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Success in Rochester Grand Prix

The three of us who participated in the Jenifer Woods Memorial Grand Prix at the Rochesster Chess Center Saturday had a good time in a field of only 25 but one that was extremely top heavy. See the ratings report at
Buffalo's very own Rev. Marijan Procyk finished in a four way tie for 1st place with an undefeated 3.5/4 and his rating is now nearing the 2100 level. (Hopefully he will update this post with his games.)
John Dolan got to play three players rated over 2000 including one FM. Both he and I even raised our ratings slightly despite each of us winning only one of four games. The following is my one win. Although he was rated higher than me, it is an example about the pitfalls of bringing out the queen too early, moving the same piece too often,being slow in developement, not castling early, and the power of absolute pins:


  1. Congratulations to all. I hope to see your games Wednesday.

  2. Mr. David Glickman,

    To answer your question: Jenifer Woods was a distinguished writer in the Rochester area and patron and player at the Rochester Chess Center who died at an early age from breast cancer.


    Will you post your games? Maybe it will help us beat you in the correspondence games, since these are Caro-Kann and King's Indian as well!

    Best in chess and in life,

  3. Mark, I posted my games. Nothing special, but games were hard and it was tiring. Your game looks prittier than any of mine. Just play like this and you will go over 2000 soon. Thanks again for driving me.