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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! Starting the year out with a bang, thirty eight players came out to help us celebrate the Inaugural of Barack Obama and the Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. The full cross table is available by clicking the following link: Also we have established a Buffalo Grand Prix. After every Buffalo Grand Prix event, players will earn points towards prizes at the end of the year. The total number of points earned are the same points you score during tournament play. Prizes will be determined later. If you have any suggestions to make tournament play better and increase our attendance, please comment at

The Buffalo District School Board Representative Pam Cahill Scholastic Section, featured eight players. In first place was Christopher Darling who won all 5 games. Second place went to Dakaylah Winfieldand, third place went to new comer Andrew Joslyn, while 4th through sixth went, in order went to Shakyle E. Topps, Nathan Palmisano and Wesley Darling.

In the U1450 Senator Antoine M Thompson Section, there was a first place tie between William M Rich and Christopher Sherry. Tying for 3rd through 6th were James P. Davis, Esq., Terrence Adams, Ryan Madden, and James J Paul, MD. We welcomed back Terrence Adams from Saratoga, NY and scholastic player William Deuschle from Nardin Academy. New comers to this section were Christopher Sherry from Rochester, NY, and Christopher Smith from the Urban Knights Chess Club. Upset leaders were: Terrence Adams (187.5 pts.), Partho Bhattacharya (165 pts), William J. Deuschle (164 pts), William M Rich (62 pts), Christopher Sherry (38), and Erik W. Lubas (19).

In the Obama - MLK Jr. Open Section also had a first place tie between NM Lionel L. Davis, and scholastic player Aquino Inigo from Canada. NM Barry B. Davis, and Inigo Assaripallam -Aquino's father from Canada tied for 3-4th place while the top U1700 honor went to Chester T. Fell. Upset leaders were Michael A. Mc Duffie (551), Pierce A. Cummings (445), David M. Biddle (398), Chester T. Fell (100), Aquino Inigo (93.5), David S. Miller (66) and Josh M. Rofrano (8). We welcomed back Pierce A. Cummings, Chester T. Fell, Gary A. Boye, and Patrick T. Robinson to this section.

Thanks to all who came out and continue to support the chess community. The next Archangel chess tournament will be on Saturday, February 21, 2009, Main Place Mall - Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo NY. FREE PARKING UNDER THE MALL! Advance registration also to

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Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador WK Kellogg Foundation Kellogg Fellow

Special prayers for my mother who received a kidney transplant last Friday and is now recovering at home.


  1. Lionel (and Inigo), congrats on the first-place tie.

    I'm back in Buffalo thru Tuesday. Please shoot me an e-mail (regan AT cse DOT [shaggy beast] DOT edu, or just Google my full name to find my contact info), or just write back here. I'm free tomorrow (Monday) evening from 6:30 onward, say until 9, that way we can play two G/30s. Also please confirm that by "Langston Hughes Center" you mean this place at 25 High Street.

    I would have liked to publicize this Inaugural-connected mini-match, but actually I was in doubt about coming back from Montreal until midday Friday.

  2. Ken, Lionel,

    Let us know what this event is
    and what time (and location)
    it's to be. Perhaps some would
    like to come and observe.

    Thanks much.


  3. As far as I'm concerned, it's at 6:30pm tonight at the Langston Hughes Center, but I don't have any information beyond what Lionel said in comments here. I can't find an e-mail or phone #. I'll stay until 7:30.

  4. I finally reached Lionel by phone. Looks like this is happening at Spot Coffee on Delaware and Chippewa, from about 7pm to 9pm, right now!

  5. We played, and the result was two draws---both in endgames when we were about to swap down to 2 pawns vs. 2 pawns (or 3 doubled) on the K-side. Lionel is sending this to TheChessDrum, while I will note it here or in Douglas' blog once I get time and the game-posting applets sorted out.

  6. Ken,

    Thanks for your message.
    Unfortunately, I picked it up
    a bit too late. My loss.

    Hopefully you and Lionel
    enjoyed your games and let
    us know when you are likely
    to be back for a return match.