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Chess on the night before the night before?

Because the normal night for chess this Wednesday is Christmas Eve, is there any interest in playing chess tomorrow Tuesday 12/23 at the Niagara Falls Wegmans instead? Anyone up for a game or two and some last minute shopping? Perhaps go over Marijan's games from this weekend? If so comment below.


  1. Would like to, but there is no way.
    You do not want to go over my games. 1. Undermatched. 2. Incorrect move order at 6th move in Noteboom (!) 3. just gave a point as a Christmas gift. 4. Even refused draw, but had to offer myself... See you after Christmas. Have a good one.

  2. I'll be there most likely
    around 6:30 pm-ish and will
    see if Dave wants to come with

    Also, I'll see if Tom Callea is
    interested in participating.


  3. I just wanted to add, for those
    that are possibly not monitoring
    their e-mail, Bob Simpson and
    Barry Davis will also be at
    Wegmans this evening.


  4. Sorry, I got mixed up with my calculation. I had forgotten that I am leaving late this evening to Chicago. I wont be able to be there today.

  5. Count me in for Tuesday at Wegmans.
    Bill Storr

  6. I plan on coming. - Tom C.