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Madden wins Sardinia Tourney!

By scoring 8 of 9, sixth grader Ryan Madden edged out veteran Pat Patterson (7.5/8) and won the April Round Robin tournament held last Saturday April 5 in Sardinia. 7th grader Morgan Beach took 3rd with 6.5. Also competing in the adult section was Randall Beach with 5.5 and Mike Mc Duffie with 4. In the scholastic section, Ryan Palmisano won the trophy with 4 pts. Robert Becker finished 2nd with 3.5 and Joshua Arcadi was 3rd with 3. Wesely Darling and Nathan Palmisano also participated. The crosstable is available at The next tournament will be April 26 from 1-4pm at the Sardinia Community Center, Savage Rd, Sardinia. See you there!

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  1. ???
    I thought there were 3 rounds only. Instead there were 9. At least 9 hours of play? How did you do it?