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USCF National K-12 Day One Results

Finally, we have arrived in Nashville, TN. Very warm temperatures and a HUGE Gaylord Resort arena awaits the Dark Knights from East High.

Karl D. White had to change to the U1200 section because his rating had moved above 800. In Round 1, Joshua and James Hampton scored the first points for the team. New comers were somewhat nervous for their first time in a Huge setting with over 1100 players and 218 players in the U800 section.

In Round 2, the new comers have made adjustments and performed better. Only Justin, still playing competitive games and so close but no points. Jonathan and Karl both now have earned a point each. The East High Dark Knights are in 17th Place out of 37 teams.

Todays theme for the team is "Moving Up Day" - Build Your House! Circle and Soar like Eagles! Games will start today at 9am, CST, yes we found an extra hour of sleep instead of pillow fighting in Columbus, OH the night before. Later this afternoon, we will be interview by Chess Life for Kids Magazine for a future article. GM, Maurice Ashley will be hosting a lecture today at 9:30am.

A last minute addition to the National K-12 Scholastic Coaching staff was National Master, Barry Davis who has been reviewing each player games for development and more insight. Pre - Championship preparations were provided by Lionel L. Davis, National Master and Dr James J. Paul.

All the players except for Karl and Justin will be playing the white pieces in Round 3.

Updates will follow later tonight! Keep us all in your thoughts!

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

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  1. Congrats and best wishes to the Dark Knights! Keep us updated on their progress!