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Day One - Advance Entries - 45th NYS Championships 2012

Pictured seated in the center is Ashton A. William, first grader from Heim Elementary, gets big hugs and well wishes from the Stars Of India Chess Club members before he travels to Saratoga Springs, NY. Ashton new USCF unrated, will be playing in the Primary K-1 Section, Sunday only, open to all in grades 1 and below, and as of March 1, 2012 there are 75 players with the highest USCF rated player is 1082.

Laura Cohn and Ruby Z Soudant, both unrated and new to USCF are registered in the Primary Championships, open to all in grades 3 and below, has 94 players with the highest USCF rating of 1612.

Alexis and Matthew Schlaak are both registered in the Elementary Reserves, open to all grades 5 and below rated Under 800 or Unrated, has 69 players where the highest rating is 771, Alexis is listed 28th and Matthew is listed at 49th.

The Elementary Championship section, open to all in grades 6 and below, has 65 players with the highest rating 1811.

The Middle School Reserves section,open to all in grades 8 and below, rated U1000 or Unrated has 52 players with the highest rated player with a rating of 992 is Zach Madden, Pioneer Middle and the second highest rated player is James W. Lyon with 968 and Benjamin Rummel is listed 21st with 784 rating.

The Junior High School Championship section, open to all in grades 9 and below has 46 players with the highest rated 2071 and Vinay Sharma rated 1342.

The High School Reserve section, open to all in grades 12 and below, rated Under 1200 or Unrated has 32 players and the 4th highest rated player is Trevor D. Cohn, Kenmore NY, 1157 USCF rated, 5th rated is Jacob Meloon(1149), Global Concepts, 6th - Bishop Timon, Matthew Leahy(1147), 7th - Alexander Campbell, Global Concepts, 9th - Bishop Timon, Matthew Rzeznik, 11th - Pioneer Wes Darling, 14th - Bishop Timon, Drew Johnson, 16th - Bishop Timon, Joshua Benham, 17th - Bishop Timon, Seii Kojo, 18th - Pioneer, Lucas Grisanti and 20th - Bishop Timon, Logan Smith.

Lastly, the High School Championship section, open to all in grades 12 and below has 35 players with the highest rating of 2317, Pioneer, Ryan Madden(1848)is listed at 18th place and Kevin N. Roulhac(1490) is listed at 31st place.

Games are scheduled to begin at 11am, 2pm and 5pm on Saturday, Sunday games are 9am, Noon and 2:30pm, Awards at 5pm., Primary K-1 Section games are only on sunday where they will start at 10am, Noon, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm with Awards at 5:45pm.

All are asleep and we wait for the sun to rise and brighten our paths! Stay in touch, thanks for all the comments, please spread the word, Western New York is well represented in many ways given the current listings. Individual trophies are awarded to the Top 15 players in each section. Team Trophies awarded to the Top 8. Good thing I brought the camera! Good Luck to all! Coaches Bowers, Cirillo and Warner and I have our work ahead, there are loads of New York City, Long Island, Brooklyn along with a few from Montreal, Quebec talents listed.

Im off to be at 2am. Reporting live from 45th Scholastic Championshps, Saratoga Springs, NY. Mc Duffie, USCF Coach!

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