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Twenty eight players helped celebrate the loving memories with the Soudant-O'Leary family in the Main Place Mall on Saturday, January 21, 2012.

The results from the Soudant-O'Leary K-6 Stars Section crowned new USCF member Dekayala S. Dubose, undefeated Champion in her first scholastic chess tournament. 2nd place was Ashton William, Heim Elementary for his first scholastic tournament trophy, 3rd place was Ruby Z. Soudant, William J. O'Leary's granddaughter, 4th place was James Shippens and 5th place was Logan Wendt from The Lockport Knights Chess Club located in Lockport, NY.

Trophies were awarded to Top Female - Robin F. Quinney from the Gloria J Parks Chess Club, Liberty Wendt from the Lockport Knights Chess Club, Brandon C. Laury from the Enterprise Charter School Chess Club, Danielle Spencer from the Lockport Knights Chess Club, Robert Mann from the Olmstead Golden Knights Chess Club.

In the Soudant U1500 Section Champion was Steve L. Baer, 2nd place tie were James J. Paul, MD, Michael Skok and Adam Chelpinski. Top Upset leaders were Michael Skok with 424 pts defeating James J. Paul, MD(1489) and Steve L. Baer with 180 pts defeated Canadian player Vinay Sharma(1384).

In the William J. O'Leary Memorial Open Section Co Champions were National Master Barry Davis and National Master Lionel L. Davis, U2000 Class Champion was Erik W. Lubas. Welcome returning USCF member William R. Tallmadge.

Top Upset leaders were Brian W. Sayers with 748 points, Kevin N. Roulhac with 492 pts, Gary A. Boye with 313 pts, Lucas Seybold with 116 pts, Emory Parish 76 pts and National Master Barry Davis with 33.5 pts.

Remember to Tell a Friend, and Bring a Friend to help grow the Buffalo Niagara Falls Chess community. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send your information to Special thanks to the Soudant-O'Leary Family for their continued support to the promotion and growth of The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

Submitted by Michael A. Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director

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