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On September 1, 2011, Dr James Williams, Superintendent of the Buffalo Public School District awarded the Dark Knights Chess Team for their successful performance at the 2011 United States Chess Federation National High School Championships held on May 1, 2011 in Nashville, TN.

The five EHS Dark Knights team members (l-r front) are Justin D. Arrington, Jonathan J. Boone and Joshua A. Hampton, Standing are James W. Hampton, Michael A. Mc Duffie, US Chess Coach and Superintendent of the Buffalo School District, James A. Williams, Ph.D. Other members not present were Karl. D. White, Dr. James J. Paul, National Master Barry Davis and National Master Lionel L. Davis.

After returning home, all the team members were interviewed on the local Buffalo Cable TV at the Apollo building, offered summer jobs, Karl D. White wasn't able to attend because he was working at his summer job at TOPS Markets, Inc., but I was able to speak with his supervisors and TOPS Markets was able to give Karl special recognition at the grocery store.

Classmates hearing of their success at the 2011 USCF National HS Championships, elected their new 2012 Class Officers. Newly elected were President - Joshua Hampton, Vice President - Jonathan Boone and Secretary - James Hampton.

For those who aren't familiar with East High School in Buffalo, it was on the list of underperforming academic schools in the Buffalo School District, located in the Masten district area, where a majority of the students are enrolled in the National Free Lunch program due to its high poverty rate in the district and three out of four African American males dont graduate! Just proves how one successful event can motivate and trigger another. How a positive group of males working together can make a difference and change the vision and lives of others.

The 2012 East High Dark Knights, all in their senior year, will ask for your help and support from the Buffalo Niagara community as they attempt to earn a third national championship team trophy at the 2012 National High School K-12 Championships held on April 13 -15 in Minneapoliis, Minnesota. If you would like to help obtain and secure expenses from corporations and private companies around the area for airfare, hotel accomodations, entry fees and Team Polo Shirts, please email with your suggestions or comments.

I want to say "THANK YOU", to the Dark Knights who made a commitment and completed the journey, to all those who contributed behind the scenes in their support and efforts to raise funds, donated funds and resources, other players who were opponents to the Dark Knights in tournament competition, everything and everyone helped make this happen.

SAVE THE DATE - NATIONAL CHESS DAY CELEBRATION TOURNAMENT will be held at the Buffalo & Erie County Main Branch Library, located on Lafayette in Downtown Buffalo, NY on Sunday, October 9, 2011. Games will start at Noon until 4pm. This is a FREE Chess event where the players of all ages and levels are invited! Players will be placed in either Adult or Scholastic sections. There will be an USCF Open rated section (USCF membership is required), 4 Rounds, Swiss, Game 30. This will also feature an All Girls K-12 Scholastic Championship (Unrated). If you are interested in participating, please email reply to no later than midnight on Friday, October 7, 2011, with full name, Grade, USCF number and telephone.

Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

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