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Chess & Boxing?

Just in case you did not see this about Klitschko brothers who are also avid chess players.


  1. Humm, I wonder why Marijan found this interesting? Perhaps that the pugilists are Ukrainian?

    Actually there has been quite an association between chess and boxing. There is even a new sport called chess-boxing in which the contestants box against each other for a round, then play speeed chess for the equivalent of a round, then return to the boxing and so on until one of them is knocked out or check mated. Apparently the best competitors are the better chess players not the better boxers.

    To think, I have a hard enough time trying to come up with a good move even without the problem of being punched. Next time I can't think of a good move against Marijan, maybe I'll just punch him in the head!

    Do you go directly to hell if you punch a priest?

  2. On your last question: You could find out, or should I leave the town. I like to go to Australia... (after Marchand)