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Ryan Madden Tactic

Here is shown a position from the recently concluded Pulsaiki day Grand Prix tournament game between Tom Warner(White) and Ryan Madden (Black). Try and solve it. The full game is also available if you click on the games tab in the viewer and select the game. Thanks Tom for sharing this game.


  1. I hope all computers running different browsers are able to view this. If not, please comment.

    PS: The games tab in the viewer can be selected to switch between the tactics position shown and the full game. The annotations tab will contain comments in the game.

  2. Simply Rxh2+! should do the trick.

    -Josh Rofrano

  3. Also g5!? tricky yes, but whites reply isn't forced by any stretch of the imagination, in fact a more interesting continuation would've been Bxd6 when either Qxd6 or cxd6 would've been followed by rxf6 and ...h5 perhaps, i don't think white is better (by any stretch) but he does have more to do...


  4. I agree. But from whites perspective after g5!?, its tough to see ...Rxh2! for your opponent two moves deep. I suppose, from an intuition that, opening the h file for black will be enough compensation for a pawn might be a motif not to go for it.

  5. Nice tactic... but I disagree in reference to the difficulty in seeing the future possibilities! All of my students would gladly appreciate questions 7 & 8 on the 12 question checklist... also question 12!

    Barry "the dinosaur" Davis