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Copeland gets Master rating!

Sam Copeland won all three of his games at Sardinia's Columbus Day tournament to raise his rating over the coveted 2200 mark. Congratulations Sam!  Sam defeated Todd Thompson, Ryan Madden, and Kevin Roulhac in the 3 round event.  Madden finished 2nd with 2pts while Roulhac and Pat Patterson tied for 3rd with 1.5.
 Nathan Palmisano won the u1500 prize while Hunter Witt and Adam Pesta from Ithaca split the u1000 prize. Also competing were Ryan Palmisano, Austin Will, Ben Rummell, and our Canadian friend Vinay Sharma.
 Todd Thompson had a fine day as he went undefeated and also won the scholastic section. Kevan Davis won the unrated trophy. Also competing in scholastics were Ben Rummell, Hunter Witt, Austin Will, Alexis Schlaak, Daved Stefan, Jeff Schalberg, and Anderson Miles. Thanks everyone!
 Next tournament Nov 12 (Veterans Day). See you then!