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Saturday September 26, 2009

St. Bonaventure University Team Chess Tournament

Location: Hall of Fame room in the Reilly Center, St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY. The Reilly Center is #15 on the campus map at: Parking is available behind the Reilly Center and other lots on campus. The Cafe La Verna [#17 on map] will be open throughout the day. There will be at least 30 minutes between rounds to grab a bite to eat.

Entry Fee: FREE! [players in the rated sections must be current USCF members or renew at the tournament] Please bring own chess set, board, and clock. None will be provided.

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009Time: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Rounds: 10 – 1:30 – 5

Time Control: G/90 or if you are using digital, G/85 with a 5 second delay. Pairings will be by Swiss format.

Register : In advance only! Register to Please include full name, USCF ID number, rating [if you have one], section [Open, U1600, or Unrated], team you’re competing for, and your email address or phone number. There will be NO on site registration. Please register by email at least 2 days in advance.

Teams: The top team will be comprised of the top 5 scorers combined from the open and U1600 sections. At least one of the 5 scorers must be play in the open section. The unrated section will not count towards the top team. In case of a tie, there will be a head-to-head speed chess playoff.

Please check the following list to see if you have been confirmed (denoted as an "x" after your name) as participating in the St. Bonaventure Team Swiss on 9/26/09. Updated 9/2/09

  1. Andrzejewski, Len (925) Westfield-U1600-x
  2. Boussa, Vong (1766 )Hornell-Open
  3. Clark, Mark J (2074) Jamestown-Open
  4. De Joseph, Stephen (2143)-Jamestown-Open-x
  5. Douglas, Mykel (1700) Westfield-Open-x
  6. Ferguson, Rob (1578) Bradford-Open-x
  7. Ferguson, Ryan (1880)-Bradford-Open-x
  8. Ferguson, Tamara (1827)-Bradford-Open-x
  9. Ferraro, Charles (1231) Westfield-U1600-x
  10. Gibson, Scott (1424) Westfield-U1600-x
  11. Grinberg, Noyakh (1719) Erie-Open-x
  12. Harris, Frederic K (1900) Hornell-Open-x
  13. Hennard, Todd (1955) Bradford-Open-x
  14. Hennard, Cody (964) Bradford-U1600-x
  15. Henry, Gregory A (2082) Bradford-Open-x
  16. Hoak, Don (1767) Southtowns-Open-x
  17. Jones, Michael H (1970) Bradford-Open-x
  18. Kalfas, Richard (2026) Jamestown-Open
  19. Kossow, Carl (1762)Hornell-Open
  20. Madden, Ryan (1529) Southtowns-U1600
  21. Mann, Marty (unrated) Southtowns-unrated-x
  22. Mauer, John (2081) Southtowns-Open-x
  23. Miraglia, Daniel R (1949)-Jamestown-Open
  24. Mitchell, Richard C (1939)-Erie-Open
  25. Mitchell, Christine (997) Erie-U1600-x
  26. Nelling, Ray (1302) Bradford-U1600-x
  27. Oliphant, Jason (1212) unrated
  28. Palmisano, Ryan (978) Southtowns-U1600-x
  29. Patterson, Albert (1698) Southtowns-Open-x
  30. Powers, Jim (1358) Westfield-U1600-x
  31. Randolph, Victor (1542) Westfield-U1600-x
  32. Rasmussen, Brian (1715) Erie-Open-x
  33. Reynolds, Garry L (2029) Hornell-Open-x
  34. Romanchock, Chris (939) Hornell-U1600
  35. Schneider, Craig W (2052) Erie-Open-x
  36. South, Jessica (1305) Bradford-U1600-x
  37. Stocker, Dan (1718) Westfield-Open-x
  38. Taveski, George (1220) Southtowns-U1600-x
  39. Warner, Tom (1763) Southtowns-Open-x
  40. Wattenberg, Mark (1591) Hornell-U1600-x
  41. Willis, Ray (1356) Westfield-U1600-x

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