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Ashton's first National Elementary Scholastic Championships in Nashville, TN was a "UNDEFEATED" Day and a nice gift for Mothers Day! Ashton finished 142nd place out of 380, K-3 Under 800 players!

Ashton came out strong in Round 6 at 9am on the final day and defeated a 2nd grader, rated 558 from Florida. Then in the Final Round 7 at 2pm, Ashton went on to defeat another 2nd grader, rated 581 from Illinois, giving Ashton's a successful first National Elementary Championship record of 4 wins and 3 losses and finishing with 4 points, just missing out by one point for a Top 30 National Trophy earned by those who finished with 5 points and above. Trophies are awarded to the Top 30 players including ties and that means 73 players received a Trophy.

Ashton's record included his opponents where in Rd 1 his opponent finished in 28th place, Rd 2 win, his opponent finished 171st, Rd 3 loss, his opponent finished 146th, Rd 4 win, his opponent finished 263rd, Rd 5 loss, his opponent finished 130th, Rd 6 win, his opponent finished 285th and Rd 7 win, his opponent finished 258th. I hope this will give you the reader an idea of Ashtons competitors.

The K-3 Under 800 Champions were Undefeated with 7 points. Champions were Krish Kumar, 2nd grader, USCF rated 790, from Oklahoma and 3rd grader, USCF rated 756 was Jeffrey Tiglon from Washington. Third place winners with 6.5 points was a 1st grader, USCF rated 787, Jonathan Waldorf and Kindergardener from NY State via New York City, USCF rated 716 was Jordan Leung from Ny Nest+m School. There were 73 player with 5 points including ties.

The K-3 Under 800 Championship Team was New York Nest+m School in New York City,finished with 22 points to earn the championship title. The Nest+m School had a 7 player team which was comprised of USCF rated player of 787 who finished with 6.5 points, 787 finished with 6.5 pts, 716 finished with 6.5 pts, 795 finished with 5pts and 591 finished with 4pts for a total of 22 team points. Second place team was also from New York State, The Anderson School with an 8 player team scoring 19.5 pts. The Top 25 Teams earn a National Elementary Team Trophy. Eleven of the Top 25 teams were from New York State. New York State had the highest number with 84 teams, the host state Tenn was 2nd with 62 teams and third was Georgia with 55 teams.

In the K-1 Championship section hosted 26 total players with all but 3 had USCF ratings of 1000 and the Top rated player rated 1553 and Ashton rated 357 would have been overwhelmed even tho every one in this section receives a National Trophy.

Congratulations!Ashton, well done and have a safe and well rested trip home!

Proudly submitted by Mc Duffie, USCF Chess Coach and Stars of India Chess Club Coach!

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  1. Congratulation Ashton I am proud of your competitive spirit and you represented our area in fine fashion! Much continue success, and contiue to enjoy the journey! Coach Barry aka the "Dinosaur"