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DAY One Report - AUG. FIDE Friendship Festival 2010

Reported by Chief Arbiter, Michael A. Mc Duffie

Featuring International Master, Kenneth W. Regan, PhD., 2008 and 2010 Mayor's Cup Champion.

Twenty three eager chess players turned out for the FIDE Festival. Canadian vistors are two students, Vinay Sharma from Welland Ontario and new USCF member, Owen Qian from Missauaga, Ontario. Other vistors, Neal Goldberg, Virginia, Sean C.J. Bourke, Rochester and Unversity of Buffalo graduate student Joseph Boomer from Chicago, Il. New USCF members are Marcus D. Richarson and renewal Emory Parish.

Area students bringing their chess skills are new comer John M. Carney from Nichols, Trevor D. Cohn from Kenmore Middle, Erik W. Lubas from Kenmore West and Parthho Bhattacharya from City Honors.

Upset leaders are Trevor d. Cohn, 6th grader, Kenmore Middle School with 566 points, Michael P. Skok with 265 points, Glenn Conlin with 173 points and Steve L. Baer with 128 points.

International Master Kenneth W. Regan and Glenn Westcott are the top two leaders with 3 points. Neal Goldberg and Harish Srinivasan are close behind with 2.5 points. Other honorable mentions are Lionel L. Davis, Erik Lubas, Owen Qian, Matthew Peck, Michael Skok, and Trevor Cohn all have 2 points.

Day Two starts at 10am and the Finals will be at 2:30 pm.

Special thanks to Robert Simpson for his photography skills to the Festival.

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