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On December 18th, we hosted an all time high of forty seven (47) players in four sections. I want to send a special "THANKS" to the following players in the Unrated Urban Queens section, a new section dedicated to encourage scholastic females to participate. In the Urban Queens Section hosted eight players which six were females but all are beginners to tournament play.

The winners were Undefeated 6th grader, Dylan J. Teague from Emmett Belknp School and newest member of the Lockport Knights Chess Club in Lockport NY, 2nd Place - Ruby Z. Soudant, 2nd grader at Olmstead #64, 3rd Place - Jessica C. Dixon, 3rd grader at Charter School for Applied Technology and 4th Place - Shayla Carr, 4th grader at ECC #17, both Jessica and Shayla are also member of the Schiller Park Chess Club which meets every tuesday afterschool program at the George K. Arthur Community Center on Genesee Street in Buffalo.

In the Star Scholastic K-12 Section, hosted 13 scholastic players. The winners were, Champion, Matthew Rzeznik, Bishop Timon, 2nd Place - Wes Darling, Pioneer Chess Club, 3rd Place - Trevor D. Cohn, Kenmore Middle, 4th Place - Kevin Roulhac, Urban Knight Chess Club and 5th Place - Justin Arrington, East High Dark Knight, earns his first chess trophy.

In the U1500 section, hosted 15 players. There was a four way tie for first place. Co-Champions were Urban Queen member, Diane M. Ruminski, Urban Knight Memtor, James P Davis, Esq., Chess Club of Buffalo member, Samuel E. Santora and Mark Meith. Upset leaders were Diane M. Ruminski with 1541 pts, Austin J. Kossow with 238 pts, Mark Meith with 188 pts, Tim Leahy with 147 pts, Nathan Palmisano with 102.5 pts, Steve L Baer with 24 pts and James P. Davis, Esq with 18 pts.

In the Holiday Open section Co Champions were National Master Lionel L. Davis and National Master, Barry Davis. Upset Leaders were Riyath Mallahi with 386 pts, Barry Davis with 72.5 pts, Thomas Warner with 49 pts and Ryan Madden with 45 pts.

Pictured are Thomas A. Warner and Michael A. Mc Duffie, named Co Tournament Directors of the Year 2010 by Mark Meith who awarded each four Excalibur Chess Clock for their efforts to the betterment of Scholastic chess in the Buffalo-Niagara and WNY region. In 2010 Mc Duffie was named the first Tournament Director of the Year and was awarded Chess Sets, boards and Chess Tactic books. We want to thank all the parents, grandparents and educators who continue to help support our scholastic efforts.

SAVE THE DATE! On Friday, June 3rd, Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 4th, 2011, we will host the 5th Annual Mayors Cup 2011 Class Championships, Buffalo State College, Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY. The 2011 Mayors Cup Championships will have a Grand Masters Section, a 3 day event, 7 Rounds, Swiss, FIDE Open rated, Guaranteed Cash Prizes in the Grand Prix section. All other sections will only be 2 day, 5 Rounds, Swiss event and a one day, 5 rounds, Game 50, Star Scholastic K-12 event.

Garnell Whitfield Jr, Buffalo Fire Commissioner and the Archangel 8 Chess Acadmey want to say "Thank you" to the entire Buffalo Chess Community and The Main Liberty Group for the development, growth and continued support for the Buffalo monthly chess tournaments. Happy New Year 2011!


  1. hello everybody, i got second place at the eastern open U1900 section! I am willing to annotate some of my games if you guys are interested. I hope everybody is doing well out there in buffalo. Happy new years!

  2. Thank you. Was waiting for 2nd part. Learned something new today but started to wonder who is someone who belongs to ICC? Is he/she a
    Member of International Cricket Council or a
    Member of Internet ---- Chess - Club?