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2009 Chess Educator of the Year

At the recent Main Place Mall Tournament on December 19, 2009, Michael McDuffie was presented with the chessdoctor's 2009 Chess Educator/Promoter Award. With that title Mr. McDuffie was given 10 complete chess sets and several books which I am sure he will put to good use with the various scholastic clubs and events he administrates. Mr. McDuffie, who goes by the moniker "The WNY Chess Ambassador" oversees and/or is directly involved in numerous chess activities including the Archangel 8 Chess Academy, Urban Knights Chess Club of Buffalo, Borders Elementary School League, Wegmans Monday Homeschooler's Program, East Aurora Chess Club, Enterprise Charter School Chess Club, WNY Maritime Chess Club, as well as directing the monthly Main Place Mall Tournaments.
Pictured (on the right) is Mr. Michael McDuffie aka "The WNY Chess Ambassador" being congratulated by Dr. Mark Mieth aka "the chessdoctor."

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