2011. The new format of a 3 day, 7 rounds, Swiss, Game 120, FIDE and USCF rated Championship. The U1500 Section will be a 2 day, 5 rounds, Swiss and The Scholastic K-12 Championships will be ONLY be held on Saturday June 4, 2011, a 5 rounds, Swiss, Game 30. More details to follow in the April Chess Life magazine or you can email reply to There are early discounted entry fees for the early entries. Returning Sponsors are Buffalo State Student Affairs department, Simpson & Simpson, LLC and Willie Hutch Jones Sports and Educational Sports Clinics. Other sponsorships are still available for business and advertisement opportunities. Please invite other Chess players and friends to come out and join us for this annual event.

Thank you for all your help and cooperation in helping us grow the Buffalo Chess community.

Submitted by Mc Duffie, USCF Chief Tournament Director and Chess Ambassador


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Main Place Mall, Upper level, 390 Main St, Buffalo, NY. Hosted and presented by Buffalo Fire Commissioner, Garnell W. Whitfield, Jr., inconjunction with The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation, the governing body of Chess in the United States.

The Shamrock tournament will be a 4 Rounds, Swiss, Game 50, USCF Open rated Chess tournament. USCF membership is required. Registration must report by 9:15am. Game schedule starts at 9;45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm and 3pm.

Online discounted entry registration with reply to, with full name, USCF id number, section of play and telephone number, no later than midnight on Friday, March 18th, Entry fee is $25 or $35 Cash only at the door.

GUARANTEED CASH PRIZES ARE: OPEN $150 & $80, U1900 $75, U1500 $60 & $50.

In the Whitfield Jr Star Scholastic & URBAN QUEENS K-12 Section, is a 5 Rounds, Swiss, Game 30, USCF rated tournament. All Scholastic players must report no later than 10:30am, Games start at 11am. PIZZA and refreshments are provided to all tournament players.

Advance entry fee $10 or $15 Cash only at the door. For advance online registration, please reply with full name, USCF Id number and telephone, no later than Friday, March 18th to

Trophies awarded to the Top 4 and Top 3 Urban Queens to follow immediately.

The Presidents Day/Valentine's Day Tournament results were late because my laptop crash due to a virus. Here are the results from the Urban Queens - Michelle Obama Section were 1st Place Champion - Kevin Kovacs, from the new Lockport Knights Chess Club, 2nd Place Laura Cohn and 3rd Place DaRon Lipscomb. Other participants were Eliza Conyers, Chinmayi Krishnan, Tomescia Weissinger and Isabelle Longfellow, a new member of the Gloria J Parks Chess Club and City Honors student.

In the Whitfield STAR SCHOLASTIC Section were fourteen players and the winners were as follows, 1st Place Champion, Karl D. White, East High Dark Knights, Austin Will, Pioneer, 3rd Place Zachary Madden, Pioneer and 4th Place Wes Darling, Pioneer.

In the Sweetheart U1500 Section of 15 players were 1st Place Undefeated Champion - Vinay Sharma, 8th grader from Canada and 2nd Place James Paul, MD. a member of the Urban Knights Chess Club.

In the President Obama Open Section of ten players were repeat 1st Place Co-Champions, National Master Lionel L. Davis and National Master Barry Davis. I wanted to welcome newcomer from the U1500 section to the Open section, Attorney, Randy Gugino, Esq.

If you have any questions or comments please reply to

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chief U.S.C.F. Tournament Director

Dubose, Clark, Santora win in Sardinia

Doug Dubose, playing in his first tournament in over a year, tied for 1st with Jamestown expert Mark Clark in Sardinia last Saturday. Doug, who is "getting ready for the Mayor's Cup" in June, won all 3 games while Mark upset Barry Davis in round 3 as in a completely winning position Barry hung a rook! I think we can all say, been there, done that! Austin Kossow and Sam Santora split the u1500 prize.

Sam Santora won the schoastic section for the 2nd month in a row by going undefeated 6-0. Chris and Wes Darling, Todd Thompson, Luke Grisanti, Max Peters, and Anderson Miles also participated.

Next tournament April 2nd Don't forget the Marchand this weekend. Lets help support our Rochester friends!

Sardinia Tournament this Saturday

Sat. March 5 At the Sardinia Community Center(Town Hall),12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia NY 2 sections: Adults: 3SS, G45, EF $10, Rds.:11am,1pm,2:30pm. $50 first prize guaranteed! Scholastic: 1-4pm Round Robin-Play as many games as possible in 3 hrs! EF$5, Trophy for 1st place. All Scholastic players will receive a prize! For info call Tom Warner 716-560-4160 E-mail