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Pictured are the trophy winners at the first annual 2015 International Friendship Cup, hosted by the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Inc and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy on Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015.

Results of the PawnMaster Memorial K-8 Section were Undefeated 2015 International Friendship Cup Scholastic Champion - Alyssa Dobrowolski, 2nd Place - Jonathan Carmina(Golden Knights of Lockport), 3rd Place - Bryanna Ely and K-1 3rd Place - Ryan Carmina (Golden Knights of Lockport). Alyssa and Bryanna both eighth graders from the Old First Ward Irish Buffalo Chess Team, which meets every Friday night for chess instructions and friendly chess games from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

Results of the Peace Bridge U1700 section was undefeated 2015 International Friendship Cup Champion Matthew Peck (1545),the highest rated player in the section was Patrick Robinson (1666), 2nd Place was a three way tie with Dr. James J. Paul (1645), David S. Miller (1578) and David Stearns (1552). Malik Ferguson, graduate from Community School 53 and now a senior at Hutch Tech was the Wendy's Restaurant Upset Leader with 621 points, followed by Matthew Peck with 254, Michael Skok with 239 points, Brian Martin with 211 points and Steve Baer with 88 points. We want to "WELCOME BACK" Danielle Delia, a student in the grad program at Buffalo State College.

Results of the FIDE OPEN Section attracted four chess players from the Greater Toronto Area GTA, Ontario Canada are Eugene Hua(1890), Jason Cai(1832), Davy Zhao(1796) and GTA Organizer Gary Hua(1728). Leading from Day one has National Master Barry Davis(2176) with 2 1/2 point of 5, four players tied for 2nd place with 2 points are Eugene Hua, Jason Cai, Joseph Ksiazek(1806) from Rochester Chess Center and Davy Zhao and Erik W. Lubas(2024) with 1 point. Tournament highlight is Jason Cai, who represented Canada at the 2014 North American Youth Chess Championships. Come out and join us for Day Two of the FIDE OPEN Section starts at 9:30am and 2:30pm.

A special Thanks for the Rochester Chess Center and David Campbell and Ron Lohrman for being our Chess Equipment Vendor.

Reported by Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director


  1. Perhaps David R. Stearns is the same player from the old Cheektowaga Chess Club at the KenTon YMCA in the seventies. (Is he pictured in the second-to-last photo?) If so, thanks for the many rides to the club, league and other events! Tom Thrush (now in Las Vegas) and Al Sirutis (Florida) have been asking about you. I am in sunny Albuquerque. Good luck to all playing in the Marchand this weekend. -ron kensek (rpkense at

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