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Thirty one chess players participated in the 2013 St Patrick's Day Open Chess Classic held in the Main Place Mall, Buffalo, NY.

Welcome returning USCF members were Nathan Braasch, Malcolm Maast and Robert Hughes, all competed in the Pope Francis 2013 Open Section of play.

The results fromm the David W. "PawnMaster" Mc Duffie Scholastic K-9 Section was K-4 Scholastic Champion, Ethen Warner, Pioneer Chess Club, Sardinia New York. 2nd Place went to Boy Scout Troop 227 - Devon Walsh, Old First Ward Community Center and TOP Female was Urban Queen - Sidney Reed, Pioneer Chess Club which was her first chess trophy. In the K-9 Section, Undefeated Champion was Shaka E. Davis, (son of Lionel Davis), 2nd Place went to Jackson Mitchell, Gloria J Parks Chess Club and TOP Female was awarded her first chess trophy to Nia Worsham from Enterprise Charter Chess Team.

Results in the U1500 was named after the famous african american business woman, Maggie L. Walker in honor of Womens Month. Ryan Palmisano was the undefeated Champion, Pioneer Chess Club, 2nd Place tie were Steve L. Baer, Zachary Madden and Urban Queen - Dekayla Dubose in her first outing in the U1500 Section, all were awarded cash prizes!

The winners of the WENDY's Restaurant Upset Leaderboard were in the following order; Dekayla Dubose(749) with 534.5 pts, Ryan Palmisano(1124) with 200 pts, Ashton William(729) with 131 pts. and Steve L. Baer(1216) with 124 pts.

We named the Pope Francis I Open Section after the newly elected Pope Francis I in Rome. The Co Champions were Urban Knight Chess members National Master Barry Davis and National Master Lionel Davis, a 3rd Place Tie went to David Miller, Erik Lubas and Urban Knight Chess member Kevin Roulhac.

In the Wendy's Restaurant Upset Leaderboard were Chess Ambassador, Michael A. Mc Duffie(1015) with 648 pts, James P Davis, Esq.(1420) with 570 pts, David Miller(1629) with 479 pts, Matthew G. Peck(1530) with 283 pts, Nathan Braasch(1654) with 215 pts, Barry Davis(2192) with 33 pts and James J Paul, OD(1524) with 6pts.

SAVE the DATE! Saturday, April 20, 2013 in the Main Place Mall, Buffalo NY. Early Bird registrations are greatly appreciated by midnight on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 with reply to KNIGHTSOF64@YAHOO.COM!

Submitted by Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director

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