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Day One - Buffalo September FIDE Chess Festival 2011

An exciting day is now in the historical archives for Day One of the Buffalo September FIDE Chess Festival. Some of the historical stats are visiting Chess players from Ithaca NY, Toronto Ontario, Welland Ontario, Jamestown NY, Fredonia NY, and Rochester NY, the first Woman FIDE Master, first Canadian International Master and 4 FIDE rated players, brought excitement to the Gloria J Parks Community Center, Buffalo New York, The Gateway to the World Chess Federation - FIDE.

Results of the Buffalo September U1500 Section, hosted 10 players in a 5 rounds, Swiss, USCF Rated, Game 50 format. We want to first welcome returnee Canadian Vinay Sharma(1419) from Welland, Ontario who was the highest rated player of the section, Scott Zdunczyk and Mark J Johnson from University of Buffalo Chess Club, Lucas A. Seybold who drove in from Fredonia NY, Trevor D. Cohn, Urban Knights Chess Club, 8th grader playing up from the Scholastic K-12 and Diane M. Ruminski from The Urban Queens and Knights Chess Club member, our only female in the U1500 section.

The Champion of the Buffalo September U1500 Chess Festival was Kevin N. Roulhac, Urban Knights Chess Club member posted 4 out of 5 to win the section and top prize. Tied for second was Vinay Sharma and Adam Chelpinski with 3.5pts.

Top U1500 Upset Leaders were Lucas A. Seybold (1024) with 687 pts, Trevor D. Cohn(1146) with 241 pts , Jerome J. Green(1138) with 188 pts, Kevin N. Roulhac(1240) with 176 pts and Adam Chelpinski(1416) with 1.5 pts. Highlight Upsets were Lucas A. Seybold defeated Canadian Vinay Sharma(1419)for 395 pts, Jerome J Green defeated Glenn Conlin(1326) for 188 pts, Kevin N. Roulhac defeated Adam Chelpinski(1416) for 176 pts, Trevor D. Cohn defeated Michael A. Mc Duffie(1297) for 151 pts and Adam Chelpinski draws Vinay Sharma(1419) for 1.5pts.

Highlights in the Buffalo Open FIDE Section where 10 players are competing for the Top Cash prizes. There is a three way tie for first place and all have 2.5pts out of 3 are Womens FIDE Master Anna Levina(2087), returnee John N. Zilliox(1870), and Erik W. Lubas(1815), from Kenmore NY.

Russian born, Womens FIDE Master Anna V. Levina defeated Brian M. Hartman(2450), International Master from Toronto Canada, John N. Zilliox defeated National Master Mark Clark(2034) from Jamestown, NY and Erik W. Lubas draws John N. Zilliox(1870). Other players with 2pts are International Master Brian M. Hartman and Mark J. Clark.

Welcome to James P. Davis, Esq., Urban Knights Chess Club, our monthly U1500 Champion at the Main Place Mall, returning to the USCF is Mark J Johnson(1785) and John N. Zilliox(1870), Womens FIDE Master Anna Levina(2087) from Central New York, and Daniel F Johnston(1660) from the Rochester Chess Center, Rochester NY.

The FIDE Final Rounds 4 and 5 starts today at 9:30am and 2pm, come and join us and see who our World Chess Federation FIDE Buffalo Champion will be?

Special Thanks goes to Simpson and Simpson, LLC for the pictures of this special event. James Lyon and Laura Cohn were the only 2 players to show for the Scholastic K-12 but that section was cancelled due to lack of players.

Please SAVE the DATE for the Buffalo October FIDE Fall Chess Festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and October 16, 2011, Gloria J Parks Community Center, 3242 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214, a two day Special Event, 5 Rounds, FIDE and USCF Open rated, Swiss, Game 2 hours. Advance discounted entry fee is $55 or $75 USD Cash Only, please reply to

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chief Arbiter, FIDE - World Chess Federation

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