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Results of the 2013 Boston - Texas Strong Memorial Tournament, drew a strong scholastic K-9 section which brought our total number of chess players to thirty five. Attracting players from Lockport NY, Dunkirk NY and Fredonia NY. New, renewed and returning USCF players were Patrick Robinson, Vince Woodard and Christopher Roland.

Results of the David W. Mc Duffie Memorial - "PawnMaster" Scholastic K-10 Section, where thirteen players from The Urban Knights Chess Club, Lockport Golden Knights Chess Club, Olmsted Golden Knights of 64 Chess Club, Buffalo Academy of Science Chess Club, Harris Hill Chess Club, Dunkirk NY Chess Club, Gloria J Parks Community Chess Club and Old First Ward Irish Buffalo Chess Club.

Trophies were sponsored by the David W. Mc Duffie - PawnMaster Foundation and The Mc Duffie Family. Horace Mc Duffie Jr., father of David, Cheryl and Michael, joined in the celebration and was honored to start each section of play.

Trophies were awarded to Undefeated K-10 CHAMPION - Dekayla S. Dubose and K-4 CHAMPION - Devon Walsh, TOP FEMALE AWARDS K-4 were Ruby Z. Soudant and TOP FEMALE AWARDS K-10 - Tiffany Jager(Dunkirk) and 2nd Place winners were K-4 Domenic Micciarello and K-10 Shaka E. Davis, 3rd Place winners were Yahnia Brown-Reynolds, Kevin Kovach and Andrew Pencille.

Winners in the Royal Patterson Jr. U1500 Memorial Section were Undefeated Champion Jerome J. Green, 2nd Place - Steve L. Baer and 3rd Place Tie were Glenn Conlin, Sam Santora and Christopher P. Roland.

The WENDY'S Restaurant UPSET winners were Alexis J. Schlaak, 2nd grader who defeated Dylan Teague(939)(Lockport NY) for 267 points, Steve L. Baer with 171 pts., Jerome J. Green with 31 pts and Samuel Santora with 27.5 pts.

Results of the David W. Mc Duffie - PAWNMASTER OPEN SECTION, Undefeated CHAMPION - National Master, Lionel L. Davis, 2nd Place Tie - Vince Woodard and National Master, Barry Davis.

Special thanks to Diane Ruminski, Fabi Willliam, Jethro Soudant, Jen Santora and a special donor for their contributions in making this a successful USCF Chess event! You to can contribute to our continued success by renewing your USCF yearly memberships with The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, the official affiliate of the US Chess Federation. In addition, you can Tell a Friend, and Bring a Friend referral chess program to help us continue to grow chess in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport and western NY region. Questions, comments, suggestions and referrals can be made with reply to KNIGHTSOF64@YAHOO.COM, all replies are taken under consideration.

UPCOMING CHESS EVENTS - Sunday, April 21, 2013, The LOCKS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013, PANERA BREAD RESTAURANT, located on South Transit Road in Lockport NY, 4 Games of chess, Two Sections of play; LOCKS OPEN - Game 50;d5 and LOCKS SCHOLASTIC K-9 - Game 35;d5. Scholastics must report by 1pm, Games start at 1:30pm. OPEN Section players must report by 1:30pm, Games start at 2pm.

Sunday, April 28th at the Buffalo Public Central Library, located at Lafayette Square in Buffalo NY from Noon till 4:30pm, 4 Games of Chess, FREE EVENT! Game 40;d5, Not USCF Rated!

Saturday, May 18, 2013, USCF ARMED FORCES FAMILY DAY TOURNAMENT, 4 Games, USCF dual rated, Game 50;d5, Three Sections of play; OPEN, U1500 and Scholastic K-10. For more information or flyers, please reply to KNNIGHTOF64@YAHOO.COM. Early Bird and advance registrations are greatly appreciated! Im still getting request from out of town visitors about the attendance numbers. It helps when you mail your payments by the deadline. Payment is the official notice that I can give to others who ask how many others have signed up to play in the tournament!

Lastly, The Mc Duffie Family would like to say "THANK YOU" to EVERYONE for your continued help and support! You could have chosen to be somewhere else but you chose to share your time with us!

Respectfully submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador, USCF TD and Boy Scouts of America, Merit Badge Counselor

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