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Wegmans Saturday Signup Sheet

In order to decrease the chance that players may show up on Saturdays or Wednesdays and find that no one else is there to play, please comment below if you plan on attending.


  1. Do you guys still play at Wegmans on Military Rd. on Weds.? I went 9/23/15 but nobody there. - Roy (please respond to:

  2. We stopped for a summer and did not restart. We are Wednesday and Saturday at Wegman - Sheridan and Evans

  3. Chess Enthusiasts,

    We will be coming to chess at Wegman's tonight,
    Saturday, January 21st at about 6:50 pm to play chess.
    I suspect we will have the usual suspects there as
    well, including George, Marijan, Adam, John and others.

    Please join us and post your intentions here.

    We play on the 2nd floor of the Food Court, on the far
    left side as one goes up the stairs. If you get there
    early, please grab a table or two as they can get filled.

    Thanks much and see you there.


  4. Are you still active at the time and location? Is the public, especially, the young public welcome? I am a chess coach at the Elmwood Village Charter School in Allentown. For the benefit of my families, I am trying to create the most authoritative calendar of open chess events in Erie and Niagara Counties. Given your distance from our school, the time of day (runs a little late for K-8 students, which is all we have), I don’t imagine that you’d get many visitors from among our members, but that is not my call: I report, they decide!

    1. We meet Saturday and Wednesday at about 7 PM. Usually there are a few players who attend. Obviously it is somewhat late for K-8.

      For your info: There is2017 Mother's Day Tournament, May 6th at Buffalo Seminary. look at: It is not updated yet, but you could contact Mr. Cirillo.

    2. So noted, and added at! TY!

    3. We end about 10 PM (cleaning time), but sometimes we are longer.

      Check also 14 Holy Helpers. They were meeting Saturdays at 11 AM till 1 PM,in the church hall on Indian Church Rd and Union, but they are transferring to Friday 7-10 PM.

  5. Wondering if chess corner still active at Wegmans on sheridan-evans ?

  6. We come Saturday and Wednesday around 7, but not many of us

  7. Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are not playing at this time. Hopefully we will return soon. Thank you!