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Harish Departs for Seattle!

As some of you know, our good friend and fellow chessplayer, Harish Srinivasan, departed Western New York today for a new career with in Seattle, Washington. As creator of the Buffalo Niagara Chess Corner blog, and a mainstay at the Niagara Falls Chess Club, Harish has made immeasurable contributions to the Western New York Chess Community.  As you can see from the photos below, it took a few consecutive weeks at Wegmans for his friends and students to wish him well in his new career. Fortunately for us, he will continue to be a vibrant member of our chess family - continuing to maintain the blog, giving us problems to solve, and keeping us abreast of international tournament play. He would also like us to challenge him on the ICC, and then join him for league play on the ICC. Please join the members of the Niagara Falls Chess Club in wishing Harish the best in life and in chess in his new home and career.


  1. Harish, You left big mark in our chess community in Niagara Falls. Any time you seek a game with old friends here, which could be arranged through ICC or maybe or somewhere else, we will gladly accept. Hope to meet you somewhere in big tournament. Become a master soon, and visit us.
    We wish you in the words of our Chess Doctor - The best in chess and life.
    Blessing frome above!

  2. Best of luck to you Harish in your new career. You will be missed by all of us in the Buffalo area. Hopefully you will come back and visit occasionally so we can continue our "discussion" of the Ruy Lopez exchange! Take care.

  3. Harish,

    My very best wishes to you and your Family as
    you embark upon a new adventure. Thanks
    for all of your contributions to chess in
    Buffalo both collectively as well invidually
    for your inspiration and guidance to many of
    us. I know we'll be in touch and we all hope
    that you are able to visit in the not too
    distant future.

    Look up the history of the'The Last Exit in
    Brooklyn' as it plays a large part in Seattle
    chess lore.


  4. Harish, Thanking you for your love of the game, as well as so freely welcoming all players, regardless of age and/or experience. That is one of the many things that we will remember fondly. The boys are looking forward to following you through the various gaming sites as well as the chess blog. The Niagara Chess Club will miss your weekly presence!

    The chess club is one of our favorite places due in part to ALL OF ITS MEMBERS!!!!

    Lyle Family

  5. Thank you everybody for your wishes. I do miss all my chess friends a lot. My handle on icc is ddlj81
    I will be online on ICC starting next week on most evenings pacific time. Just settling down in Seattle.

    1. Can we chalange you there, and what time limit would be good? "Dragon" needs sharpennings his teeth and make better aim of his flame.

  6. Harish---sorry to miss you, especially at the last few tournaments. But all the best on the career ooportunity (not a typo?)!