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The results of Day One of the Battle of Lake Erie FIDE International Championships 2012 are as follows. Players and visitors from Montreal, Toronto, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ithaca, Lockport, Jamestown and upstate New York, travelled to support this chess event.

The Naval opening ceremonies started with a Naval Color Guard, pledge of allegience and IM Kenneth W. Regan, Ph.D sang the canadian national anthem.

In the Naval Admiral Team section, a section dedicated to honor the African americans and females of the WAR of 1812. Females represented were Betsy Doyle and Lucy Brewer, Hannibal Collins, The Battalion of Free Men of Color and The Colonial Marines called Merikans. There were six uniformed sailors, two each represented the HMCS Ville de Quebec, USS Hurricane and USS De Wert which are docked in the Buffalo Harbor.

The Naval Admiral Team Championship was won by HMCS Ville de Quebec, USS Hurricane and USS De Wert. earning individual honors were USS Hurricane, HMCS Ville de Quebec, HMCS Ville de Quebec and USS De Wert.

The overall results finished with a three way tie which included James Lyon and Ashton William, a Heim Elementary 2nd grader and The USS Hurricane, all earned three points. Top females were Dekayla Dubose and Laura Cohn, a Lindbergh Elementary 4th grader. Shaka Davis didnt play but was called to duty to help with algebraic notation for one of the sailors.

The Scholastics results were Co Champions James Lyon and Ashton William, 3rd place - Dekayla Dubose and 4th place Laura Cohn.

Kudos for Ashton William(545) defeated Dekayla Dubose, 7th grader. Also Dekayla Dubose(744) defeated James Lyon(1081)and all three players did defeat a naval sailor.

Results of the Colonial Marines U1800 section are Co Champions David S. Miller and Jerome J. Green, 3rd place tie was Kevin N. Roulhac and Jason Zhou.

Upsets were the story of the day were in Round 2, Jerome Green(1287) defeated Steve Baer(1342), Round 3 had Jerome Green(1287) defeated James Paul(1495) and Kevin Roulhac(1730) draws with Jason Zhou(1736) and in the Finals Jerome Green(1287) defeated Kevin Roulhac(1730) and David Miller(1581) defeated Jason Zhou(1736).

In the Hannibal Collins/Commodore Oliver Perry Open Section completed day one with fireworks of its own. There is a four way tie for first place with NM Barry Davis(2209), Anna Levine(2080), NM Lionel Davis(2239) and CM Scott Riester from Minnesota with 2.5pts. International Master Kenneth W. Regan(2409) was defeated in Round 2 by Candidate Master Scott Riester(2205) then lost to NM Lionel Davis in Round 3. Anna Levine defeated Candidate Master Mark Clark(1996) from Jamestown, NY and draws CM Scott Riester in Round 2. NM Barry Davis draws Lionel Davis in Round 2

Pictures were not available for posting via internet connection. Pictures from the Championship will be posted later.

Im very greatful for all those who came out and help welcome our servicemen to the Buffalo Chess community. Special Thanks to the Old First Ward Community Center which allowed us to host this event and Diane Ruminski who helped with pictures, signage and registration.

Reported by Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director

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