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The Battle of Black Rock, the first chess tournament in the series attracted over 30 players. New to the tournament was the Nichols School Chess team, represented by Jason Zhou and Robert Kubiniec, Lockport Knights chess club members were Kevin Vincent, Corey Spencer, Danielle Spencer and Dylan Teague. The Stars of India chess club was represented by Ashton A. William, first grader at Heim Elementary and Pioneer Chess team members were Lucas Grisanti, Ryan Madden & Todd Thompson. Out of town visitors were from Fredonia, NY, Batavia, NY, Erie, Pa and Pittsburgh, Pa. Collegiate players were from Duquene University and Robert Morris both in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Battle of Black Rock Scholastic K-3 undefeated Champion was Ashton A. William, 2nd Place was Danielle Spencer.

The Battle of Black Rock U1400 Section undefeated Champion was Jason W. Zhou, Nichols Chess Team, 2nd place tie was Christopher P. Dunsworth, 6th grader from Erie, PA and Daniel F. Morgan, Pittsburgh, PA.

U1400 Upset Leaders were Todd Thompson with 264 pts, Daniel Morgan with 111pts, Dylan Teague with 106 pts, and Christopher Dunsworth with 35 pts. Upset matches were Todd Thompson(1047) defeated Steve L. Baer(1311), Daniel Morgan(1055) defeated Lucas Grisanti(1166), Dylan Teague(941) defeated Todd Thompson(1047) and Christopher Dunsworth(1177) defeated Michael Skok(1212). Kudos for Ashton A. William who played up from the scholastic section.

The Battle of Black Rock Open undefeated Champion was National Master, Barry Davis, and a four way tie for second, all with 3 points were National Master, Lionel L. Davis, Charles Lubas, Erik Lubas and Marijan Procyk. The U2000 prize winner was Erik Lubas.

Upset Leaders were Charles Lubas(1577) with 984.5 pts, Joshua Dunsworth(1561) with 473.5 pts, David S. Miller(1575) with 278 pts, Lucas Seybold(1546) with 142 pts, Marijan Procyk(2056) with 73 pts, and National Master, Barry Davis(2202) with 43 pts.

Upset matches were Charles Lubas defeated Harish Srinivasan, Joshua Dunsworth defeated Owen Miller, David S. Miller defeated Owen Miller, Lucas Seybold defeated Gary Boye, Marijan Procyk draws National Master, Barry Davis and National Master, Barry Davis defeated National Master, Lionel L. Davis.

Our next tournament will be "Chess on the Plaza" an outside "FREE" USCF Chess event at the Buffalo Central Library on thursday afternoon on August 9th and thursday afternoon on August 23rd. Heavy weighted chess pieces are strongly preferred and "duck tape" to hold down your chess board from a breeze. All players will play 3 to 4 games during the allocated time.

The professional camera was not available so no posted pictures. I want to thank all the out of town vistors who came out to join us and those who had the desire but were not able to attend. Tell a Friend, Bring a Friend, helps us continue to grow a stronger chess community.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th, WAR OF 1812 -BATTLE OF LAKE ERIE INTERNAIONAL (FIDE)CHAMPIONSHIPS, featuring International Master, Kenneth W. Regan, Ph.D during the Navy Fleet Week, hosted at the Old First Ward Community Center, 62 Republic St, Buffalo, NY.

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


  1. Congrats to all of the winners :) Sorry we had to miss it! I was just looking back through the blog..did I miss the official results posting for the Mayors Cup?

    Jenn Santora

  2. Is the event on the15th still on?