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Robot Chess match in Toronto 5-7pm tomorrow

Tomorrow evening 5-7pm in Toronto, I am taking part in a demonstration of robotic chess as an official part of the Robotics Fair at the AAAI 2012 conference in downtown Toronto's Sheraton Centre. The robot is by a team led by Debra Burhans, who obtained her PhD under Stu (Shapiro) in 2001 and is now Director of the Bioinformatics Program at Canisius. With visual move recognition, automatic interface with the leading chess-playing program Houdini, and fully robotic execution, it is perhaps the closest to a full implementation of "The Turk"---though I wish I were playing against a little man hidden inside rather than the 3000+ rated Houdini program. I have just posted more information about the event on the main Canadian chess message board, here: The full team is Mike Lanighan, Jerod Sikorskyj, Debra Burhans, Rob Selkowitz. ---Ken Regan (driving back from New Jersey tonight! hence my son could not join the other Nichols team members in the tourney)

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