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Use of Labels for Posting

I found that the use of labels while posting any new post is very useful, in finding that information later. Here is the screen shot of where you would put in the labels. Labels are also useful in categorizing all posts of one type. For eg. here are some guidelines of how to use labels
  • 1. All games posted can have label "Games"
  • 2. All tournament announcements can have label "Tournament"
  • 3. Tournament results can have "Results"
You can also give multiple labels for a post. eg. "Tournament, Main Place Mall". Later on, clicking on Games or Tournaments, will display all posts in that category. Also the search feature, on the top right of this blog, can be used to search the blog for these labels. For earlier posts, I shall slowly add the labels. For a current list of labels, scroll further and look on the right side bar.


  1. Thanks for the posting info. I like that and my next posting for the lynn marinelli chess tournament will have that results.
    How can i link the results to the so i dont have to retype it again?

  2. The links to all tournaments can be made using

    Similarly links to all the Resuls on this blog can be made using