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I received the following email, I do not know much more about this than what is offered below. Perhaps our computer experts Harish, Vic, Dr. Regan can clue us in to what Flex and AIR application and ColdFusion and LifeDataServices are. For more info also see:
Hello Dr. Mieth, We are the makers of ChessJam, an online chess game unlike any you have played! We would like to offer you and your members an opportunity to try ChessJam for FREE until 2010 and check out how our rich graphics and easy to use interface make online chess more fun and interactive than it has ever been.
ChessJam allows players to: Choose timed games in 60, 30, or 10 minute lengths, or play speed chess Practice their skills with robots Increase their player ratings by competing directly with other chess players from around the world
With ChessJam you can also: Meet a friend and play in our pre-arranged room Observe games as others play them Meet in the Challenge Court to chat with buddies or challenge them to a game Enjoy every new feature that is added! Some of the features we're currently working on are: the ability to play multiple games at once, improved ratings and game choice, and more towers and rooms
To download ChessJam, please click here: For more information on the best thing to happen to online chess since, well, the internet, please visit our blog at:
Thank you! Sincerely, The ChessJam Crew


  1. ChessDoctor,

    I work with Flex and AIR so just a bit of
    background - Flex and AIR are products
    from Adobe used to create what are called
    rich client applications - like a chess game.
    Flex is sort of an analog to Java and AIR is
    a means to package applications for a user
    desktop. LiveDataServices is a server-side
    services capability that I imagine in this
    case would record the moves, do synchronization between chess clients etc.
    Don't know anything specifically about this
    application, however.


  2. last, minor point - ColdFusion is just
    an Application server that mediates interaction
    between the client (chess game on desktop) and
    Server (where data is recorded, stored etc).


  3. Application looks a little buggy. First, Adobe Air wouldn't download and threw an error message. So then I downloaded Air from Adobe and then downloaded the ChessJam application. WinZip threw errors too and couldn't unzip the files. Be interested to know if others have these issues or are successful in downloading and running the app.

  4. Thank you for the post! I work for the company who makes ChessJam. The game is designed to work well on any computer, so I will pass this comment along and see that this gets fixed. We are working on adding some other new features that might interest you, including a forum where you can post feedback or converse with other players about strategy or practically anything else. We hope you all will download and enjoy ChessJam!

  5. Hey Bob - RE: downloading issues - We've had nearly 1,000 download/installs with no issues so I know that the file is not corrupt. I have occasionally seen issues installing AIR on Windows but it's pretty rare. AIR has had over 300 million installs since it launched.

    I'm not sure why Winzip is doing anything.. there are no ZIP files involved here. I bet Windows is detecting ChessJam.air is in ZIP format and renaming it to a ZIP file.

    After you download the ChessJam.air file, is Windows renaming it to a .ZIP file? If so, try renaming it back to ChessJam.air and double-clicking it so AIR will do the install.

    Thanks! We'll get it working for you.

    Greg Wilson
    ChessJam Developer

  6. Bob - one other thing - I didn't have the mime type set correctly on the .air file so Windows thinks it's a compressed (zipped) folder.

    If you clear your cache, you should be able to download it now and install.



  7. Thanks Greg! Windows definitely thought it was a Zip file and named it accordingly. I'll try again and post results.


  8. Install worked this time, but not from main link on ChessJam home page. Threw error 2032 when I clicked main link. But it wouldn't let me register. Told me user name was already taken. I tried PatAtty; LegalStar; LegalStar1; LegalStar2 ... LegalStar5555. (LegalStar is the name of my software company.) Hard to believe all these user names are already taken.

  9. We downloaded this to our Mac with no issues:)

    Sam played a couple of games against some "BOTS" and had fun.

    He thought the castle was cool and likes the

    He's looking forward to playing some games with real life players though..we must have caught it on a slow night.


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