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WNY Undefeated Players - 45th NYS Championships 2012

Its almost 1am at the New York State Scholastic Championships and the only official results are from the Elementary Reserves, open to all in grades 5 and below, rated Under 800 or Unrated have completed three rounds. Alexis and Matthew Schlaak both score one point out of three games. Matthew performed well against higher competitors than his sister and has been listed at 42nd place out of 73 players. Alexis(uscf 459), has been listed at 53rd place and there has been a mutual decision to switch her to the Primary K-1 Championship section, open to all in grades 1 and below, where the highest rated player is 1082 from New York City. She will join the Primary K-1 Team with Ashton William(uscf unrated), there are 75 players as of March 1, 2012. The Primary K-1 Championship schedule start on sunday at 10am, Noon, 1:30pm, 3pm and 4:30pm with Awards ceremony at 5:45pm.

In the Primary Championships section, open to all in grades 3 and below, Laura Cohn(unrated) has been a champion just fighting off the 1400 rated players, 700 rated and she scored one half point in the first round but is listed at 92 out of 110 players the official total count of the section. Ruby Soudant scored a win and one point for the day by knocking off a higher rated player in round three. Ruby is currently listed 83rd place out of 110. Both are third graders and no changes were made they will complete their Championship sunday schedule with games starting at 9am, Noon and 2:30pm with the Awards at 5pm. Pictured are Ruby and Laura relaxing, playing a DS, having fun and are in good spirits!

Unofficial results have James Lyon(St Peter and Paul School, Hamburg, NY), Zach Madden(Pioneer), Matthew Rzeznik(Bishop Timon)and Benjamin Rummell(Homeschool) are undefeated with a perfect record three out of three games. More to follow, reports are to be posted around 3am.

"OFF THE RECORD" - Vender news is that there are no tshirts for the participants to purchase, unofficial news is that the vendor didnt show.

Reporting live from 45th NYS Championships, Saratoga Springs, NY

Mc Duffie, USCF Chess Coach

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  1. Congratulations to all the Kids and
    best wishes for the rest of the tournament.
    Sounds as if everyone is having a great time
    and doing quite well.