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The 2011 Holiday Classic attracted 33 players in the Open, U1500 and Scholastic sections on December 17, 2011 at the Main Place Mall. New USCF members were Dylan Teague, a scholastic player from The Lockport Knights Chess Club, Quinn H. Caya, and Sandipan Kundu from the University of Buffalo Chess Club referred by Scott Zdunczyk also from the University of Buffalo Chess Club.

Kudos goes out to Dylan Teague, 7th grader defeated Steve L. Baer, USCF rated 1283 in his first opening game. James W. Lyon, 6th grader who played in both U1500 and Scholastic sections in preparation for the NY State Championships. Three girls participated in the Scholastic section. Liberty Wendt, 3rd grader from Lockport Knights Chess Club completed her first tournament. The other two girls were Ruby Z. Soudant and Laura E. Cohn both are 3rd graders and Urban Queens Chess Club members. Ashton Williams, 1st grader from The Stars of India, completed another tournament in the Main Place Mall.

The 2011 Buffalo Stars Scholastic Undefeated Champion is James W. Lyon, 2nd place - Corey K. Spencer from Lockport Knights, 3rd place - James A. Shippens from Olmsted Golden Knights, 4th place - Ruby Z. Soudant from Olmsted Golden Knights. The Top Female Award which goes to the highest performing female in the section is Laura E. Cohn, Urban Queens Chess Club.

The 2011 Holiday Classic U1500 Undefeated Champion is Adam Chelpinski, 2nd place finisher was newcomer Sandipan Kundu from the University of Buffalo.

U1500 UPSET LEADERS; Lucas Grisanti, Pioneer Chess Club draws Ryan Palmisano, Pionner Chess Club for 149.5 pts, Vic Bahl defeated James W. Lyon for 91 pts, Adam Chelpinski defeated Kevin N. Roulhac for 41 pts, Scott Zdunczyk draws Glenn Conlin for 20 pts, Ryan Palmisano defeated Steve L. Baer for 5pts.

The 2011 Holiday Classic Open Champion is National Master Barry Davis, 2nd place was Thomas A. Warner, U2000 Class Prize winner was Erik W. Lubas, Senior at Kenmore West.

Holiday Classic UPSET LEADERS; Emory Parish defeated Albert Patterson for 193 pts, Brian W. Sayers defeated Dr. James J. Paul for 174 pts, Lucas A. Seybold from Fredonia defeated Dr. James J. Paul for 164 pts, Erik W. Lubas defeated Douglas W. Dubose for 153 pts, Albert Patterson draws Erik W. Lubas for 116.5 pts, Douglas W. Dubose draws National Master Barry Davis for 66.5 pts, and Justin Craddock defeated Albert Patterson for 55 pts. We want to wish Justin "GOOD LUCK", as he travels to New York City to play in a Holiday tournament at the Marshall Chess Club. The Marshall Chess Club was visited by Alexis and Matthew Schlaak from the Chess Club of Buffalo over the summer and gifted me a Marshall Chess Club Polo Shirt. The Marshall Chess Club is where famous Grandmasters and GM Bobby Fischer played on a regular basis.

SAVE THE DATE; We will host 2 USCF tournaments in January 2012. Our next tournament will be on Saturday, January 14, 2012 in the Main Place Mall, 3 games, Game 60, USCF Rated, Entry fee $15 or $20 Cash at the door. PIZZA and Refreshments Provided! CASH PRIZES BASED ON NUMBER OF ENTRIES! Players must report by 9:30am, Games will start at 10am, Noon and 2pm. Online registrations are greatly appreciated with reply to Please include full name, USCF number and telephone number no later than Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Please mail and make checks payable to The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221. Then the second USCF rated tournament will be on Saturday, January 21, 2012, The First Annual William J. O'Leary Memorial Classic 2012 hosted by the O'Leary - Soudant Family!

Thanks to all the parents who helped served pizza, refreshments, Dr James Paul for the chocolate desserts. There wasnt the Canon Digital professional camera due to an holiday office party, so I want to give a special thanks to the parents, our Freelance photographers who will be sending me camera photos for facebook, which Im still learning.


Resptfully submitted by Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director and Chess Ambassador

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