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Katz wins in Sardinia

Alanna Katz (1850) gave the boys a lesson last Saturday in Sardinia, defeating the chess ambassador Mike Mcduffie, veteran John Mauer, and Pat Patterson to win the 3 round swiss event. Great job Alanna! This tournament saw the return of John Mauer (2044), who was once a near master and Jamestown City Champion,and who played for many years at the Queen City chess club. Mauer, Don Hoak (1799), and Patterson (1690) tied for 2nd-4th. Mcduffie, Austin Kossow, Ryan and Nathan Palmisano, and Carl Raymore all tied for the u1500 prize. In the scholastic section we had a good turnout with 11 entries! Pioneer Middle school 5th grader Chris Darling went 9-0 to win 1st. Its time for this kid to move up! John Osborne, Sam Tillinghast, and newcomer Francis Kilcoyne from Hornell tied for 2nd with 7.5. Also competing were Mike Pinzel,Bob Mahiques,Todd Thompson,Zach Madden,Nick Brennan,Brandan LaMont, and Wesley Darling. The cross table is at Next tournament March 6th. See you there!

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