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2010 National High School Championships - Round One Results

The Buffalo Dark Knights, represented by (l-r) James Hampton, Joshua Hampton, Walter Brown, National Tournament Director, Christian Collier, Front - Miles James and Andrew Pencille. Walter Brown gave the team a welcome and some brief announcements before their first round.

Round One started at approximately 1:15pm after the parents and coaches were asked to leave a convention floor of over 1300 players, over 359 teams from 36 states.

Scoring the first points was Christian Collier, Sr at East High School, defeated a player from Missouri, participating in the Unrated Section, he is now ranked in 11th place out of 110 players, the next win came from Joshua Hampton, Sophomore at East High School, who defeated a player from Wisconsin and is now in 25th place out of 110 players, our first loss was James Hampton, Sophomore at East High School, he was defeated by a player in North Carolina, the second loss was from Andrew Pencille, from Charles Upman in Lockport, now is ranked 123rd place and finishing the round with a come back win was Miles James, Olmstead #64, defeated a player from Ohio and now is in 48th place out of 227 players, playing alone in the U800 Section. The East High School team now is in 15th place out of 32 teams with 2 points.

Round 2 starts at 7pm, Swiss, Game 120 with delay but no reduction in time for delay.

The Buffalo Dark Knights departed early friday morning around 5am and arrived in Columbus, Ohio around 11:20am. Chess Moms Lucy, Marilyn and Cathy all were stellar in their efforts in making this trip work. With the Sabres playoffs in town, almost cancelled our efforts by booking all the minivans in the Buffalo area and the East High School after school program failed to support the team due to Liablity issues but the Moms pulled thru with funds for the team to move forward. We finally booked a van at 4pm on thursday night and departed at 5am friday.

Special thanks to Dr James Paul for his efforts in chess prepartions and a donation to the team. Other Chess teams representing the Buffalo Niagara region are Bishop Timon, the Global Concept Charter Chess Club and The Chess Club of Buffalo, homeschoolers Reagan and Kevin Lyle who drove down. Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

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