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Zachary Memorial Classic 2011

The results from the 2011 Bill Zachary Memorial Classic are (available at ) and are as follows: But first we want you to keep Jonathan J. Boone and IM Kenneth W. Regan and their familes in your thoughts and prayers. Jonathan's grandfather passed away this week after he was elected class officer at East High School and Dr. Regan's father passed away in New Jersey.

The results of the Urban Queens section playing in honor of Armed Forces Day, had 8 players participate. The Champion was Ruby Z. Soudant, 2nd place - Corey K. Spencer, 3rd place - Alexis Schlaak and 4th place - Da'Ron C. Lipscomb. Highlights from tournament play was Kindergartener Alexis Schlaak defeated Champion Ruby with a discovered check move and also won her queen. Champion Ruby defeated 7th grader Corey, Matthew Schlaak defeated Corey Edwards, 6th grader, Rachel Bartlett defeated C. Edward, 6th grader, Nathan Lange defeated Rachel, 3rd grader. The Top Upset leaders were Ruby Soudant, Matthew Schlaak, Alexis Schlaak, Rachel Bartlett and Nathan Lange.

In the Zachary K-12 section had 7 players participate. Congratulations and Kudos to Joshua Hampton, Jonathan Boone and James Hampton who were elected Class officers at East High School following their accomplishment of being awarded their 2nd National Team Trophy in Nashville, TN. The results are undefeated Champion - Karl White, 2nd place - Kevin Roulhac, 3rd place - James Lyon, 4th place - James Hampton. Top Upset leaders were Justin Arrington with 363 pts, Kevin Roulhac with 331 pts, and Karl White with 25 pts.

Results of the Zachary U1500 section had 6 players, undefeated Champion - James P. Davis, Esq. who continues to keep his winning ways, 2nd place - James J. Paul, MD. Top Upset Leaderboard is Steve L. Baer.

In the Zachary Open section where 12 players participated has a new Champion, Barry Davis takes the new crown by himself, 2nd place - Lionel L. Davis, U1900 winners were Thomas A. Warner and Justin Craddock. Top upset leaderboard had Justin Craddock defeating Albert Patterson(1754), Sam Copeland draws with Lionel Davis(2241), Thomas A. Warner defeated Erik Lubas(1827), Marijan Proczyk defeated Sam Copeland(2088).

We want to give a special thanks to the volunteer parents who helped with lunch and taking pictures for our chess archives. James Lyon earned 3pts at the USCF National Elementary Championships in Dallas, Texas last week. There is still time to reserve your place in the 5th Annual Mayor's Cup International Chess Championships on June 3rd, 4th and 5th at Buffalo State College, Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York. Online advance registrations can be made by May 31, 2011 with reply to Please encourage others to come out and support our efforts in making Buffalo "the gateway to international chess".

All tournament players will be awarded a special gift negotiated with Ashley Parr, LLC and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy. Ashley Parr, LLC is a collaborative effort between Grand Master Maurice Ashley and Dr. Teresa Parr. Their programs and products are based on Grand Master Ashley's unique method for developing visualization skills, focus, concentration and coolness under pressure agumened by Dr. Parr's expertise in psychology and education. Challenge your mind by visiting You can check out more picture from today's event at Facebook/Archangel 8 Chess Academy. Please leave a comment and lets us know about your thoughts.

Reported by Mc Duffie, Chief USCF Tournament Director

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  1. Dear Michael,
    Thank you from my heart for the mention. I have started a memorial page for my father the "Earl of Nussex" here. This includes a link to a tribute to him I wrote on the major Math/CompSci weblog which I assist, which has general interest for his effect on my education.

    I withdrew from a tournament this weekend in nearby Hamilton, Canada on this account, but remain committed to the Mayor's Cup.

    My condolences and a prayer also to Mr. Boone.

    Congratulations to the Dark Knights team (am catching up on news), and to you and Barry and everyone else for your marvelous activities.

    Sincerely and thanks, ---Ken R.