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Early this morning, August 24, 2012, David W. Mc Duffie, known to the United States Chess Federation community as "Pawnmaster" died at Johns Hopkins Hosptial.

David leaves behind a son Alexander, sister Cheryl and Michael, Chess Ambassador, along with his parents Fran and Horace Mc Duffie, Jr. of Buffalo, NY.

Condolences and prayers for the family can be addressed to the Mc Duffie Family at 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY. No other details at this time!

Pawnmaster was also part of the Maryland Chess Association and was member of the Knights of Valor Chess program and chess coach to scholastic chess programs in the Baltimore, MD.

Submitted by Alexander, Cheryl and Michael A. Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


  1. I will remember late David in my prayers, as "Panmaster" went to see face to face the Eternal King. May he rest with the Lord! Vichnaya Pamiat'! (Eternal Memory!)
    Sympathies to the family and to the chess community.
    Fr. Marijan

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Michael. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing how David's love of life and the Royal Game enriched the lives of others, especially the children. It is clear from the beautiful photo you posted that David had a gift for bringing a smile to a child's face, and those children will surely continue his legacy. With sincere condolences, Bob

  3. Michael,

    My very deepest sympathies on this tragic
    and sad news. Bob and Marijan
    have expressed it very well and I join
    in their sentiments at what
    David's passion brought to children.

    My sympathies to your Families.


  4. Dear Mr. McDuffie, we are so sorry to read this news. You and your brother will be in our thoughts and prayer. Sincerely, Joan, Ron, Ellie and Ben Rummell.

  5. On behalf of my family, I am thunderstruck by this terrible news. I was just put on a Facebook group with David last month, so he was "new-news" to me. I cannot believe this, but I can offer my prayers and utmost condolences. ---Ken

  6. Dear Mr McDuffie, We have just learned of this terrible news. I pray that the service to celebrate his life will bring comfort to your family as you move through this difficult time. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are for you as well. In Peace, Ron, Marsha, Reagan, and Kevin Lyle.

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