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Update .... Crosstable now available The Willie Hutch Jones Star Scholastic Section winners were Miles A James, Champion, and 2nd Place winner was Zachary M. Gerow.

In the Pulaski U1500 Section, The Gerow family continued their winning ways. First Place Michael R. Gerow, father of Zachary, 2nd Place - Glenn P. Conlin, and a three way tie for Third Place with Robert P. Gerow (GrandDad), James P. Davis and Steve L. Baer.

Upset Leaders were: Michael R. Gerow - 357 pts.,James P. Davis - 63 pts., Steve L. Baer - 53 pts, and Glenn P. Conlin - 50 pts.

The Grand Prix Section was named after Robert C. Johnson, Jamestown New York who passed away earlier this month. Mark Clark spoke a few heart felt words in his memory and then started everyones clock in Robert Johnson's memory. I have submitted his name to the Chess Federation so that his family knows that his dedication and contribution for the development of young chess players was greatly appreciated by all of us.

The Champion of the Robert C. Johnson Section was Harish Srinivasan(1765), Second Place had a four way tie, Mark Clark(2074) - Jamestown NY, Ryan Madden, Benjamin W Havey, and Matthew G. Peck.

Upset Leaders were: David S. Miller - 519 pts, Ryan Madden 391 pts, Matthew Peck 223 pts, Harish Srinivasan 154.5 pts and Albert Patterson 20.5 pts.

Missing from the top action were Vance Willliams, Eddie Mark, Barry Davis, Brian Hartman and Kenneth Regan. Our top players should continue to challenge us by playing in the tournaments.

Our next Grand Prix will be in Memory of Daniel R. Acker, Buffalo Chapter - NAACP Community Leader on Saturday, September 19, 2009, Main Place Mall, 390 Main St, Buffalo NY. Advance entry fee $20 v $30 onsite, deadline is Wednesday, September 16, 2009, Please mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221, with full name, USCF ID number, telephone number and Section of play. Paid Advance entries guarantees your participation in the tournament without one half point bye penalty. Registration closes at 9:30am in order for us to have a prompt start time.

Advance entries are GREATLY APPRECIATED! There is room for more competition, Tell a friend and Bring a friend to join us! Questions or suggestions should email to

I want to Thank all those who continue to come out and support our efforts. Visible Chess Players help us as spectators pass by in the Main Place Mall.

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