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Ryan Madden wins in Sardinia

  Ryan Madden scored 3.5/4 to win the Sardinia tournament last Saturday.  Madden defeated Chris Darling, Pat Patterson, and Ray Dunsworth before drawing Josh Dunsworth in round 4 to clinch 1st. Ryan's toughest game was in round 1 when although down 2 pawns, managed to checkmate Chris Darling with only 9 seconds left on his clock! 
  Pat Patterson, Josh Dunsworth and Chris Darling (1304 rating!), who had a fine tournament, tied for 2nd with 3 /4.  Max Peters and Chris Dunsworth tied for the u1300 prize.  Also competing were Zach Madden, Sam Santora, Austin Kossow, Ryan and Nathan Palmisano.
  Sam Santora won the rated scholastic section, beating out Max Peters, Jeffrey Schalberg, Keegan Kempf, and Daved Stefan.
  Matt Schantz won the unrated section over Ethen Warner, Megan Hazeltine, Brayden Petri, Caden Bookmiller, Frank Ras, and Garrett Rumfola.
  Many thanks to the Dunsworth family for traveling 2 hrs from Erie,Pa to join us.
 Next tournament Feb 2. See you then!

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