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Turnout has improved indeed as 32 total players participated this month!

In honor of our new President Elect, the top section was named the BARACK OBAMA OPEN GRAND PRIX SECTION. It was an interesting (some might say crazy) section as it ended with a three way tie for first as National Master Lionel L. Davis (2242), 13 year old Canadanian Aquino Inigo (2038p), and scholastic up and comer Meghesh Pansari (1626) all had 3 points out of 4. Upsets were the order of the day. In Round 3, Aquino Inigo defeated NM Lionel L. Davis and appeared to be on his way to the title only to himself be upset in the last round by Meghesh! Other upsets were Josh Rofrano (1602) defeating Thomas A Warner (1775), Meghesh Pansari defeating Daniel Johnston (1659), and David Miller (1576) defeating Daniel Johnston. New to the section were three members of the Rochester Chess Center-Josh Rofrano, Meghesh Pansari, and Daniel Johnston (age 11).

A new attendance record of 24 players (of which 14 were had ratings under 1000) competed in the LT COLONEL MATT LOUIS URBAN U1600 SECTION. LTC Urban, a World War II veteran , was a graduate of East High School and remains Buffalo's most highly decorated veteran. This section's champion was David Biddle (1421) who went undefeated. A five player tie for 2nd place occurred between Benjamin W. Havey (1503), Ryan Madden (1330), Erik W. Lubas (1316), Thomas C Callea ( 1304p) and Terrence Adams (1189p). The newcomers to this section were: Terrence Adams who recently relocated to Rochester, NY from Syracuse, NY; William J. Deuschle - Nardin Academy; Austin Will - Pioneer; Shakyle E. Topps - Buffalo United Charter School; and from coach Tom Warner's Pioneer Chess Team-Samuel F. Tillinghast, Robert Becker, and Christopher A. Darling. Upset winners (who were given a Dove Chocolate Bar for their efforts) included-in Round 2- Steve Baer (1065) drawing against William Rich (1377), in Round 3- Dr. James J. Paul (1332) revenging a past defeat against William Rich, in Round 4, Deacon James E. Gibson (1089) defeated William Rich.

The DAVID EVANS JR MEMORIAL U1000 SECTION also had a three way for 1st PLACE. The November Champions were George P. Barton (1078), unrated William J. Deuschle of Nardin Academy, and Austin Kossow (693) from Pioneer School.

Our next Chess Event will be Saturday, November 22, 2008 at the Orchard Park Borders for our monthly Scholastic Chess League. Games start at 1pm until 4:30pm.

Thanks to all of you who continue to help us grow our Buffalo Niagara Chess Community. 14 players joined us this month and their rating were U1000. Nice Job!

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  1. Does anyone have a Junior 9 CD? I own a Junior 10 CD and would be happy to swap. I have a particular need for that version, and have been unable to obtain one by other means.

    ---Ken Regan (contact info)