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Results for the Mayor's Cup

Here is the link for the cross table for this event;

IM Ken Reagan (file photo) in center winner of the 2012 Mayor's Cup
Sam Santora (file photo) in center winner of the U1500 Jeff White Memorial Trophy

Ryan Madden (file photo) winner of the U1900 Zachary Memorial


  1. I am disppointed to not see the Scholastic section represented. The kids all played well and deserved recognition.

  2. I agree with Joan! Hoping to see a more comprehensive write up soon.

  3. Well apparently this post itself was posted by the chessdoctor and not the Tournament Director. I have not seen results of the last two months tournament results as well. Also the cross table of the scholastic section is not up yet.

  4. I apologize, I should have seen the author's name. I appreciate the chessdoctor's effort to post results. I hope we see a full write up as well.

  5. Harish - The scholastic section may not have been rated...I can't say for sure though.


  6. On a different topic - does anyone know if there is
    Main Place Mall tournament this coming Saturday ?

  7. The scholastic section - was it a team effort or individual?
    So who won?

    Congratulations to Alexis and Ben winning their sections on June 10 in 2012 Scholastic Year End Challenge. Here is:

  8. Yes, congratulations to Alexis and Ben !
    Really well done for both of them.