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Web Interviews of Peter Svidler, with two Q's by Harish

The Crestbook website run by GM Sergey Shipov, in conjunction with Colin McGourty (mishanp) who translates much of its content onto Chess In Translation, have published a mass web-forum interview with GM Peter Svidler, which makes engaging reading:

Part I.

Part II.

Our very own Harish Srinivasan has an interesting question in each part. There is much here including The Ashes---I never thought I'd see England waltz down to Matilda and win three Tests by an innings and runs to spare each. My former rainy home even put up 644 runs in one go, their highest innings since WWII. On Boxing Day, with over 84,000 watching (more than American football!), they bowled Australia out for 98 before tea, then piled on 157 for nought in the evening session. The superfluous Fifth Test just wound up today with another ENG whitewash---and I come from the days when England were whipped 5-nil on home soil by the Windies. Oh wait, this is supposed to be a chess blog... Hat-tip to The Chess Mind blog for the interviews.


  1. Indeed and Svidler has given his honest answers to all.

    Regarding the ashes... I am glad I followed it live as much as I can ... was always rooting for England. I cant remember since bodyline times when Australia were whipped like this in their home by England.

  2. I love that site. Shipov impresses me more and more. Not only is he very entertaining, the guy approaches something like wisdom in his thinking, his approach. Like in yesterday's preamble to the Aronian-Nepomniachtchi game.

    Big props Colin McGourty for his labors.