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The Buffalo Thundering Herd Chess Team are the 2012 Bob Johnson Memorial Chess Champions. This is the second time a Buffalo Team has won the Championship. Two teams represented Buffalo - Niagara Falls area in North East, PA on Sat, October 20th.

The Champions Buffalo Thundering Herd team members were L-R, Vic Bahl, Barry Davis, Brian Sayers, Jerome Green and Gary Boye. The second team The Buffalo Blizzard members who finished third place was Captain Bob Simpson, David Biddle, Douglas Dubose, Mark Meith and Chess Ambassador - Michael Mc Duffie.

The format was 3 games, USCF rated, Game 90, teams of five players where the top 4 scores count towards each team score. A total of 35 players and 6 teams participated were 2011 defending Champions Chautauqua, Erie Pa, Grove City, Pa. and Bradford,Pa.

The Final Standings of the 2012 Bob Johnson Memorial Tournament are Buffalo Thundering Herd 9pts, Gove City Wolverines 8pts, Buffalo Blizzard 7.5pts, 4th place tie Bradford and Erie with 7pts and 6th Chautuqua with 5pts.

Photos from the tournament will be posted to Facebook page of The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

Reported by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


  1. Congratulations.
    Apparently there was no need of my contribution.

  2. Marijan - clearly we missed you, Harish and Sam in North East this year! Special congrats to Barry Davis and Douglas Dubose, who tied for most points with three others at the top of the Open Section with 2.5 points. The star of the tournament and only undefeated player was Jerome Green who earned the U1600 individual crown. It was great to see Brian Sayers back at the board, and a special thank you to Mike Dunn - the "11th man" on the Buffalo teams.