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IM Dr.Regan featured on ChessBase

IM Dr.Regan has featured in an article on chessbase on the use of statistical models to prevent cheating in chess. The article has links to his own personal page as well.


  1. Chess Enthusiasts,

    WBFO (88.7 FM) had a nice interview with
    Dr. Regan on his research this morning. I
    haven't checked their site but it might be
    posted as well. If so, it's definitely
    worth a listen. It's wonderful that this
    work is being brought to the attention
    of local folks, highlighting Ken's work and,
    by association, UB as well.


  2. I actually saw an article about him in the NY Times....

  3. Alana,

    Yes, I sent out an e-mail to our local group
    linking the NY Times article as well.
    It was nice to see it getting that exposure

    Hope that you are well.